[Two-shots] Don’t joke [Part 1] (YuriAnnin)

 Don’t joke [Part 1] (YuriAnnin)

My friend nicknamed me ‘’Baka’’ sometimes, I was not good in study. I was waiting Juri, my best friend, around our school. We were High School Student. I saw a bike stopping, a tall girl removed her helmet. Her hair fluttered with the wind, a long brown hair. The driver removed his helmet too and kissed the girl.

“Hi Yuria! Are you hypnotize by the smart girl?” Juri teased me.

“Smart?” I asked, looking at my friend.

“Yeah, she’s the best in the school. Iriyama Anna, Didn’t you know her?” She laughed. “Let’s go, baka!” She grabbed my wrist and dragged me away to the school.

I met Juri for the elementary. We quickly became friends and we never stopped to be as this.

“Nee Juri, Iriyama-san is a quite popular girl?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah, so many girls follow her and the boys are jealous of her boyfriend. Why?” She said simply.

“Just to know.” I answered with broad grin.

“You’re strange sometimes Yuria. It’s class time! See you later.” She left me.

I was going to the classroom. In the way I distinguished Anna, Juri was right, a lot of girl followed the smart girl. Yet, she didn’t pay attention to them.


— After The School —

“Sorry Juri, I can’t stay with you today. My mother asked me to buy any milk.” I said with a sad face.

“Ok, don’t worry! I see you tomorrow!” I nodded and left her.

In the way I discovered a manga shop. I stopped here and looked the store front. I loved manga and anime, it was all my life! Suddenly, I heard the bell’s shop.

“Sorry, we are going to closing. If you want-” I looked the seller, but a word escaped from my mouth.

“Iriyama-san?” I interrupted her.

“Sorry, have we met?” She asked surprised.

“Oh, n-no… But everybody know you in the school.” I said a little stunned.

“Ah…” Her smile fell quickly. “Are you a follower?” She asked with cold gaze.

“No, I just know you today.” I laughed and gave her smile back.

“Oh, sorry. I’m so annoyed by these followers. I apologize.” She bowed.

“Don’t worry.” I answered simply.

“Do you want to go inside?” She asked with a warm smile.

I nodded and I followed.

I never entered here. It was a large place, manga covered the wall.

“I never see you here before, are you a transferred student?”

“No.” I only answered because I was captivated by all this manga. I looked my watch. “Oh! My mom waits for me, I’m sorry, I need to get home.” I stepped back, but she called me.

“Wait! What’s your name?”

“Yuria, Kizaki Yuria. Bye Iriyama-san” I left her without waiting answer.

Finally she was not the quite popular type who hurt the people.

I bought any milk and went in my place.


— Few Days Later —

I was going my locker and took my book. When I closed it, I heard so many screams and voices. I returned in my classroom, but Juri called me, I looked at her, but I hit someone. I fell backwards and dropped my books. Suddenly the screams and the voices stopped.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you…” I said, raising my head, because of sun through the window I couldn’t see the person.

“Are you fine Yuria?” It was female voice, she grabbed my hand and help me.

I could finally distinguish her.

“Iriyama-san…” The girls behind her whispered.

Anna looked at her with a cold gaze and picked my books.

“You can call me Anna, you’re friend now” I looked her stunned and she left me.

Her followers looked at me with disgust. I felt hand on my shoulder.

“Wow, you talked to the smart Iriyama.” Juri teased me.

“Yeah… We met several days ago…” I didn’t look my friend and I left into my classroom.

When I saw her, she was so close to me. I could see her smooth skin, her beautiful eyes and… her attractive lips… Eh? Why I-

“Kizaki-san? Can you give me your answer?”

Oh… I was in my mind… I didn’t hear his question.

“I-I…” I mumbled

“You aren’t listen me!” He yelled. Yeah sorry sensei, I think about the smart girl…

My classmates laughed at me. I lowered my head and looked at my book. Anyway, even if I heard his question, I couldn’t answer. I was too foolish… I stayed like this for some times. I didn’t want to move, I felt ashamed…

“You know, everybody left the classroom” I heard a voice, but I didn’t answer.

I felt a warm hand on my shoulder.

“Juri?” I raised my head, it was her. She patted my head. “Anna… W-Why are you here?” I felt the tears rolling in my cheeks.

“Don’t cry Yuria, I’m here… Juri asked me to see you, she’s busy with her mother and worry about you.” She pulled into her arms.

Damn, it was so gentle and warm. I wanted to stay here.

“Honey, what are you doing? Are you ready?” It was a male’s voice. Surely, Anna’s boyfriend.

“No, I stay with her.” She said suddenly.

“Eh? No, no, no!” He came closer and pulled Anna. “Listen to your boyfriend, don’t stay with this baka.” Anna left me reluctantly, but she stayed at my side.

