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Darkness: Chapter 6

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Darkness: Chapter 6

— In the same time — In the Matsui’s mansion —

Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

I heard a talk between Yuria and Anna. I giggled quietly, Yuria was pretty stubborn. I walked in the corridor and I bumped into Anna.

“Take care of Mayu.” She said coldly without stopping walking.

I nodded and came inside Mayu’s room.

She was lying on her bed. The sheets were disarranged. I saw the sweat on her cute face. I took a washcloth and dampened it with a cold water. Then, I put it on Mayu’s forehead. She breathed noisily. I sat next to her and put my hand on her soft cheek, stroking it slowly.


I opened my eyes wide. She took my hand and put it on her chest, I could feel her heart pounding. My cheeks became red and hot, I blushed badly.

Did I wake her up?

“Mayu…” I removed my hand.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at me with a sad smile.

“I’ll take care of you.” I said, avoiding her eyes.

She nodded slowly and closed her eyes again, releasing my hand.


— A Few Hours Later —

Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

My phone rang. I took it. 9am… I picked up the phone and mumbled an audible ‘Hello’.

“Watanabe-san! Where are you?! Where is Yamamoto-san?! Why doesn’t she picked up her phone?!” Someone yelled at me.

I stood up straight suddenly, I was completely awake now. My boss. I and Sayaka’s boss…

“S-Sorry, we’ll be here soon!” I said and hanged up.

I rubbed my tired eyes and reached Sayaka’s bed. Nobody. I grabbed a few clothes and put it. Then, I opened the door’s room. In the living room’s way, I bumped into Sayaka.

“Ah Milky… You’re awake!” She smiled at me.

“Sayanee… The boss calls me.” I said, whereas her smile fell quickly.

“And?” She asked while raising one eyebrow.

“We need to return into the city.” I looked at her, a little anxious.

“No.” She said, decided. “I’ll stay here, with Yui.”

“Sayaka!” I yelled her name. “Yui is safe now! We need to return working. We can’t lose our jobs.” I said angrily.

“Why are you so selfish? Yui is my cousin! She’s more important than anything!”

“I’m not! I’m afraid Sayaka! I just want… to be in safety… I don’t want to stay here…” I lowered my voice.

“So, go back in the city. I stay here.” She snapped.

“And me? Of course, you don’t care about me! Because only Yui means for you!” I yelled again, whereas a few tears rolled on my face.

Yes. I was jealous of Sayaka’s cousin. I couldn’t help it.

“Right! You have never meant for me!” She left me, speechless.

Never? S-She…  So, I didn’t mean for her… We never fought before… It was painful, no, more. I couldn’t find the words to describe that.

My mind stopped working thought a few seconds. I stayed there, without moving, crying my eyes out.

Finally, I walked to the living room. My mind was empty…


Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

“It’s fine Yui. I’m here.” I said, calming my friend.

We were sitting in the living room. She was shaking. I strokes her back softly, a shiver ran in my body.

“Th-They fight because of me…” She said, weakly.

“No… It’s not your fault…” She didn’t answer and stared into space. “Yui? Do you hear me?”

It was bad. I stood up and ran toward Rena and Jurina.

“Jurina!” I cried.


Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

I saw Haruka runs in the opposite direction, but I didn’t pay attention to her and continued to walk.

Suddenly, a big wolf appeared in the front of me. I was paralyzed, my body was frozen. Yui. She showed her sharps fangs and walked to me. I felt further few tears rolling on my scared face.

“Milky!” I heard a Rena voice scream behind me.

I felt heavy pressure on my chest and I fall backward. My head hit the floor. That was hurt.

“Yui! Stop!” Haruka cried, hopeless.

Yui didn’t care. Her golden wolf’s eyes infiltrated my frightened own… My worst nightmare was in front of me or rather above me… I put my hands on my wet face and curled up.

“Jurina… be careful…” Someone said, almost scared.

“Don’t worry Rena-chan.”

Between my fingers, I could make out a hand touching Yui’s head. Her grunt stopped suddenly. I felt Yui falling next to me and heard Haruka’s footstep toward her. I didn’t move. Finally, a cold hand stroked my head.


Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

“Milky…” I mumbled softly while the others left us.

She was crying, shaking and curling up on the cold floor. I wasn’t here, I couldn’t protect my best friend against her fear. A few tears of guilty flowed on my cheeks. I took Miyuki’s wrists and pulled them away from her face to make her look at me. She was frozen, but I tried to show a little smile to reassure her.

“You rarely cry, Sayanee…” She said softly while sitting.

I wanted to answer, I wanted to tell her that I was afraid when I saw Yui attacked her but she hugs me suddenly, her arms around my shoulder. Then, I wrapped my own on her waist. We were sitting on the floor. My heart pounded unusually fast. Little by little, Miyuki stopped shaking.

“Miyuki…?” I called her quietly. “I’m so sorry… Of course you mean for me. Even though, I don’t really show it.” I blushed.

I waited for her answer. It seemed long or it was… After a few minutes, she finally spoke.

