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Darkness: Chapter 5

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Darkness: Chapter 5

— The Next Morning —

Iriyama Anna’s POV

“Yuki…” The sleepy Mayu said though her sleep.

I took my phone and looked the time. 6Am. I half-opened the curtain and walked toward the door’s room. I opened it without making a sound and cast a last soft glance at Mayu. Then, I was going to the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Rena said with a little smile, pouring the tea in a cup.

She handed it to me, I took the cup and mumbled an audible ‘Thanks’.

“When do you want to look for the plant?” She asked kindly.

“Now. Mayu can’t wait more.” I drank slowly.

“I wanna come with you.” A voice half asleep said behind me.

I turned around toward her while she rubbed her red eyes.

“No.” I answered coldly.

“It’s non-negotiable.” She left the kitchen.

Rena looked at me, dumbfounded and I continued to drink the tea.

“Why Yuria couldn’t come?” Rena asked stunned.

“I hate her. I don’t want her to stay with me.” I said honestly.

I hated her, she hated me… I didn’t care if she wanted to come to have a clear conscience. Well, if I left after the sunrise, she couldn’t come with me because of sunbeams…

The vampires are sensitive to the sunbeams. However, they can live the night or the day and sleep the rest of the time. 

“Oh… I thought you were a friend.” Rena said without looking at me.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you. We’ll leave your place soon.” I tried to change the subject.

She wanted to answer, but I finished my tea and left her, walking toward my room to get dressed.

I heard someone walk behind in the corridor.

“What do you want Yuria?” I turned around.

“I come with you. I just wanted to remember it.”

I opened the door’s room, ignoring her speech.

I took a few clothes and wear it in the bathroom. Then, I left my room and met Yuki.

“Take care of Mayu.” I said while didn’t stop walking toward the entrance.

She nodded and came inside Mayu’s room.

“Hurry up.” Yuria said behind me.

“What?” I turned toward her.

She was leaning against the wall, looking the floor.

“B-Because of the sunbeam…” She almost mumbled, always avoided my look.

I giggled quietly at her embarrassment, she looked toward me a little stunned. I couldn’t wait more. Mayu can’t wait more.

“Go.” I said suddenly.

I opened the door, she follows me and we walked to the wood.

The thick trees cover the sky, the sunbeam couldn’t go through.

“Why do you want to come with me?” I asked, looking for the plant.

She didn’t answer and walked behind me peacefully. I stopped me suddenly and she hit my back.

“Yuria! Look in front of you!” I yelled and turned around toward her…

“S-Sorry…” She looked down.

I sighed and continued to walk.

“So? Why?” I asked a second time.

“Because you can’t go here alone.” She answered simply.

“I’m not a kid.” I snapped, annoyed.

The silence set up between us.


— A Few Hours Later —

I thought we were lost. I didn’t have the faintest idea where we were and I didn’t find the plant.

I heard Yuria breathe speeded up.

Is she fine?

“Yuria? Do you want to take a break?” I asked almost kindly.

She looked at me, stunned.

“Yes, please.” She answered.

We sat on a large rock, in the silence.

“How many years are you a vampire?” I asked, breaking the calm.

“More than hundred years.” She said simply. “Why do you hate me?” She asked quickly after her first answer.

“Because you hurt Mayu.” I said while she turned toward me and stared at me

“I didn’t. Yuki hurts her.” She said without breaking the gaze.

Her red eyes hypnotized me. Her long black hair, her perfect lips…

You hate her! Get a grip on yourself, Anna! 

I tried to avoid her look, staring the ground.

“I’m sorry if I scared you or something else the first time… I mean, I don’t have a good memories with humans…” She said softly.

“No. It’s fine, I’m not scared by vampires.” I said with a little smile.


“Why have you a bad memory with humans?” I asked, curious.

“I have been a vampire for… five or six years, maybe…” She started, I felt her gaze left me.



Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I had a best friend. Rena. I spend all my time with her. She was not afraid by me. One day, everything changed…

“Yuria… I want to stay with you…” She said, looking down.

“I’m here Renacchi.” I answered a little stunned by her sentence.

“No, I want to be a vampire…” She looked at me, I was dumbfounded.

“Rena… It’s dangerous! You can die!” I yelled because of her wants.

“And? I will die one day…”

“But you’re young!”

I didn’t want to turn her into a vampire, but… I knew it, one day she’ll die and not me.

“I never bite you… I don’t know how you can react…” I tried to convince her.

“Bite me.” She said while showing her neck.