“I’m not yours. You-” He interrupted her girlfriend, pulling her arms.

“Shut up and come with me.” Anna couldn’t resist, she looked a last time at me.

He was aggressive with her, he didn’t deserve a girlfriend like Anna.


— Few Days Later —

I was in front of the manga’s shop. I hoped to see Anna, we didn’t talk since the last time. I opened the door and came inside.

“Finally, you’re here.” I looked toward the voice.

It was Anna, I smiled.

“I wanted to see you.” She walked toward me.

“Me too… I’m sorry, it’s my boyfriend.” She said, grabbing my wrist.

“Do you love him?” I asked confidant.

“No.” She said coldly. I looked at her stunned, I didn’t expect that. “He is violent with me…”

“Yeah, I saw that. Why don’t you leave him?” I asked in a worried tone.

“Because, he will hurt me…” She said, lowering her head.

“I will help you!” I said with a warm smile.


— Few Months Later —

I became friend with the smart girl and she broke up with her boyfriend. Her followers were really jealous about me. It was funny, but so many boys wanted to win Anna’s heart. Me too… I wanted to win Anna’s heart… But I was girl and she was just my friend.

Today I was at Anna’s place.

“Nee Yuria, I don’t know how dressed for my date. Please help me.” She pouted, looking her dress.

“Do you have a date?!” I stood up quickly.

“Yeah, with my new boyfriend. Are you ok Yuria?” I sighed at her answer.

Necessarily, with all these boys…

I didn’t answer, but I helped her, reluctantly. After, I went at home and she went at her date.


— The Next Week – After The School —

“Anna, can we go out this night? Please!” I begged her.

“Oh, sorry, I have a date today…” She said with bright smile.

I couldn’t believe it.  I was so jealous, I didn’t spend a time with her since she had boyfriend.

“You’re just a smart girl…” I mumbled, I wanted to cry. “I hate you!” I yelled and left her.

She looked at me, dumbfounded.


— Next Week —  

“Are you fine Yuria? You stopped talking at Anna.” Juri asked me.

“Y-yeah, don’t worry Juri. She’s busy with her boyfriend.” I showed a fake smile.

I just wanted to forget Anna.


— At Yuria’s Place —

“Yuria, your friend is here!” Mom yelled.

I didn’t leave my room.

*knock knock*

“I’m coming~” The female’s voice said…

I couldn’t see her, I had my head on my cushion. She stroked my back softly.

“Who?” I said without moving.

“It’s Anna.” My blood froze. “I’m sorry, I was afraid…”

“By what?” I finally looked at her.

“You.” She said coldly.

I stood up quickly. The tears flowed on my cheeks. She looked at me and stood up too.

“I-I… can’t erase… my feelings for… you… but-” I sobbed, going back.

“Baka.” She said simply.

She walked toward me, we didn’t increase the distance between us. On the contrary we were closer. Suddenly I felt the wall behind me, I couldn’t move back anymore.


Oh my… It was kabe-don… I looked at her beautiful eyes… I missed her so much…

“I was afraid because… I love you Yuria…” Without answering her gentle lips meet mine. I blushed.

I embraced her waist. She put her hand under my shirt and I let out a little moan. Our kiss became wilder. I started kissing her neck and she taking off my shirt. I pushed her, she fell on my bed. I climbed on her stomach and leaned toward her ear.

“I miss you Anna… But you know, we need to stop now…” I whispered with a seductive voice, biting her ear.

“If I refuse?” She said, stroking by back.

“You can’t…” I kissed her lips and stood up.

I took my shirt and wore it again. She hugged me by behind, I felt her warm arms around me. It was an indescribable feeling.

“I love you.” I said and she kissed my shoulder.

I turn around toward her and I hugged her.

“Anna…” I said softy.

“I’m sorry… I wasted my time… With a man because… I was afraid by my feelings…” She hugged me stronger.

“Now we’re together…” I stroked her back gently.

“I can’t stay with you…” I pushed her strongly.

“Eh? Why?!” I couldn’t believe that, she said she loved me…

I didn’t understand… I was confused… She didn’t answer but smirked.

“Anna! Tell me…” I was on the verge of the tears.

She came closer slowly, showing me an amusing smile.

“You’re too cute when you panic.” She kissed my lips and stroked my head gently.

“Mou~ Anna! Don’t joke like this!” I turned my back, pouting. She laughed and hugged me by behind.

“You know, you’re cute when you pout too… I don’t want leave you, I love you Yuria.” She kissed my neck, I blushed.

“I love you too… But never do this again!” She laughed.

I loved her laugh, it was like a sweet melody.


Since this time, she didn’t have any followers. She liked to tease me. She always said I’m cute when I pout or blush. I loved her so much, I wanted to stay with her forever. But… something was weird lastly.

To be continued…



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