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Darkness: Chapter 2

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Darkness: Chapter 2

Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

I ran quickly toward my place with an unconscious Mayu in my arms. I hoped to see nobody in the street.

I couldn’t talk with humans because they were afraid by my red eyes. That’s why I avoided the square and the avenue to take Mayu until my home. Finally, I reached the front of the door and knocked.

Please! Hurry up!

Suddenly, the door opened and I could distinguish the shocked face of my friend.

“You!” I heard behind me, my body froze.

A unfamiliar girl started yelling at me.

“What are you doing with Mayu?!”

She followed me… We stared at each other. The unknown girl seemed lose in the red eyes of my friend. She was certainly afraid by us.

“Come in.” Yuria broke finally the silence.

I put slowly Mayu on the sofa while Yuria closed the door behind us. The unknown girl sat at Mayu’s side and Yuria pulled me toward the kitchen. She seemed mad… No… She was really mad.

“Yuki! What happened?!” She tried to stay calm.

“I-It’s just… I was thirsty and…” I started speaking, looking down.

“How much?” She asked with the same tone.

She spoke about the blood.

If I drink a little it’s fine. But if I exceed an amount, I can kill the human.

“Not a lot, but…” I said guilty.

I didn’t drink a lot. I was telling the truth.

“But what?!” She yelled suddenly, shaking my shoulder.

“I think, I was too violent and I injured when I bit her…” I raised my head toward my vampire’s friend.

After a long silence for I tried to avoid her gaze, she finally spoke.

“I can’t treat it.”

“Eh?” I only said with a shocked face.

“I’m not a Healer! Seriously Yuki! You could kill her! Why do you bring her in our place?!” She yelled at me while the tears flowed on my cheeks.

After her words, she left me toward Mayu and the unknown girl.

Because… she was my best friend…


Kizaki Yuria’s POV 

I left Yuki toward the two unknowns girls.

The conscious girl seemed worried about her friend, I think. I put my hand on the unconscious girl’s forehead, she was hot. I couldn’t look the mark now because of the other girl. Well… We weren’t discreet with our red eyes, anyway. I think she noticed it but I didn’t want to take a risk.

“What’s your name?” I asked without looking at her.

“Anna, Iriyama Anna.” She said coldly.

“Nice to meet you, Anna.” I put a cold washcloth on the other girl’s forehead.

The cold washcloth could only soothe the girl’s fever. I couldn’t save her with only that …

“Is she fine?” She asked suddenly, looking at me.

“It’s not too serious. She’ll be fine soon.” I lied while Yuki walked toward us.

It was serious, she could die. I couldn’t tell her the truth, she was a stranger. I looked at my friend. Her eyes were red because of crying. I was not good to comfort other. So, I decided to ask her about the unconscious girl, trying to change the subject.

“Who is she?” I asked, looking Yuki.

“She is Mayu, she was my best friend in High School. But I haven’t talked with her since the graduation.” She explained, looking at her unconscious friend, worried.

So, that’s why Yuki saves her. I wonder why she stopped to talk with her.

She looked at Mayu as if the pale girl was the most precious thing in the world.

It’s the first time I see her like that.


Iriyama Anna’s POV

A last element is missing… You’re a bad liar.

After the girl speech which I didn’t listen, I turned around to them.

“What are your names?” I asked with an annoyed tone.

Yes, I was annoyed. They lied to me, trying to hide the truth, but I know it. I wasn’t upset because of this. They hurt my friend and I couldn’t forgive that, even if they seemed to be kind. One of both is cuter than the other. And she seemed… lost, maybe. As for the tall girl seemed very worried about Mayu. I was not able to hate them.

Wait. What I said? Cute? Well… this is truth, she is…

“I’m Yuria and she’s Yuki.” The pretty girl answered simply.

I walked more closely to her and put my hand on her right cheek. She looked at me surprised. I was wrong, she was not but Yuki was. She was looking at me softly as if she knew what will happen. My thumb slid until the corner of her upper lips and I pushed it. She opened a bit her mouth, she understood my movement. She knew why I did that. I smirked and removed my hand, leaving her warm cheek.

“Red eyes, sharp teeth, the mark on Mayu’s neck. You’re vampires, right?” I said, looking at Yuki shocked expression. “It’s okay with me, don’t worry.” I told coldly.

I’m one of these people who know about the vampires. I’m a bit special too…

Yuria started looking at Mayu’s neck without paying attention to me.

“I-It’s deep…” She said, looking Yuki. “You were violent.” She continued, she hadn’t any self-confidence.

Her look was calm, but if I looked into her eyes, I could see her terror.

Why is she afraid? I wonder.

“I don’t know…” She said, looking down.

I heard a few sob and I turned around toward Yuki. More tears were rolling on her cheeks.

“I’m s-sorry… It’s my fault… and… I know… it’s not the f-first time… for you.” Yuki said between her sobbing.

“Please Yuki, it’s the past.” Yuria answered without looking the girl who was crying loudly.

Another interesting story… In fact, I can try to save Mayu, but… if she doesn’t wake up, it’s impossible.


— A Few Time Later — 

I was in the kitchen with the two vampires. We were waiting Mayu’s awaking. The minutes were as hours and hours as days. I learnt about Yuki and Mayu’s friendship. They were best friend during the High School but after the graduation, they lose contact. After hearing this, they wanted to know who I am. I only said that I was Mayu’s friend.