“I hate you… Don’t say it again, Sayanee.” She said without moving.

‘I hate you’, that’s hurt, but I deserve it, I deserve more than this simple word…

“I promise.”

I didn’t speak more. I didn’t dare. I was afraid to lose her, very scared… When I saw her under Yui… It was as if… I remembered how much Milky was important for me.

We stayed quiet. Yet, she moved slowly, her head on my neck. I felt her soft breath.

“…Sayanee…” She mumbled while I felt my blood rush on my face.

I felt her arms releases my slowly. Then, we stood up and she sat on the sofa. I started leaving her but her voice interrupted me.

“Sayanee. I don’t want to return at the city…” She said softly.

“But…”I started, sitting across her.

“You want it.” She avoided my look.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“I leave you there.” She said, holding her knees.

“Eh? Why? No!” I answered a little panicked.

I reached the seat next to her and sat. Then, I put my hand on her own and squeezed it tightly.

“Stay here, with me.” I said without hesitation.

She raised her head toward me and stared with red eyes.

She cried again… I’m feeling so guilty. I ignored her as if she doesn’t mean for me… I hate see her cry or be sad, especially when it’s my fault…

“Nee~ Sayanee~” She started with an amused smile. “You-” She interrupted herself when I smiled.

What’s wrong? Why her smile fell so quickly?

I felt her arms wrapping me suddenly and heard a few sobs. I stayed quiet and stroked her back gently. Her heart was pounded again her chest. It was incredibly fast…


— At the same time —

Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

“Jurina! Rena!” I yelled when I reached the kitchen.

“What happens Paru?” Sayaka asked curiously.

“Yui… I-I was not able to stop her!” I said, whereas Rena and Jurina looked at me.

“O-Okay.” Jurina stood up quickly.

Rena and Sayaka followed Jurina movement and we ran toward Yui.

“Milky!” Rena yelled while the wo- Yui jump on Miyuki who fell backward.

Yui… She’s your friend… Why?

“Yui! Stop!” I screamed.

Jurina walked slowly toward her.

“Jurina… Be careful…” Rena said a little frighten.

“Don’t worry Rena-chan.” Her friend answered with her puppy smile.

The puppy girl put slowly her hand on Yui’s wolf head. Her grunts stopped slowly and she fell, naked, next to the scared Miyuki. I ran toward her followed by Rena and Jurina. We brought Yui to our room and they left us.

Yui was lying on the bed. I covered her with the white sheets. She woke up a few seconds later and started crying loudly.

“It’s fine Yui, nothing happened.” I lied to reassure her.

“N-No… I-I remember…” She said between deep breathe.

She remembers… But she didn’t control herself, right…?

“Do you…” I started, but couldn’t continue.

“N-No…” She understood me.

She did it unconsciously.

She curled up, back to me. I was looking at her without moving.

“I can’t hold it anymore…” She said after getting back her usual breathe.

“You can’t give up… I will continue to help you, Yui.” I said softly, stroking her uncovered back with my warm hand.

“You couldn’t help me to control it…”


Yokoyama Yui’s POV

I turned around and put my head on her laps.

“I-I didn’t mean it…” I said, feeling her hand on my hair.

“It’s okay Yui, I will help you some other ways.” She answered softly whereas someone knocked at the door.

I removed my hand, covered my body totally and Haruka went to open the room’s door. Rena and Jurina walked inside and sat on Haruka’s bed.

“She remembers.” Haruka said at the werewolves.

“You progress.” Jurina answered whereas her look was toward me.

“Why… I am like this?” I asked without looking at them.

“It’s genetic.” Rena said simply.

Haruka and I stayed speechless, we let the two girls continue their explanation.

“A few years ago, the werewolves was all gone. Yet, we’re… as a sort of a new generation. Someone in our family was a werewolf a long time ago.” Jurina explained, I stared to the floor.

So, one of my ancestors was a werewolf too, right…?

“Nobody knows about you… I mean, everybody thinks all the werewolves are gone, right?” Haruka tried to understand.

“Not really. That’s why we stay hid there. They are looking for us.” Jurina answered while looking at me.

“They? Who?” My friend asked, stunned.

“Don’t worry. She protects us!”

After her words, Jurina left me and Haruka, followed by her… sister? Friend? I don’t know…

Who is ‘she’? And ‘they’? I couldn’t help you to understand. I’m pretty lost actually.

“Paru?” I asked and she turned around. “You don’t know too, right?”

She shook her head and showed me her usual salty smile.


Matsui Rena’s POV

“Are you sure?” I asked while closing the door behind us.

“Yes. I know it, she will protect us.” Jurina answered with a cheery smile.

“I don’t know how you can trust at her… She’s almost a stranger, you know.”

“Because you didn’t see her!” Jurina said, hugging me suddenly.

I didn’t answer and hugged her back.

She? I didn’t really know who it is. Jurina has never say her name. I know she brought us here to… escape from someone, I think. 

After a few seconds she pulled her away and looked at me amused. She leant toward me and stole a kiss. I made a shocked face, while she disappeared in the darkness.

To Be Continued…

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