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Darkness: Chapter 3

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Darkness: Chapter 3

— The Next Morning — Somewhere else —

Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

I woke up in a bed. In Yui’s room. I turned around toward her. No. An empty place. She wasn’t here. She left the bed. Maybe she was in the house… I didn’t understand what happened yesterday. I noticed a sound from the living room. I opened the room’s door and walked to it. I heard someone grumbled. I looked toward the noise. It was Sayaka. She was here, standing up in front of me.

“I-I was worried, so…” She started a little panicked because I found her in Yui’s house.

“Where is Yui?” I asked, taking a cup.

“I thought she was with you.” She said stunned.

Suddenly the house’s door slammed. I heard a footstep, someone ran toward us. Miyuki. She was breathless, her hands on her knees. She was breathing aloud.


Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

“Milky! What happens?!” I said while running to her.

I put my hand on her shoulder. Her face was red. She hated to run, she hated sports. She didn’t go for a jogging. So, yes. I was worried.

“Y-Yui…” She tried to say.

She pointed out outside. Haruka ran in this way, dropping her cup. I stayed with Miyuki, who was trying to take her breath back. She was shaking. Cold? Fear? Pain? I wondered. She raised her head toward me. She was on the verge of the tears, and tried to hold it. I started stroking her back slowly but she grabbed my other hand and pulled me outside.


Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

I couldn’t believe it… Was it… real? She was here, in front of me. I didn’t know if it was her. Wolf. It was a wolf. It wasn’t far from me. I was scared. I was afraid by my ‘best friend’. I wanted to help her, but I couldn’t move. The wolf was looking at me, walking slowly.

“Paru!” I heard a voice scream my name. “Move!”

Sorry Sayaka, but I can’t.

“It’s not her! She can’t control herself!” It was another voice, but it wasn’t Miyuki’s voice.

I saw Yui raised her limb, her leg, as to… hit me. I cast a glance behind me. I distinguished Sayaka and Miyuki, they were holding their hands. In other circumstances, I would find that cute. Suddenly someone pulled me. I couldn’t resist. She had a long black hair and she seemed to have the same eyes as Yui. The same golden eyes. Another woman, younger than the first, walked toward Yui as if she wanted to help her. I stared at them, stunned while the older was always holding my arms. The young girl put her hand on Yui’s head, slowly, and-


Yokoyama Yui’s POV

Again. I didn’t know what happened. I was naked, in the middle of the empty street, one more time. A young girl with short hair looked at me with a warm smile. I saw Haruka running toward me. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I was crying.

“Where is your place?” Someone asked, reaching us.

Haruka helped me to stand up and covered my naked and shaking body with a coat. Then, we walked toward my house followed by Sayaka, Miyuki and the two unknowns’ girls. Haruka grabbed a few clothes and I put them without stopping shaking.

I was going into the living room with my salty friend. The others were here, sitting on the sofa and seats. My eyes burnt and my mind was empty. Miyuki didn’t dare to look at me, her hand on my cousin’s lap. I knew she found me. I didn’t know how I was. But I was sure I frightened her. I met Sayaka’s look, she was worried but she remained quiet. She was concerned about me. She shouldn’t need to be. I didn’t know what happened, but her best friend needed her attention. The older unknown girl patted gently Miyuki head, trying to comfort her. Across, the second unknown girl looked at me with a puppy eyes. A golden puppy eyes. I was sitting on the second sofa with Haruka next to me.

“Who are you?” She asked suddenly with her usual salty voice.

“I’m Matsui Jurina and she’s Rena!” The puppy-girl grinned.

“Yui, you need our help. We want to help you.” Rena said with a concerned gaze.

She knew my name. I didn’t know how but I just wanted to be helped. I looked at them although almost indifferent. My eyes were empty. Suddenly, the younger Matsui stood up and walked… somewhere in my house. I was looking at Sayaka, she didn’t lose her gaze at me. I tried to avoid it and looked down.

Jurina came back a few seconds later. She always seemed amused. She had a mirror in her hand.

“Sorry, I was lost in your house!” She giggled.

She handed the mirror toward me. I take it and look at me. Something caught my attention. My eyes, my dark eyes were golden. I raises suddenly my head toward Jurina. The same. The same golden eyes. Then, I looked at Rena who was still next to Miyuki. Her eyes were also golden. I felt Haruka’s hand stroked softly my back.

“Yui-” Rena started but the puppy voice interrupted her.

“You’re a werewolf!”

“Jurina!” The older said angrily.

Then, she walked to me, squatting in front of me, taking my cold hands.

“We’ll help you. Please. Come with us.” She said without avoiding my lost eyes.

Too much news. I was a werewolf…

I mean… It’s just… surrealist…

I took a deep breathe but a few tears started flowing on my cheeks.

“Yui. I know, it’s hard. You can’t help it, you can’t control yourself for now. It’s necessary to go far. Like us.” She said without releasing my hands.

I nodded. Simply nodded. Then, I looked at Haruka. Her salty and sad look said ‘I’ll stay with you.’ A slight smile appeared on my lips but the tears didn’t stop running.  I leant toward her and put my head against her milky neck while my shaking arms wrapped her slender waist. She hugged me back and whispered in my ear.

“I won’t leave you.”

Her words comforted me. Rena stood up and turned around toward my other friends.

“You are Yui’s friends, right?”

Her question was followed by a little nod of Miyuki.

“I’m her cousin.” Sayaka said while I was pulling me away from the warm hug.

