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Lie – Chapter 8: Lie & Truth [END]


Previous Chapter: Smiles & Cries

Chapter 8: Lie & Truth [END]

“Where is Anna?” The guy shouted, pushing me to go inside the house.

I followed him, going to the crying girl. I wanted to ask who he was, why did he want to see Anna. But Anna’s expression when he was in front of her stopped me. He took her into his arms. I stayed here, looking at them. Continue reading “Lie – Chapter 8: Lie & Truth [END]”

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[OS] Weird Behavior (YuriAnnin)

YuriAnnin (42)

Weird Behavior (YuriAnnin)

I was definitely going to kill this girl. She was so damn annoying. Really. She didn’t give a shit about me. She acted cold and serious all the time. I tried a few times to talk to her, but she only rejected me by ignoring me. ‘Hey, idiot! I’m just here, talking to you!’ I would have liked to yell it. Why? Why was it so important for me? I couldn’t really tell. Continue reading “[OS] Weird Behavior (YuriAnnin)”

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Lie – Chapter 7: Smiles & Cries (YuriAnnin)


Previous Chapter: Rejection & First step

Chapter 7: Smiles & Cries

I let Anna go inside. She didn’t tell me anything. She just sat on the sofa, and I came next to her.

“Yuria…” She started speaking, putting her hair behind her ear.

I immediately turned to her, waiting for her to say something else. But she didn’t. She put one of her hand on my cheek. We both leaned over until our lips met again. Continue reading “Lie – Chapter 7: Smiles & Cries (YuriAnnin)”

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Lie – Chapter 6: Rejection & First step (YuriAnnin)


Previous Chapter: Regret & Crush 

Chapter 6: Rejection & First step

“I’m sorry Rena.” I released her hands, stepping back.

She stared at me, upset. I felt horrible. I just pushed her away. Even though what happened, we spent a good time together. But I didn’t want to go further. Continue reading “Lie – Chapter 6: Rejection & First step (YuriAnnin)”

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Lie – Chapter 5: Regret & Crush (YuriAnnin)


Previous Chapter: Sadness & Pain

Chapter 5: Regret & Crush

I opened my eyes slowly, looking around me. The sun was bright in the sky. I tried to collect the memories of yesterday but I couldn’t. I sat on my bed, feeling the cold against my skin. I was naked. My head hurt me a lot. My clothes were everywhere on the floor. I grabbed a long t-shirt and wore it. I clumsy stood up, reaching my bathroom. I took medicine in the feature. Then, I grabbed a glass of water. I felt the pill passing to my throat. I needed to take a shower. Wait. I cast a quick glance at the calendar. It was Sunday. I let out a relieved sigh and went into my bathroom again. I turned on the cold water. I felt it on my hair, my skin, my body. I closed my eyes, enjoying it. The cold water made me calm. Continue reading “Lie – Chapter 5: Regret & Crush (YuriAnnin)”

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Lie – Chapter 4: Sadness & Pain (YuriAnnin)


Previous Chapter: Performance & Date

Chapter 4: Sadness & Pain

I squeezed Anna’s arms tightly. I wanted her to wake up, to talk to me. I put my head on her shoulder, crying more. I heard the alarm reaching us. I didn’t want to let her. They made me released her. I stayed here, looking at them, my arms crossed over my chest, the tears flowing. Continue reading “Lie – Chapter 4: Sadness & Pain (YuriAnnin)”