[Letter] #02 Hospital (YuriAnnin)

Letters’ Series #02 Hospital (YuriAnnin)

I was very stressed out. Thank you for helping that night. We talked a lot, right? I was really thirsty and hungry, you know? I couldn’t really sleep but I needed to… When we stopped talking, I was thinking about you. I remembered every funny moment we had together and that frightened me so much, I couldn’t tell anyone.

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Stuck – Chapter 2: Out?


Stuck cover

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Stuck – Chapter 2: Out?

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I opened my eyes. My first look was toward the window. The storm seemed to be worse than the previous day. I scratched out and stood up. Grabbing some clothes, I went into the bathroom. It was cold. The water ran with difficulty. I let out a sigh. What happened?

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[OS] Dream (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)

YuriAnnin (8)

Anna’s POV

Dream (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)

I looked at myself in the mirror. The blood was running along my lips. I took a tissue and wiped it. It didn’t hurt anymore, I used to wipe my lips. I let out a hopeless sigh. I felt lost and alone. It’s just the same every day now. People, fight, yells. My parents wanted me to stop fighting. I would like but what will I do after?

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Stuck – Chapter 1: The encounter

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Prologue                                                                                                               Next Chapter : Out?

Stuck – Chapter 1: The encounter

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I was waiting, in my room. Sitting on my bed, I couldn’t stop staring in front of me. My mind was somewhere else. The wind was blowing hard outside. The window next to me slammed and made me jump. I released a sigh and closed it correctly.

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[Two-shots] Come back to me [Part 2] (NagiShu)

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Come back to me [Part 1] (SayaMilky)

Come back to me [Part 2] (NagiShu)

I was sitting on my seat, putting my stuff in my bag. My friend, next to me wasn’t moving and stared at the desk. She seemed to be lost in her thought.

“Are you okay?” I asked, pushing a bit her shoulder.

She quickly looked at me, her weird look turning into a bright smile.

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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 15 [Part 2] END


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Chapter 15 [Part 2] END – Love me


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Anna! Anna! Anna!” I shouted, running toward my girlfriend who was lying on the couch. “I passed the exams!” I jumped on her.

“Yuria, calm down.” She giggled before I hugged her body tightly. “See? Everything is possible.” She teased me with a smile.

I finally could spend time with my beloved girlfriend. I did a lot of wrong things and I wanted to make her happy.

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