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[OS] Amnesia (YuriAnnin)

Amnesia (YuriAnnin)

I woke up, in a familiar place, but it wasn’t mine. I slowly rubbed my eyes and a violent pain rushed into my head. Suddenly, I felt the cold touch my body. I was naked. When I realized that, I covered my bare skin with the sheets. I remembered nothing, my memories were like erase. I heard someone move next to me. I was looking at her, she was back to me, naked, with a long dark hair and soft skin. I stood up straight quickly while my abrupt moves woke up the girl beside me. She was staring at me with a warm smile. A smile terrifying. She wasn’t my girlfriend.

“Ku-Kumi?!” I said dumbfounded. “Why are you here?!” I asked quickly, putting the sheets on me to cover all my body.

“Because it’s my room.” She said simply without leaving my eyes.

“Y-Your room!? B-But, what happened?” I asked shocked.

She smirked at me and moved closer. No. I didn’t want to know what happened.

“I can help you to remember it.” She said, crashing her lips against mine.

“S-Stop it!” I yelled and pushed her bluntly.

I wanted to remember. I didn’t want to remember. I didn’t know, I was feeling guilty. It was because of me, right? I wasn’t able to understand.

“You didn’t say it last night…” She teased me, still smiling.

I didn’t want to hear her voice more and her dirty remarks. I put the sheets around me, I quickly grabbed my clothes and left her toward the bathroom, blushing madly.

I cheated on my girlfriend. I was the worse, plus, I remembered nothing. What should I do…?

I left Kumi’s place and walked to my own house. In front of the door, I took a deep breath and knocked at the door.

Anna opened it slowly. When she saw me, her usual smile disappeared from her face to give way to a cold expression. Her cold and mad face was in front of me. Me who was a trash.

“What do you want?” She asked, mad.

“I-It’s-” I started saying, scared but she interrupted me, showing a photo on her phone.

It was me, naked on Kumi’s bed. With a simple text from Kumi: She’s mine.

She removed her phone and stared at me. I was not able to speak. A few tears started rolling on her soft cheeks. I made cry my girlfriend. I wanted to disappear, I didn’t want to face the truth.

Suddenly, I felt a pain on my left cheek, she slapped me. It was the first time. We never fought.

“Because we fought the last time, you ran away and you found someone else. You’re a trash. And it’s over between us.” She said coldly, slamming the door in front of me.

I couldn’t react, my body was frozen, and my mind was blank. I lost everything. The tears started flowing on my tired face.


I didn’t why but I walked toward Juri’s place. She invited me to sleep there to soothe my head’s pain. I couldn’t go in my own house anyway. I accepted her offer and laid on her sofa.


The music was loud, they were a few people drunk. I was on the dance floor with Kumi. We were dancing, close, very close.

I left her and took a glass of alcohol. She came to me, I looked at somewhere else and suddenly I felt my glass move, as if someone hit my shoulder or put something inside.

All started being confused, Kumi took my hand and pulled me in an empty place. She kissed my neck, wrapping her arms around my waist. Then, she gave a hot kiss on my lips, I tried to resist and tell her to stop, but when I opened my mouth, she slipped her tongue inside.

My mind became blank.


We were in her room now. I didn’t understand how we went here. She pushed me against her bed and sit on my laps, kissing my neck.


She removed my blouse, showing my black bra. Then, I moved my hands to unbutton her shirt, but I stopped suddenly.

“Yuria?” Her voice seemed far and low.

“I’m… not f-fine.” I tried to say.

“I want you.” She said with a seductive tone, starting to remove my pants.

“S-Stop…” She looked at me, annoyed.

“Tsk… I get the wrong dose…” She mumbled, leaving my laps.

Then, she removed completely my pants. I was bad, what she said? I was looking at her without moving. My bones dissolved in my body. I heard my heart pounding less and less fast.

“Don’t look at me like that, just sleep here. You’re not in a state to return to your home.”

I closed my boiling eyes.


I opened suddenly my eyes and sat on the sofa.

“Yuria?! Are you fine?” Juri said, laughing because of my sudden waking.

