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Darkness: Chapter 1

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Darkness: Chapter 1

Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

Yui…? Where are you…?

I thought about her all the day since her disappearance. Moreover, she never picked her phone up and sent no text. My neighbor said that he saw her, yesterday. So, I decided to ask him about it.

“Anybody there?” I asked, pushing slowly the garage door.

No answer. I decided to walk inside. It was quiet and dark. I was looking for the light with my left hand. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. I didn’t dare to move anymore.

“Paru?” The voice made me jump up and I let out a scream.

“D-Don’t afraid me Milky!” I said with a shaking voice.

“Sorry.” She said while the light turned on.

I turned around abruptly and saw Sayaka behind me.

“Are you okay?” She asked me, surprised.

They are Miyuki and Sayaka, my friends and Sayaka is Yui’s cousin, they are very close.

I didn’t answer her and started walking toward the other door to find my neighbor. Sayaka and Miyuki followed me. I pushed the door slowly.

“What happens here?” Sayanee said suddenly.

I started examining the room. There were a few marks of scratch on the wall, I reached it.

“Sayanee… Look here…” Miyuki said quietly, pointing out a ripped table.

“Well… Is it a dog, right?” Sayaka asked with insecurity.

“No! It’s a wolf!” Her best friend said confidently.

“Are you kidding? The wolves don’t live in the city.” Sayaka made fun of Milky.

“The curse!” She continued while I was looking at them.

“Curse?” I said, stunned.

“Yeah… There are werewolves in the city.” She said and grabbed Sayaka’s arm who laughed at her. “Maybe… Yui is…”

“No! Werewolves don’t exist!” I yelled at her.

Werewolves don’t exist… Please Yui… Where are you…?

“Calm down Paru. It was just for kidding.” Sayaka said, putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Sayanee~. You believe in me, right?” Miyuki shook her friend’s arm.

“Werewolves exist only in the story Milky…” She answered, hopeless because of Miyuki’s naivety.

She’s right, they don’t exist. It’s just a dog’s mark…. A big dog…

I was looking at my friends, pensive. Suddenly, Miyuki walked behind me and grabbed something on the floor.

“What is it?” Sayaka asked at her friend while I turned toward her.

“Clothes?” She picked the material.

“It’s torn.” I said, grabbing and starting to examine it.

After a few seconds, I raised my head toward Miyuki who was watching at me quietly.

“Milky…?” Sayaka asked worried.

Without answering she walked toward me and grabbed the material before smelling it. We were looking at her amazed. After her strange move she put it against my face. I was frozen.

This scent…

“Milky? Paru?” Sayaka asked, trying to understand.

“It’s like Yui’s scent.” Miyuki said stunned.

“Is it her clothes?!” Sayaka asked panicked.

“I don’t know…” I said, looking down while Miyuki was moving back.

“Maybe, it’s just a coincidence…” Sayaka tried to convince me.

“You are certainly right.” I lied.

We stared at each other, quietly.

“Paru, do you want to go to Yui’s place?” Sayaka asked kindly.

I was looking at her with an empty gaze.

“She’s not there.” I said coldly.

“Maybe, she came back.” Miyuki insisted.

“I don’t think…”

Suddenly she grabbed my arm and the one of Sayaka. Then she pulled us toward Yui’s place.

“You can release me.” I said coldly at Miyuki.

She did it and walked toward the door to push it. The door creaked and the street light started illuminating the dark house.

“It’s open.” Sayaka looked at me.

“I’ll go. Stay here.” I said.

“Paru! It’s dangerous!” Sayaka yelled at me, but I didn’t listen her.

“PARU!” My two friends yelled one more time.

It was empty and dark but… I heard a sob!

Is it her?

“Yui?!” I screamed, rushing toward her room.

The window let past the light which illuminated gently the dark room. The wind moved the curtain slowly. I made out a figure and walked toward it. I saw her distinctly now. She was naked, sat on the floor, holding her knees.

“Yui? What happens?” I stroked softly her black hair with my hand.

“I… don’t… remember…” She answered between her sobbing.

I step back to take a cover and put it around her.

Suddenly I heard a quick footstep coming toward us.

“Paru?!” I heard my friends call me.

“It’s okay!” I yelled, starting walking toward the door’s room but a voice interrupted me.

“Please… Don’t leave…” Yui said while she looked at me with her… golden eyes?!

I stopped myself and pulled her into my arms.

