[OS] Trip (YuriAnnin)

Trip (YuriAnnin)

Yuria’s POV

I want to go in Shanghai! I’m in a hurry! We’ll take the plane in two days. Annin was supposed to come with us, but she can’t come because of her poor condition… So, there are Sayaya, Mion, Yui, Renacchi and me. Honestly, I’m disappointed, I wanted to go to China with Annin. So, today I decide to pay a visit at her.

*Knock knock*

“Yuria…?” She said, stunned.

“Hey! I wanted to see you! How are you?” I asked while coming in her place.

“Sad. I want to go with you~.” She pouted.

“Me too.” I said while laughing. “Nee, Annin?”

“Hm?” She answered with a little smile.

“Can I… stay at your place?”

“Want you?” She teased me while standing up.

“Of course!” I said with a bright smile.

“Fine! I’ll take a shower. Make yourself comfortable.” She said while leaving me.

Her place hasn’t changed since the last time. I walk into her bedroom and put my phone on her desk. A letter intrigues me. I know, I shouldn’t read it, but I can’t help it. I take the letter and start to read.


Dear oneesan,

How are you? Honestly, I’m fine!

It’s soon the time for me to leave here! I’m in a hurry!

AKB48 is really a nice group, I don’t regret it! It’s a good experience.





Graduation? She… she leaves? I restart to read without skipping lines.

“Yuria?! What are you doing?” She yelled at me.

“You…” I tried to say, but my voice didn’t come out.

“It’s not your stuff! Don’t read it!” She yelled while removing her letter from my hand.

Suddenly, I leave her and lock myself in her bathroom. She follows me and knock on the door while calling me. I keep on the floor while crying.

Annin’s POV

Definitively, she doesn’t want to go out. What she reads? It’s just a letter about my trip at Shanghai. But I didn’t send it because the travel is cancelled for me. Maybe, it’s a misunderstanding, right? If not, why she’s crying?

— Few Time Later –

Yuria is still not go out. I’ve already eaten.

“The meal is on the table!” I yelled while walking in front of the bathroom’s door.

I’m going to sleep. Because of my poor condition I’m really tired.

Yuria’s POV

“The meal is on the table!” I heard Annin yelled.

I open the door slowly and come toward the kitchen. She has already eaten. I’m not hungry, so I walk slowly toward her bedroom. I open the door and see Annin, lies on her bed.

“Annin..?” I asked softly.

She’s sitting on the edge of the bed. Then, she pulls my arm to make me sit.

“Will you… leave?” I asked while looking down.

“Never.” She said while pulling me in her arms. “It’s a misunderstanding. What you have read?”

“Just the beginning.” I answered while holding her tightly.

“I’m sorry for being mad at you.” She said softly.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t read it… C-Can I sleep with you?” I asked shyly.

Annin’s POV

Wait? WHAT?! Calm down… We’re just friend, right? But… SHE WANTS TO SLEEP WITH ME!

“Y-Yes…” I answered with red and hot cheeks.

“Thanks.” She said with her usual smile.

We’re back-to-back. Suddenly, I hear she moves and feel her arm wrapping me.

She’s not as usual, she’s more… sweet…

“Yuria…?” I said, a little stunned.

I don’t turn back but I feel her moving. She brings closer at my face. She’s kissing my cheek… It was very close to my lips!

“Yuria?!” I called her one more time.

This time, she doesn’t move. I’m turning toward her. Now, we’re face to face. She’s smiling at me and move closer. I can feel her breathing.

“Love rules…” I mumbled.

“But…” She started while pulling my neck.

She’s kissing my lips gently. I’m frozen.

“…It’s not love.” She said simply with a teased wink.

Ok… She kisses me… I’m going to die now………………………

— In The Morning —

Yuria’s POV

I’m waking up slowly and remove my arm from Annin’s waist. I stand up but a voice interrupts me.


I’m turning toward her.

“Have a nice trip.” She said half asleep with a little smile.

I smile and kissing her forehead. Then I leave her.

— After The Trip –

Annin’s POV

What’s wrong with her?! Is she serious? All this picture “YuriRena”… Yuria’s head on Rena’s shoulder… They both hold them hand… In fact, she doesn’t care about me. Anyway, I can’t be jealous… Because I can’t be in love, right? Damned love rules…

*Knock knock*

“Annin! I miss you!” Yuria said while hugging me.

“However, you seem to have fun with Rena.” I said coldly.

“Eh?!” She released me.

“I saw you, in the social media.”

“Are you… jealous?” She teased me.

“N-No! I’m not!” I blushed badly.

“Right. Look.” She said while showing her phone.


Return home from Shanghai!

I was very impressed with the existence of hot and friendly fans that has different language and beautiful scenery and delicious food! ❤

I want to go to meet everyone again! Next Annin will also join J


“So?” She said with an amused smile.

I say nothing. I just stare at her. I wanted to say it… But I can’t…

“You’re cute when you blushed!” She laughed. “Nee Annin, if-“

“Stop.” I said suddenly while she’s looking at me stunned.

I pull her and put my head on her neck.

“I… love you…” I said softly while hugging her

“Anna… You can’t…” She said surprised.

“Don’t you?” I asked with a cracked voice.

“Don’t cry! I love you more than you think!” She said while releasing me and kissing my cheek with a broad grin. “But… love rules…” She said sadly.

“It’s love… like a friend.” I smirked.

That’s hard to say that. But I love her so much!

The End

A/N : This fanfic is a request 🙂


2 thoughts on “[OS] Trip (YuriAnnin)

  1. Hello, Author-san,

    You may not remember me, but I read and commented on your fic on JPHIP before. Well, to be honest, I didn’t know it was you since it seems like you use different nickname here 🙂
    Anyway, I just stop by to say that I like your fics. There are still rooms for improvement, of course. But, I can see that you’ve shown much progress since “The Yankee and The Ice Princess” 🙂
    The plot ending seems less rushed and I can see some improvement in your English already. It’s even more interesting since you tried to take some small bits from real life and incorporate them in your fic 🙂
    So, keep on writing! I’m looking forward to read more from you 🙂


    *p.s.: I’m also a bit sad to see so much YuriRena lately. I want more YuriAnnin! So, thanks for the fic 🙂


    1. Hi~ ! 🙂

      I remember you! 😛 Thanks for your remark 🙂
      I do my best and I will continue !

      Thank you ! :3


      p.s.: Sorry, I’m not good to reply x’)

      Liked by 1 person

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