My brain worked once again.

“I-I remember…” I said panicked.

“Had you forget something?” She asked, interested.

“Last night, nothing happened with Kumi.” I answered, putting my hands on her shoulder.

“And?” She added, stunned.

“I didn’t cheat on my girlfriend.”

It was not a big new. I knew it, and what now? What could I say? ‘It was not true, I didn’t cheat on you! Even if you saw this picture.’ I couldn’t say that.

“Your ex-girlfriend.” She corrected me, removing my hands. “Yuria… why you fought with Anna?” She asked while I looked down and sat again on the sofa.

Thanks to Juri, I wanted to forget this fact…

“I… don’t remember…” I answered without looking at her.

“It was before the party!” Juri yelled, dumbstruck. “What Kumi did?!”

“She… drugged me…” I said, looking at my friend.

“SHE WHAT?” She screamed.

“It’s okay Juri… Stop screaming…” I said softly.

It was not okay, but it was too late now.

“It’s NOT okay! It’s fucking dangerous!” She stopped her speech and stared at me.

When she saw the tears flowing on my cheek, she sat next to me and stroked my back. Why did all seem absurd? It was like a storyline of drama.

“Thank you… Juri…” I said, holding her hands. “I need to go somewhere.” I stood up and started leaving her.

“Yuria.” She called me while I turned around. “Please, do nothing of foolish.”

“Don’t worry.” I answered and left her place.

Foolish? I was not going to kill myself. Why did she think that?


I walked peacefully in the street. The sun dazzled me. It was hot, the sun burned my skin. I walked without thinking. I started crossing the road. Suddenly I heard something of noisy at my side. And. No more.


I was with Anna, we were in our place.

“Why can’t you trust me?!” I yelled while Anna crossed her arms.

“Because you’re always with her! She loves you!”

“She’s just my friend! I love only you, why can’t you trust me?” I answered, stopping to yell at her.

I didn’t know what happened. Yeah, we were fighting, but… I didn’t know why.

“She played with you! But you’re too stupid to understand that!” She continued to yell.

Then, I simply left the place without saying a word.


Where I am? All was black. It was as if I was sleeping, but I couldn’t wake up. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t…

Suddenly I felt a hand taking my own and heard someone sobbing.

“I’m s-sorry…” The voice said, stroking my head. “It’s my fault…”

It was… Anna’s voice.

“If… I wasn’t jealous… We didn’t have to fight… And…” She said between her sobbing.

It was not because of you… Please, don’t say that. I needed to wake up. I wanted to wake up!

“I’m so sorry…” I felt her hand released mine.

Don’t leave me, Anna… I couldn’t wake up now but… wait for me…

“I’ll come here every day, until you wake up.” She kissed my forehead and left me.


She seemed to come every day. She told her story about her daily life. Her voice helped me. She helped me to stay in this semi-conscious state and not die. I tried to wake up every day, but I just couldn’t.

“You know, I never told you about our fight. In fact, I was so mad at you because you didn’t see Kumi manipulated you…” She started speaking, looking through the window.

I couldn’t see her, but I knew she didn’t look at me.

“I was too afraid to lose you because of her. But when I saw the picture, I thought, I could live without you…”

I felt all the sadness in her voice. She was right, I was too stupid.

“After the accident, I realized one thing. It was impossible. I couldn’t live without you. I don’t know if you hear me but… I love you Yuria…”

Her words touched me. I wanted to hug her, see her smile, her face, and feel her lips against mine one more time. But, I just could cry, in my mind, even if nobody could see that.

“I’ll wait for- Yuria!” She said suddenly, touching my cheek. “You’re crying… Do you… hear me?”

Of course, I heard you, silly.

I felt an extreme pain in my chest. I heard a few beep around me and Anna was sobbing.

“Please, don’t leave me…” She said, taking my hands and releasing it suddenly, a few seconds later.


I didn’t know how many days passed. I didn’t see Anna, since the last time. I woke up and in good health. It was my last day at the hospital. I took my bag, Anna brought it for me, and left to my place. I thought Anna knew about my waking, but she didn’t come to see me. I missed her so much, more than before.

