[OS] Dream (YuriAnnin)

Dream (YuriAnnin)

My name is Iriyama Anna, I’m princess… or at least like a princess. My father is a businessman.

Today he wanted me to meet his co-worker’s family.

We arrived in front of an impressive house. My father rang at the door and a girl opened it. She seemed to have the same age as me.

My father’s co-worker came toward us to greet us.

“I’m Wataru Kizaki. You’re supposed to be Anna, right?” He asked with a smile.

“Yes.” I answered simply, bowing a bit.

“It’s my son Tatsuya and my daughter Yuria.” They bowed in front of me and my father. “It’s time for dinner, come on!” He said, walking toward the dining room.

I was sitting next to Tatsuya. He was a tall boy with glasses.

“Anna can stay here for the night.” I raised suddenly my head toward my father.

“Fine, her clothes are in the car.” He answered simply.

What? Why?

“Sorry, but why I need to stay?” I asked, stunned.

“To know your fiancé.” My father’s co-worker said with a grin.

Eh?! Wait! What?! That’s why my father asked me to come with him. It’s a bad dream, right?

“What?” I said, looking at my father.

“It’s for the business.” He only told me.

I didn’t talk during the rest of the meal, dumbfounded by that.

My father left me. I was looking into the window. I heard a footstep coming toward me. I turned around to see who it was.

“Ah. Kizaki-san.” I said without a smile.

“You can call me Tatsuya, I’m your boyfriend now.” He answered, walking closer to me.

I want to wake up!

“Kiss me.” He said suddenly.

“No, it’s just for business. I’m not your girlfriend.”

“But, you’re a cute girl and I’m a lonely boy.” He said, stroking my cheek slowly.

I wanted him to stop. So I gave him a little peck on his lips. I couldn’t believe that… It wasn’t real

“Leave me now.” I said, looking through the window again.

“I-” He started speaking.

“Leave her.” A female voice interrupted him.

I wanted to see her but she disappeared before.


“Honey… wake up…” I heard a familiar voice.

I opened my eyes slowly. I saw my boyfriend. It was just a bad dream… I left my bed and I went to the kitchen. We took our breakfast.

“We have been together for two years.” He said with a bright smile. “So, I think it’s the time to introduce you to my family… Saturday, is it okay?”

“Ok, I will go.” I answered with a little smile.

He was a rich boy, I knew nothing about his family. On the contrary, he knew my mine and mostly my father. I wanted to show my happiness, but this dream really troubled me.


“Saturday!? It’s tomorrow!” I said, raising my head toward my boyfriend.

“You’re right. Don’t worry, you’re a princess.” He said with a wink.

I don’t know what is a “princess” nowadays. In fact, I’m just a girlfriend of a rich guy, but so many people say that I’m a princess.


“Do you want to go out today?”

“I need to buy a few things for tomorrow.” I answered, taking my bag.

“Fine.” He said, giving me a peck.

I left him. This dinner really stressed me. In fact, I just needed to get some fresh air.

“Where you want to go, miss?” My steward asked.

“The downtown.”


I visited so many shop and a found a new beautiful dress.

I started walking toward the limousine, but a voice interrupted me.

“Sorry, you lost that.” She said, handing my purse.

I took it and looked at her… It was the girl from my dream!

“Thanks…” I answered with a quiet voice and she left me without speaking more.


“Are you ready for tomorrow?” My boyfriend teased me.

“Stop it…” I said, pouting.

“Don’t be worried princess.”

“It’s easy for you…”

He smiled at me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Then, we were going to sleep.

I took a book and started read… I wasn’t concentrated, I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl of my dream and especially because I saw her today.


“Oh Anna, you’re too stressed!”

“I’m sorry but-” My boyfriend interrupted me, raising my chin.

He wanted to kiss me, but the door was opened by someone.

“Sir, if you want to go inside.” The old man said simply.

“My son! It’s been a long time.” My boyfriend’s father said, patting his shoulder.

“You’re Anna, right?”

“Nice to meet you.” I answered with a smile.