Suddenly we heard a coughing in the living room and ran toward it.


Watanabe Mayu’s POV

I made out three girls running toward me. My vision was blurred. One of them grabbed my cold hand, calling my name and she sat at my side. I rubbed slowly my eyes and distinguished her more clearly.

“Yuki…” I said with a weak voice.

I tried to move my head, but an indescribable pain in my neck stopped me. I was lost. I didn’t know where I was, but…

I think understand what happened with Yuki.

“Don’t move.” The unknown girl said behind Yuki.

She seemed to have a red eyes too, like Yuki. I couldn’t believe it.

Are they…?

“Where… I am?” I asked slowly.

Speak hurt me. Breathe hurt me. All hurt me. My body boiled. I felt something nasty on my neck.

“At Yuki’s place.” A familiar voice answered behind me.


It was her. I was sure.

“I’ll treat you.” She said confidently, patting my head gently.

I knew she’ll save me.

“How?” The unfamiliar voice said, stunned.

“Come with me, I’ll explain everything.” Anna left me and Yuki and walked with the unknown girl.

“Yuki…?” I called her name while seeing the tears flowed on her cheeks.

“I’m sorry…” She mumbled softly.

Her voice seemed so far.

“Please, explain to me…” I said, pulling her arms.

I wanted to be sure. Just… sure…

“I’m a vampire…” She said simply while I looked into her red eyes.

I know the vampire thanks of Anna. I thought Yuki was a vampire when I’m waking up. Only, few humans know about them.

So, it’s the mark after she was sucking my blood.

But I didn’t understand one thing…

“Why… am I weak?” I asked without leave her eyes.

“I was abrupt… So, I hurt you… Sorry… Maybe I-” She said, avoiding my gaze.

Killed you. She wanted to say it. I couldn’t hear this word from her. I was always alive.

“I miss you.” I interrupted her with a little smile. “I’m happy to see you.” I continued while she looked at me confused.

It was true. I missed her. I wanted to see her smile. Her warm smile which made my heart become crazy.

“I-I miss you too.” She answered softly with her perfect little smile.

My forehead burned, my head hurt, my neck bled and my chest wanted to explode… Because she was violent, because she was abrupt, because she bit me, because she made my heart pound fast…


— In The Same Time —

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“How do you want to treat her?” I asked curiously.

What’s wrong with her seriously…?

“With the plants.” Anna said naturally.

“Plants?” I said, confused.

Don’t tell me-

“I’m a Healer.”

She could help us! Why she didn’t say it before? Anyway, it was a very good news! It was the first time I met a Healer. On one hand, I was very excited… on the other hand, it was like… something wrong will happen…

Oh, sorry… I forgot something! I didn’t tell you, who are the Healer.

The Healer treats people with plants and knowledge. They are not a lot of Healers. They are the only who can treat vampire and werewolf wound. In fact, I don’t know if werewolf exists too, it’s just the legend. But I think it’s like us, they are real. 

“But, I want to be clear. I’ll help you because Mayu is my friend. Oh, and another thing, I hate you and your friend.” She left me after those words.

I made a mental note of her sentence. No matter, I didn’t like her too. She didn’t care about us. I knew, it’s because we-, I mean, Yuki hurt her friend. But I did nothing wrong.

I followed Anna toward Yuki and Mayu who were waiting for us in the living room.

“I need a plant which is in a forest far from the city.” Anna said calmly.

Yuki looked at me dumbfounded. I wanted to laugh at her over reaction but I kept my cool.

“She’s a Healer.” Mayu said softly at Yuki who nodded slowly.

“The legend says that there are wolves… or werewolves.” Anna said a little amused.

“Were…wolves…?” Yuki said, looking down.

Yeah Yuki, werewolves…



Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

“We can’t stay friend.” I said coldly at the other girl in front of me.

“Please, don’t leave…” She said, grabbing my arm and sobbing.

“You’re dangerous. Bye.” I removed my arm and left her.

“Yuki…” She said between her crying.



It was my last talk with her. I left her, alone and afraid. I was an idiot. I missed her so much, even if she was a werewolf… I knew, she needed me…

If the legend is true- No. I don’t want to give me a false hope.

“It’s almost the morning.” Yuria said, snapping my thought.

“We leave this night.” Anna answered and sat on the chair.

“Yuki?” Mayu called me suddenly and I turned around my young friend.


“Since… when are you a vampire?” She asked nearly innocently.

“Two years. Why?” I asked, a little surprised.

“So, you weren’t a vampire when we were in High School…”

“I wasn’t.” I answered simply.

Is she afraid…? No, she doesn’t seem. Why she asks me…?


Watanabe Mayu’s POV

Yuki looked at the floor. She seemed worried by something. I didn’t see her since a long time. I was glad to see her again. I didn’t want to lose her this time. I missed her so much. Even if she bit me… and maybe I’ll die… Yeah, that was strange. I knew, I didn’t seem scared, because Anna will save me. And I will be with Yuki, again. I wanted to be with her. Because… After the graduation, she left me. That was because of me. She avoided me, I didn’t know why. I think maybe because she discovered my feelings…

Don’t leave me one more time, Yuki, don’t leave me in the darkness…

To Be Continued…

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