Darkness : Chapter 8

Darkness: Chapter 8

Matsui Rena’s POV

Jurina was too fast. I couldn’t follow her. However, I didn’t want to turn myself into a wolf. I knew where she was. I took a deep breath and walked inside the wood. I followed the good way, trying to hold back my tears. It was a big misunderstanding. Nothing happened.

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[OS] My Savior (YuriRena)

My savior (YuriRena) 

Another boring day. My alarm clock rang loudly. I rubbed my tired eyes and pulled me away from my snug bed. I grabbed a few clothes and walked toward the bathroom.

“You will be late!” My mother shouted from the kitchen.

I groaned and left my peaceful room. As usual, I skipped my breakfast. I couldn’t eat, so, I spent my time while watching TV, I wasn’t in a hurry to go to school. Then, I packed my bag and left my house.

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