I was in the front of the door. I didn’t know what I needed to do, knock, try to open, leave… Finally, I started leaving but suddenly the door was opened behind me.

“Do you need something?” The woman asked while I turned around.

“W-Who are you?” I said, on the verge of the tears.

“I’m Rena, are you Anna’s friend?” She asked a little surprised.

“A-Are you… her girlfriend?” I continued to panic, ignoring her question.

“No, no, I’m not. Are you… okay?” I smiled at her answer.

“I’m fine, sorry for bothering you. Is Anna here?” I asked while Rena left.

I changed my mind, strangely… fast…

“Oh, yes, it’s open. Go in.” She answered.

I opened the door slowly and closed it behind me. I walked toward the living room. Anna was standing in front of her TV, back to me. She seemed to play with her phone.

I walked quickly toward her and wrapped her body from behind.

“Wha-?!” She said stunned.

I removed my arms around her waist and she turned around.


“Why aren’t you came to see me?” I asked, holding her cold hands.

“That’s not true…” She said, pushing me. “They say… they say you are dead!”

“Eh? No, I’m not! Are you not glad…?” I cried.

I was lost, all the pain in my body was too much and I fell on the floor. Nothing couldn’t be normal…

“Do you… hate me so much?” I asked between my crying.

Anna leaned toward me and put one of her hands on my wet cheek. Then, she sat next to me, still stroking my cheek. She titled her head and I felt her soft lips upon mine. Her hands pushed my shoulder and we fall backward without breaking the passionate kiss.


She pulled her away and gave me a deep gaze.

“I love you, I’m sorry. It’s just… I was too surprised and glad to see you again. I really missed you…” She said, wiping my tears.

“W-Why did you stopped to see me?” I asked with a weak voice.

“After the last time, they say… it was over. I’m sorry… I didn’t know how to react, it was a long time that I hadn’t see you and I thought you’re dead and I was afraid and because I had lost you and it was as if I was broken. I can’t live without you, you’re all my life and- WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!”

“I’m sorry, you can breathe you know!” I answered, almost die laughing.

She helped me to stand up and we sat on the sofa.

“I saw your friend leave here.” I said but she looked at me stunned.

“Eh? Nobody came here!” She said, laughing. “Are you fine Yuria?”

“Y-Yes but… I really saw her…” I looked down.

“No.” She said suddenly, putting her hand on my left shoulder. “All it’s an illusion.” I wanted to talk but she interrupted me.

Her voice was cold and emotionless. I never saw her like that.

“Wake up Yuria, you can’t stay here.” I felt Anna’s hands on my two shoulders.

“Why? Anna, explain to me! What happens!?” I said, panicked and dumbfounded.

“It’s time to come back!” She pushed me, smiling and I fell backward.

All became black again.


“…. –ria! Yuria! Wake up!” A young woman yelled, shaking my shoulder.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her.

“Ah! You afraid me, I called you but you didn’t wake up.” Anna pouted and crossed her arms over her chest.

I was lying on a bed. Anna was cross-legged, next to me. We were in our room, in our place.

“Anna, what happened?” I asked half asleep and stunned.

“Nothing. My girlfriend had fallen asleep in the middle of the afternoon.” She laughed.

I suddenly hugged her waist and put my head on her chest.

“Please, never leave me, I love you so much…” I said softly while a few tears started rolling on my cheeks

She hugged me back and kissed my head. I was scared, just because of this dream. I was shaking against Anna’s body.

“Bad dream, right? Ssh… I’m here…” She pushed me away and stroked my wet cheek. “I love you Yuria.” She smiled.

Her warm smile comforted me.

“Did I say something, when I was sleeping?” I asked curiously.

“You cheated on me in your dream!” She said with a serious tone.

My face became all red and hot, I blushed so badly. She smiled, she was teasing me.

“H-How you…?” I said with my eyes wide open.

“I know everything about my girlfriend!” She said in an amused tone before laughing.

She left our room with me dumbfounded.

The End


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