I looked at her, uncertain. She mumbled a little ‘Please’ and I leaned toward her. I stuck my sharp teeth on her neck while she grabbed my arm. I was reckless.

But… she fell backward and I removed me.

“Rena!” I yelled on the verge of the tears.

“I-I’m sorry… I can’t accept the vampire’s sharp teeth, see?” I looked at her, crying in silence. “I-I knew it… I couldn’t stay with you…” She closed her eyes and left me.

She knew it. She was allergic at us. At our sharp teeth. She wanted to die. I learned it, a few years later. She was depressed and I didn’t see it because she was always smiley with me. I killed my own friend.



“Since this day, I promise to never bite a human…” I said while a few tears rolled on my cheeks.

I looked at Anna, she took a handkerchief and wiped my wet cheeks.

“I’m sorry…” She apologize softly.

I smiled. She managed to make me smile. This smile fell quickly because of my thirsty feeling.

“Do you want to know something else?” I asked, amused because of her curiosity.

“Is it you who turn Yuki into a vampire?” She asked after my words.


“Yuki is your-” She started, but interrupted herself.

“Girlfriend? No, we’re just friend.” I answered, looking at her.

“Sorry, it’s not my business…” She said without looking at me.

“D-Don’t worry.” I cleared my throat.

“Are you fine?” She managed to look at me, worried.

“I’m thirsty…” I said weakly.

I tried to stand up, but I couldn’t. I was too weak. Seriously…

“Do you want to look for animals?” She asked.

I retried to stand up, but I fell one more time on the rock.

“It’s too late… I can’t move anymore…” I looked at her.

Why I wait so long? Is it already the time to die…? What’s wrong with me?!

“I’ll get Yuki.” She stood up, but I stopped her, pulling her arm.

“We’re too far… and lost.”

“You’re stupid Yuria.” She said coldly, staring the ground.

I said nothing and we kept sitting in silence a few minutes. I started breathing more loudly.

I was scared. We were sitting here. I was literally dying and we didn’t move because we were in the middle of a forest.

“Bite me.” She said suddenly without looking at me.

“Eh?!” I said shocked.

“It will be not the first time for me. Please, you can’t die now…”

“I don’t want to bite a human.” I said weakly.

“I’m a Healer.” She answered coldly.

“It’s the same. And, if I die, I couldn’t hurt Mayu anymore.” I provoked her.

She turned toward me, looked into my eyes and… slapped me. I was looking at her, a little guilty.

“Don’t say something foolish!” She yelled angrily.

“Why do you care about me? You hate me, right?” I asked, trying to speak aloud.

“And Yuki? Do you want to leave your friend?” She continued to try to convince me but I didn’t look at her anymore.

“She’s not a kid anymore.” I said, feeling her gaze on me. “And what? My life is nothing.”

After a few seconds, I felt her look leaving me.

“Do you love someone?” She asked suddenly.

I quickly turned my head toward her, stunned.

“N-No. I can’t…” I said, examining her perfect profile.

“You don’t want. It’s not the same. Do you not want to live with your lover?”

I didn’t care because I wasn’t in love. I didn’t answer and continued to stare at her, quietly.

“Do it. To save Mayu. I need your help. If Mayu die, Yuki will feel guilty forever and I will lose my friend. Please.”

I couldn’t be selfish. I needed to think about Yuki’s happiness. If I left Anna, she couldn’t save Mayu. She was looking toward me, patiently. I took it, my decision.

So, I removed her hair on her neck slowly. I felt a few tears flow on my cheeks. Anna looked at me, with a soft gaze and a little smile like to say ‘It’s fine.’ My heart pounded fast. Then, I pulled her slowly and bit her milky neck. I smelt her intoxicating scent. She didn’t move and squeezed my arm with her right hand.

I pushed me away gently and stared at her, I couldn’t stop staring at her.  She didn’t seem in pain, but she avoided my look. I pulled her again and licked softly the blood on the mark.

“Ngh!” She let out a little moan.

I-It’s because of pain… Just… Pain… 

“A-Are you okay?!” I asked panicked.

“I-It’s fine.” She said coldly, blushing.

I removed the blood on my lips with my tongue. Then, I put my right hand on Anna’s soft cheek. She looked at me stunned. I pulled her slowly and put my lips against her own gently, closing my eyes. I feel her soft lips answer at my kiss.



“Don’t fall in love. Even if it’s a love at the first sight.”



I opened wide my eyes and pushed her away abruptly.

Will I see again the darkness…?

To Be Continued…

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