A young woman went toward us.

“I’m Yuria, I’m his sister.” She said simply.

Again her!

It was really… the girl from my dream… with the same first name… It felt very weird..;

“I know you, you’re the girl who lost her purse.” She said with a little smile.

“Yes it was me. I’m Anna, nice to meet you.”

“It’s time to have a lunch.” Their father said with a bright smile.


We had a good time. My boyfriend’s family was really nice, even if his sister didn’t speak too much. His father said that he knew mine. I didn’t know about that, they were friends.

— A Few Weeks Later —

Today, I went out to see one on my friends. I walked peacefully when I heard something in a little street.

“Don’t speak at me like that, brat!”

“Oh, Do I disturb you… Old dear?” The second girl answered, grabbing the collar of her rival.

“What did you say-” She started, but the girl interrupted her with a punch.

Seriously… They were fighting!

“Stop it now!” I said, walking towards them.

I noticed her…

The second girl ran away.

“Yuria…Are you okay?” I asked, looking at her, worried.


Her lips were injured. I took a handkerchief and I wiped the blood. Suddenly I felt my cheeks become red and hot. She was staring at me softly.

“I’m fine.” She snapped coldly.

“You shouldn’t fight like a kid.” She pushed me hand.

“Tsk… You’re not my mother.”

“But I-” She left me without I could answer.

I stayed bewildred. My heart pounded faster…

Aaaaaaah! What’s wrong with me?!


“I saw your sister today.” I said at my boyfriend.

“Is she okay?” I was a little stunned by his question.

“H-Hey, why?”

“She was a yankee but she’s not a student anymore. She needs to stop fighting.” He started. “I tried to stop her a few times, but… She can’t help it.”

I stayed quiet some seconds after his words.

“I want to help her.” I said seriously.

“Good luck.” He said with a teasing smile.

— Few Days Later —

I saw Yuria a few times since the last day. I didn’t know if we were friends but I was strangely glad, she was a nice girl. Yuria still fought against the others. I wanted to help her, but I didn’t know how. So, I decided to follow her.

I’m not a stalker, it’s just to help her!

I followed her to a quiet place. There were just Yuria and another girl. They started-

“Excuse-me.” A young man interrupted my… observation. “Can you help me? I’m lost…”

“Where do you want to go?” I asked in a hurry.

“I wanted to see the Tokyo Tower, but I don’t have a battery on my phone…”

I showed his way with my phone and he left me. I was looking for Yuria, she wasn’t in the street anymore. I walked slowly until I heard a cough.

“Yuria?! What happened?” I asked, coming to see her.

She was sitting on the ground with a few wounds.

“Nothing.” She looked toward me. “Why are you here? Every time that I lose.” She mumbled her last sentence.

“I-I… Just… I’ll help you-” She interrupted me, pulling me.

We were closer, I could smell her scent. It was… a pleasurable sensation.

“I wanted to see you more closely.” She said softly. “I want to…” She wrapped her arms around my neck, I blushed so badly.

“Y-Yuria… S-Stop it…” I started to say.

She pulled me closer. Our nose touched. My heart pounded really fast.

“W-We can’t…”

“I know, but… I can’t help it…”

Finally, our lips met. It was a gentle kiss, her lips were so soft. I couldn’t reject her immediately.

“D-Don’t go it again…” I said, pushing her strongly.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake…” She stood up and left me.

Why I didn’t reject her earlier?! I’m with her brother, I don’t love her… I don’t think so… I mean, it was just a mistake. Doesn’t she love me, right?


“Don’t forget, we’re going my family’s house.”

“That’s right… Will your sister be there?” I asked a little worried.

“Certainly, why?” My boyfriend asked surprised.

“I just want to know.” I said with a fake smile.


“I’m glad you found a nice girlfriend.” My boyfriend’s father said.

“Yeah, she’s my princess.” He answered at her father.

I just heard that about their discussion because I talked with my boyfriend’s mother. She was really kind. A few minutes after, Yuria joined us. It was bad, I turned red. Yuria looked at me and put her hand on my forehead.

