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Darkness : Chapter 7

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Darkness: Chapter 7

— Somewhere in the wood –

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I was looking at Yuria, we were both completely stunned by our actions.

“I-I-We-I’m fine now! We can continue to look for the plant!” She almost yelled, standing up quickly.

I were looking at her. She was stressed or completely panicked… or both. She moved in every direction like a lost puppy.  She passed behind me, whereas I didn’t move, always sitting.

Suddenly a white flower tempted me. I leant toward it, fascinated.

“I find it.” I said, grabbing carefully the flower.

I felt the power infiltrates my veins.

Good news: We find the flower.

Bad news: We’re lost and I kissed her back.

What’s wrong with me? I hate her. Nobody kisses someone who is detest, right?

“We’re going home.” She said while walking quickly toward a random way, more far in the forest.

This girl, seriously…

“Not here Yuria!” I called her and she stopped but she didn’t turn around.

“Where?” She asked without moving.

I was looking at her back and I stood up. Since I didn’t answer she turned around shyly and avoided my look.

I pointed out an opposite direction. She raised her head, walking to it. Then, she passed in front of me and I followed her.

“Stupid Yuria…” I mumbled a little frustrated.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Stupid Yuria…” I heard Anna, who mumbled it behind me.

“Don’t fall in love. Even if it’s a love at the first sight.”

I heard it, again and again in my mind.

I didn’t say that for Yuki, it was for me. I can’t follow my own rule: Never fall in love with a human. I know, she’s a Healer, but it’s the same since she is a mortal.

We walked quietly. I didn’t know where we were going. We found an intersection. I didn’t dare to look at Anna, so, I stayed in front of the ways, waiting. I felt a wind in my hair. Wind? Here? It was strange. After a few seconds, Anna passed next to me. No. She stopped next to me.

“Mayu waits us.” I said coldly and started to walk again.

I heard Anna sigh as frustrated. Maybe, she wanted to say something…


— A Few Times Later —

Suddenly I felt something burn my skin. I stopped walking and raised my head toward the sky. The sun. We found the way out. I was going backward.

It will be hurt.

I took a deep breath and ran with a superhuman speed to the mansion’s entrance. I opened the door slowly and walked toward the living room.

“Ah! You’re there!” Rena said with a warm smile.

I wanted to answer, but Anna dragged me to Mayu’s room.

Yuki looked at us with hope. Anna sat on her bed, the flower on her right hand. She closed her eyes and a bright trail climbs her arm. It was magical. She opened her eyes, the same bright trail was around her iris. She reached Mayu and put her palm against the poor girl’s neck. Slowly, the bright trail left Anna’s eyes to wrap her arm again, then, came at Mayu’s wound. Suddenly, a light illuminated the room. I turned away my head until this shiny light stopped. Anna removed her hand.

“She needs to have a rest.” Anna stood up.

I moved to my room with Yuki. Then, I sat on my bed, whereas she couldn’t stop moving.

“Calm down, Yuki.” I said, breaking the unbearable silence.

“I need to talk with Rena.” She opened the door and left me.

I laid me down and close my eyes. Anna’s face came out in my mind. I let out a hopeless sigh.


Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

I hoped Mayu will be better soon. I wanted to see her healthy. I reached the living room and saw Yui, Miyuki and Sayaka talked, through Haruka looked out the window.

“I’m sorry Milky…” Yui said while looking down.

She didn’t answer and walk to Yui, who was far of Miyuki. The werewolf raised her head and moved slowly backward. Suddenly, Miyuki grabbed her friend’s hand and mumbled something. Yui leant toward Miyuki’s ear and whispered something too. Then, she left Miyuki, who seemed a little stunned.

“Yuki.” I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around and see Rena in front of me with a little smile.

“Can we talk?” I asked her.

She nodded slowly and I followed her to her room.

I closed the door behind me. We stared at each other, without saying a single word.