“Come with us too.” Rena said without hesitation in her voice.


Matsui Jurina’s POV

The two girls nodded. I was gazing at Rena. It was the first time that she was as much determined. She really wanted to help Yui. But I wanted it too! I left them to go in the kitchen. Yui’s cousin followed me.

“What’s your name?” I asked while looking for something to eat.

“Sayaka. Can you really help Yui?” She asked simply.

No worry in her voice. That was sound more like a threat.

“Yes, we’ll help her.” I said, turning around with my usual warm smile.

I took the cup of noodles and went in the living room with Sayaka. I ate it, peacefully while Rena looked at me, hopeless.

I’m hungry!

“We need to go.” She said while looking at the clock.

“Where?” Asked… Who?

“Name?” I looked at her.

“M-Miyuki but call me Milky.” She smiled.

I shook her hand. She was scared but she didn’t want to show it.

We left Yui’s house and reached the car. It was an impressive black four-by-four with a large car trunk. But one of us couldn’t get in.

“Rena-chan! Can I go by my own way?!” I said, jumping around her.

“We don’t have a choice…”

I stole a peck from Rena lips who was yelling against me.

Sorry Rena-chan!

Then, I turned into a wolf. Miyuki looked at me, more scared than her friends. I came more closely to her. I walked slowly. She started going back, but the car stopped her. I wanted to reassure the scared girl. Rena understood. She felt it too, Miyuki’s fear. Haruka had busy to comfort Yui in the car and Sayaka just didn’t move.

“Please…” Miyuki begged me to stop.

“She controls herself. Don’t worry Milky. Don’t be afraid.” Rena said softly.

I put my wolf’s forehead on her stomach. She was crying. I couldn’t see but I felt it, I could feel all her feelings, her fear, her cry.

“Stop it!” I suddenly heard someone shouted. It was Sayaka.

I moved backward, looking at them.

“I wonder…” Rena mumbled quietly, getting in the car.

Then, I left them to my place, quickly. I wasn’t a simple wolf. So, my speed was really impressive.


Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

“Milky, get in on the front.” Rena said with a light smile.

I answered with a little nod. I was still stunned. I wiped my tears and tried to calm myself.

Sayaka, Haruka and Yui were in the back. I was looking through the window. I could make out Yui who was sleeping on Haruka’s shoulder by the wing mirror.

“Milky?” Rena called me, breaking the quiet between us.

I wanted to ignore her but I couldn’t because she’ll help my friend.

“Yes?” I said without looking at her.

“How long do you know them?” She asked softly about my friends.

“Ah. We were in the same club during the school.”

“Which?” She continued to ask with a warm smile.

“Music.” I kept my cold tone.

I was afraid. I was in a ca, with two werewolves, one couldn’t control herself. So yes, I was afraid. I didn’t know why I was here. I meant, Yui was my friend, but… Werewolf? It was surrealist… Human who turned into wolf… wolf… wolf… A slight shivers shook my body. Anyhow… It was too late now. I couldn’t retrace my steps. Sayaka was with me, so, it was fine… I hoped. Her presence reassured me, even if she didn’t care about me because her beloved cousin needed her support. I knew, that sounded selfish, but I couldn’t help it.

“Which instrument did you play?” She snapped my thought.

“None. I sang.” I answered with a little smile to hide my fear.

“Don’t be scared Milky.” She said suddenly while putting her hand on my lap.

“I-I’m not.”

I was. I was deadly scared.

“I can feel your feelings. You are.” She removed her hand to drive.

I stayed quiet. I didn’t talk anymore.



— Matsui’s mansion —

Yokoyama Yui’s POV

The two Matsui installed Sayaka and Milky in one of the mansion’s room and myself with Haruka in another. Seriously… I couldn’t control myself and they put me with her.

I can’t control myself because I’m a werewolf! What do you thought? Tsk… Pervert…

“Why with someone?” I asked while looking down and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Maybe, you’re one of these werewolf who needs someone to calm you.” Jurina smiled while Haruka sat next to me.

“And if I’m not…” I said with my scared voice.

Haruka held my hands but I removed them abruptly before to stand up.

“No! I can’t control myself! I don’t want to hurt her! I don’t know me anymore!” I cried, then I looked at Haruka. “Don’t stay with me… If I-“

“Yui!” Haruka yelled at me and left the room.

I stayed here, dumbfounded. Why didn’t she understand? I just wanted to protect her. Why was she mad?!  I was looking down and felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

“Yui. Let her help you.” Rena said softly.

I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t take a risk to hurt her or something else. My blood boiled in my veins. It was as if I wanted to explode. All around me became blurred. My head was spinning, I held it and grimaced in pain. The beats of my heart increased quickly. I heard Jurina and Rena called Haruka’s name. They voices are far from me.

Suddenly, I felt warm arms around my waist. I pushed Haruka away and started shaking badly.

“Please… Leave me…” I said scared.

Haruka didn’t listen to me. She put her hands on my cheeks and gave me a deep gaze. Then, I grabbed her wrists to remove her hands, but I was too weak.

“I’m here.’” She said softly.

I cast a glance behind her. We were alone, the other girls left us. Leaving Haruka with me. Leaving a young woman with a monster…

She continued to look at me with the same soft and deep gaze. Little by little, my vision became normal again and my pain stopped. I released Haruka’s wrists slowly.

“I’m sorry…” I mumbled while she pulled me into a hug.

“I’ll never leave you, in this darkness.”

To Be Continued…

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