“Are you okay Anna? Your cheeks are really red.” She said simply.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine.” I answered a little annoyed.

She smiled at me, as if nothing happened and then she left us.

“She’s right, you’re red.” Yuria’s mother said with an amused smile.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry.”

“I’m glad that you are friend with Yuria.” She said with the same smile.

“Why?” I asked simply.

“She was always alone. In school, she didn’t have any friends, so she fought with her classmates. Since she knew you, she smiles. It was a long time that I didn’t see her smile. Don’t leave her alone, I don’t want to see my daughter upset anymore.”

I nodded with a fake smile.


During the meal I didn’t speak too much. Yuria teased me sometimes. I didn’t know if I hated her or something else but I-

“Anna.” I heard a familiar voice.

“Yuria, what’s-.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me toward a quiet and empty place.

“Yuria! What’s wrong with you?!” I yelled.

“I saw you… In my dream.” She said, looking down. “That’s really strange you know.”

I stayed quiet and dumbfounded.

“Thanks for your help. I know, I’m not a student anymore. I can’t fight with someone now. But I love fighting…” She continued. “Can we stay friend?” She asked suddenly.

“Yeah, we can.” I answered simply.

“Do you love my brother?”

In fact, I didn’t know. Her kiss disturbed me. But she acted as if nothing happened.

“Of course I love him.”

— Few Months Later —

If only… More the days passed, less I loved him. It was as if I avoided him, I spent more time with his sister. She made my heart pound so fast. I liked her presence more than my… boyfriend. I was already with a boy and she was a girl… I was just lost with my feelings.

Today I was in my family’s house because my father wanted to see me.


“I’m glad for you Anna.”

“Why?” I asked, surprised.

“Your boyfriend’s father and I… took a decision.” He started. “Your wedding is soon! You need to be married now.” He said with a broad grin, but mine dropped suddenly.

It was a nightmare… I couldn’t believe it.

“You seem a bit stunned about this good news! You should go for a walk now.” He said with the same smile.

I left my family’s house. I was completely stunned, it was as if I lost the control of my own life. I took my phone and called Yuria.


‘Yuria… Can we… meet?’ My voice cracked a bit.

‘Yeah, where are you?’

‘The same place where I help you…’

‘I’m coming.’ She hanged up.

A few minutes later I saw her coming toward me.

“Anna…” She said softly while the tears couldn’t stop to flow on my cheeks.

I wasn’t able to speak. I just stared at her, crying. She pulled me in her warm arms.

I squeezed her tightly. I felt her hand stroking slowly my hair. It started raining.

“Come with me.” She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to a luxurious apartment.


We went inside and she closed the door behind us. I heard my phone ringing.

“My father…” I said with the same cracked voice.

Yuria came closer to me and took it. I looked at her surprised.

‘It’s Yuria.’


‘She’s with me.’


‘Yeah, don’t worry.’


‘Fine. Bye.’ She hanged up and gave me my phone back.

“You can stay with me if you want to…” She said with a little smile.

“Thanks…” I started, looking down. “Your brother…”

“Hm?” She looked at me, waiting for me. “What happens?” She asked, sitting by my side.

“…And me… We will be married…”

“It’s a good new.” She said, putting her hand on my shoulder without a smile.

“Are you not happy for us?” I said surprised.

“Of course! But as you’re crying, I thought that our break up. It’s really a good news.” She said with a fake smile.

I stood up suddenly and the tears started flowing again.

“I hate you!” I screamed while she was looking at me dumbfounded. “You hurt me so much!”

“It’s a misunderstanding…” She mumbled.

“Fine! Don’t play with my feelings anymore!” I said while taking my bag and going toward the door.

“I never played…” She mumbled.


I stopped me and turned around toward her. Her face was completely red, yet, she was on the verge of tears.

“Yuria…” She stood up and walked to me.


“Please… Don’t leave me alone…” She said, gripping my shoulders and putting her head on my chest.

She cried so hard that the top of my dress became moist.

“It was painful, you know.” I said, stroking her back to calm her.