“Ssh… I’m here…” I repeated it over and over to try to calm my trembling friend.

Your eyes… Yui… is she… a werewolf? They don’t exist… right?


Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

Miyuki and I were walking toward Yui’s room, but Miyuki grabbed my arm and stopped me. I looked at her stunned.

“Leave them together.” She said softly.

“Why? She-” I started, but Miyuki interrupted me.

“We find her. It’s ok.” She smiled while we left them.

“But! She’s my cousin! I was worried.” I said at Milky, walking behind her.

“Nee~ Sayanee~” She started with a playful tone. “Stop being worried!” She pulled me outside.


— Somewhere else —

Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

I can’t stay like that… I need to find something…

I walked in the street, quickly. A door ajar intrigued me. So, I pushed more it and walked into the place. There were so many books, CD, DVD and others thing like that. My intuition pushed me to carry on, inside. I went into the back shop and distinguished a girl asleep on the desk. I started being weak, I really needed her. So, I walked slowly, trying to not wake up her. I put my hand on her shoulder and-

“Yu-Yukirin!?” She looked at me, dumbfounded and completely awake.

Mayuyu?! I can’t… I just can’t wait! I know her, she was my best friend in High School. I didn’t see her since a long time. But… I can’t help it…

I licked my lips and showed my sharps teeth. She was looking at me with her scared widen eyes. I jumped on her and bit her milky neck, covering her mouth with my other hand. She didn’t move anymore, she was like frozen. A few seconds later, I felt her head falling on my shoulder and there was no resistance anymore. I pulled myself away quickly and licked the blood on my lips.

“Mayu?” I called her worried, shaking her shoulder.

She didn’t answer, keeping her head down.

No, no, no! It’s bad! Don’t panic Yuki… Is she alive…?

“Yuki…” She interrupted my panicked thought.

“A-Are you okay?” I asked nervously.

“Y-You… bite me…So hard…” She said feebly.

“Ma-I-It’s-” I tried to say but nothing came out.

What should I do? It was too much for her. I’m such an idiot…

I helped her to stand up. I held her waist, she started moving slowly. Suddenly, she fell in my arms. She was too weak, she couldn’t move anymore. I put her arms around my neck.

“I’ll take you with me.” I put my left hand on her back and the other under her knees.

Luckily, she was light or it was maybe my superhuman strength. I moved back and crossed the empty store. In front of the door, I distinguished a woman who was coming closer. I stopped in a corner with the weak Mayu in my arms. It was a young and tall woman with long brown hair.  I waited a few second, I didn’t know where the woman was, but the body in my arm became hot. I saw Mayu’s arms released my neck and fell gently.

Is she fainted? That’s all I needed!

The woman stopped in the front of the door, taking her phone and called someone. Suddenly, the phone in the back shop rang. The woman pushed the door and walked toward the Mayu’s phone. She didn’t see us, I took advantage of the opportunity to go out of the store.

Who I am? Maybe, you’re lost, right? It’s a long story…



All start when I was 22 years old. It was late and I came back to my house from a date. I was walking quickly until I ran right into two women.

“Sorry…” I said while looking one of both.

When my gaze met her look, I was like frozen. Her eyes were red like my own were black. I wanted to step back but she stopped me, pulling my arm.

“What do you want to do?” The second woman asked her friend.

“I don’t want to kill her.”

I was not able to speak. I couldn’t scream or escape.

She removed my hair to show my neck. Then, she grabbed my wrists with her hands and her face came closer.

I felt a deadly pain in my neck.

I woke up in an unfamiliar place. I was like thirsty.

“You have survived.” The woman who bit me said. “Bite her.” She said, pointing out the other woman stand up behind her.

“What…?” I said weak and chocked.

“If you don’t want to die you should bite her, it’s the last step of your transformation.” She answered, her tone sounded calm.

“MY WHAT!?” I started being panicked but my thirst stopped me.

‘Okay, I don’t want to die’ I repeated that over and over in my mind.

I stood up slowly and I started walking toward the woman. She showed her neck and my new teeth crashed against it. After a few seconds, I pulled me away, looking at the vampire.

“It’s okay if you’re slow.” She smirked.

I turned around a mirror and looked at my reflection.

Yes, I‘m a vampire with a reflection.

My eyes were red and I saw the blood on my lips. When I licked it, I could see my sharp teeth covered by the red liquid.

After it I started living in the darkness…


To Be Continued…

Next : Chapter 2




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