“Do you regret it?” She asked suddenly.

“…” I lowered my head.

“No. Is it your answ-” She started, but I cut her word while hugging her tightly.

“I missed you Rena.” I said with a shaking voice. “I’m sorry, I left you… because you’re a werewolf…  I was stupid…”

I pushed me way and looked into her deep golden eyes where a few tears escaped.

“I was afraid and… you leave me, alone. I was in love with you.” She said softly.

You know it, right? Why didn’t I see it before?!


— At the same time —

Yokoyama Yui’s POV

“I’m sorry Milky…” I said and looked down.

I was far from her. She started to move toward me. I was going backward, a little scared. Suddenly, she grabbed my hand. I raised my head, stunned.

“It’s fine. I don’t want to be afraid anymore.” She mumbled with a fortifying smile.

My lips curved to show a little smile. I leant toward her ear.

“Don’t leave your beloved Sayanee.” I whispered with a smirk.

She blushed badly and looked at me stunned. I giggled softly and left her toward Haruka.

She was standing up in front of the window, thinking. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and put gently my head on her shoulder.

“Y-Yui?” She said, stunned.

“Yes?” I answered quietly.

“We’re like a couple.” She giggled softly.

“Don’t you like it?” I teased her, pouting.

She turned around and shot me with a glare.

I will die.

“Don’t kill me Paru.” I pouted again and removed my arms.

She looked the window again without answering. I put my hands on her shoulders and leant toward her ear.

“Thank you for taking care of me.” I whispered.

I couldn’t see her reaction. I removed my hand and left her. Suddenly, Jurina who was looking for Rena, came in the room.


Matsui Jurina’s POV

“Where is Rena-chan?” I asked at Anna, who was sitting in the living room, a book in her hand.

“At the floor, with Yuki” She answered without looking at me.

I climbed the stairs and reached my room. The door was open, I looked through a gap.

Rena was back to me, Yuki in front of her with closed eyes.

Th-They are kissed?!

I gasped. I couldn’t move and a few tears flowed on my shocked face. My mind started working again, I was sobbing. Yuki opened her eyes suddenly and Rena turned around toward me.

“Jurina?!” Both exclaimed at the same time.

I moved back slowly and Rena came toward me. I turned around while she grabbed my wrist. I looked into her beautiful eyes. A mixing of sadness and rage overwhelmed me. She broke my heart.

Why Rena-chan…?  

I removed my arm and ran to outside, Rena followed me.

“Jurina! It’s not what you think!” She cried while she was chasing.

I passed toward the living while everybody looked at us bewildered. I opened the door quickly and turned into a wolf before disappearing into the wood


Watanabe Mayu’s POV

I heard a scream and fast footstep in the corridor. A few seconds later, when it was calmer, I went out of my room. Yuki was standing up, looking toward the stairs.

“Yukirin…?” I asked quietly.

She turned around to me, stunned.

“You’re awake!” She exclaimed with a fake smile.

I can recognize it easily. And this, it’s not her real warm smile.

I touched my neck, anxious. I felt nothing. My wound had disappeared.

“Anna treats you.” Yuki said softly.

“You’re not fine Yukirin.” I answered, worried.

“I’m fine.” She affirmed.

“So, why are you avoiding my eyes?” I asked, coming closer.

“S-Sorry…” She answered, always avoiding me.

I hugged her suddenly. Her hand stroked my back slowly.

“I’m glad.” I said softly. “I don’t want to let you leave this time.”

She squeezed her arms around my shoulder tightly.

“I’m glad to see you healthy. I’m so-…” She answered quietly, but my action cut her words.

I pushed her away softly and showed a warm smile.

“I’m hungry!” I said while walking to the stairs.

Sorry for ignoring your excuse… I’m wrong to do that. I missed her so much, I love her so much. I want to kiss her, to hug her, to tell her that I love her with all my heart. I want to get her out of the darkness…

To Be Continued…

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