I couldn’t help it, I was not mad anymore.

“I’m sorry…” She answered, putting her lips on my red cheek. “Is it better now?” She blushed.

She slowly stopped crying, but she avoided my gaze. I wiped the tears on her cheeks with my hand.


I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer until our lips met. I could feel her soft lips again. She put her arms around my neck and brought her body closer to deepen the kiss. A few seconds later, we broke it to breathe. I looked into her beautiful eyes.

“Now, it’s better.” I said with a smile.

“I love you Anna.” She said, releasing my neck.

I couldn’t answer. I loved her. But I was already with someone. I wanted to tell these words.

“You know, t’s as if you cheat on my brother…” She said, pouting.

She was right. Then he’s my future husband…

“I-I… It’s…” I blushed so badly and the words didn’t want to come out. “S-Sorry… Are you-” She stopped me, putting her finger on my lips.

“It’s lunch time.” She said with a teased smile.

I stayed quiet. I didn’t know what I needed to do… I didn’t want to hurt my… boyfriend.

We ate peacefully. Yuria’s word made me think… I needed to take a decision. After the meal, I took my phone and sent a text at my boyfriend.


I sleep at your sister’s house.

Good night


Fine. Good night

And I love you J


“Take my bed, I’ll sleep on the sofa.” Yuria said, bringing a cover.

“Don’t you have a guest room?” I asked, stunned, she had a rich family.

“No, I don’t need it.” She answered simply. “I’ll take a shower. Good night.” She kissed my forehead.

“Good night.” I left her toward the room.


I stood up and walked to the living room. It was pretty late.

“Yuria…?” I said softly.

“Hm?” She answered half asleep.

“Can you… sleep with me?” I asked, blushing.

“Yeah…” She stood up and walked toward me slowly.

She grabbed my hand and we went into her room. Once we were on the bed, I hugged her from behind and fell asleep in the aroma of Yuria’s shampoo.

— In The Morning —

I left Yuria early, I wanted to talk with my boyfriend. I just left a note with my explanation.


“Good morning princess. Do you have a nice sleep?”

“Good morning. Yes. We need to talk…” I said coldly.

“About the wedding?” He asked with a bright smile.

“Why didn’t you ask me?” I said angrily.

“Oh… Because, our fathers want-“

“Let’s break up.” I interrupted him.

“What? Just for that!” He yelled.

“No, I’m sorry… I don’t love you anymore…” He stayed quiet. “I don’t want to hurt you…”

“Have you find someone else?”

“I’ll come back later to take my matter. Sorry.”

I was sure now. I didn’t love him anymore. I didn’t cry and I felt nothing painful in my chest. It was proof, right?


*ding dong*

The door opened slowly.


Suddenly, she hugged me tightly.

“Don’t leave me… Please…” She said with a cracked voice.

“I love you.” I said softly.

“Please… Even if you don’t break up…” She continued.

“Do you hear me?” I asked, pushing her gently. “I love you. I broke up with your brother.”


I pulled her closer, I could feel her breath against my mouth. Slowly, Yuria initiated the kiss.

“Yeah… Really…” I whispered against her lips.

— Few Weeks Later —

Today, I went to my old house to take my last stuff.

“I knew it! You found someone else!” My ex-boyfriend yelled at me.

“Stop it, we’re not together anymore.” I said calmly.

“She’s right, stop yelling at her.” Yuria said.

“Yuria? Why are you here?” He started. “Did you come to say goodbye at your friend?”

Yuria and I decided to leave the city today. We needed to take a new start.

“No, I’m her girlfriend. I leave with her.” She said simply.

I didn’t know if it was a good idea… Her brother was dumbfounded.

We took my bag and left him completely shocked.

“Yuria…?” I call her in front of the limousine.

“Hm?” She turned toward me.

“Do you remember… when you saw me in your dream?” I asked, looking at her surprised expression.

“Of course, why?”

“You know… In fact… I saw you too…In my dream.”

“We’re attaching!” She giggled.


A/N : This fanfic is a request 🙂


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