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[OS] My Savior (YuriRena)

My Savior (YuriRena)

Another boring day. My alarm clock rang loudly. I rubbed my tired eyes and pulled me away from my snug bed. I grabbed a few clothes and walked toward the bathroom. I didn’t want to move but I hadn’t no choice.

“You will be late!” My mother shouted from the kitchen.

I groaned and left my peaceful place. As usual, I skipped my breakfast. I couldn’t eat, so, I spent my time to watch the TV. I wasn’t in a hurry to go to school. Then, I packed my bag and left my house.

After a few minutes I reached the school. The students talked and laughed together. And me, I was alone. I walked to my classroom without paying attention to them. On the way, a noisy laugh stopped me. I recognized it. The fear and worry engulfed me. But I didn’t move, staring at them.

“Hey Rena!” One of them said, walking toward me.

They surrounded me without removed them annoying and stupid grin. The corridor was calm. We could hear the student outside. I felt someone pushing my shoulder, my bag fell. The sound resonated. I didn’t dare to move. I wanted to cry and disappear, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t make them stop it. Another hand squeezed my arm tightly, I closed my eyes.

Suddenly, I heard the ringing. I opened my eyes, they looked at me, pissed off. Not for today, but they will come back tomorrow or later. They started leaving me but a boy turned around and spat in front of me. I quickly grabbed my bag and finally reached my classroom. I released a light sigh. I will be safe for a few hours. I sat at the back, the seat next to me was empty. I could look through the window, I was fine here. Nobody to bully me. When the teacher went into the classroom, the students became quiet. A young girl was next to him.

“We have a new student. Please, introduce yourself.” Our teacher said, looking at the girl.

“Hello. My name is Kizaki Yuria. Nice to meet you.” The called Yuria said with a warm smile before to bow in front of the class.

The students keep silent and the teacher looked for a place. Deep down, I wanted her to be next to me. I had no friend.  And… she could become one, right?

“Here.” He started, pointing out the empty chair next to me. “You will be sitting next to Kato-san.”

After these words, Yuria reached her seat. I didn’t look at her or say a word. I didn’t dare. So I stayed quiet.

I packed my bag and left the classroom. I passed by the washroom but a hand pulled me inside violently. I fell on the floor and saw a bully locked the door. I didn’t really react. I was tired of it.

“So. We need to finish our work.” One of the bullies smirked and grabbed my collar.

They will push me and will make fun of me, as usual. I knew it but I remained afraid, my heart pounded fast because of the fear. Suddenly, someone hit the door. One time. Two times.

“Oi! Open it!” Someone shouted outside.

The bullies released me and turned around toward door. Someone here? Did the person help me? Or it was just a coincidence…

“Sh*t! We need to leave guys!” They unlocked the door and left the washroom.

I stayed on the floor and looked through the door. Nobody was here. I tried to hold my tears back and I stood up weakly. I left the place, a pain in my heart.

The class was boring. What happened before disturbed me, I couldn’t think properly. I quickly pack my bag and leave to my home.

I locked myself in my peaceful room. I turned on the music and laid down on my bed.

I never talked to Yuria even though she was next to me every day. She quickly became friends with Anna and Rina who were just in front of us.

I sat and opened my bag to take my bento but… none. I forget it. I mentally face-palmed myself before letting out a sigh. What should I do?

“Are you all right?” Someone asked suddenly.

I turned my head toward the voice and saw Yuria, sat next to me, eating her bento.

“Ah, I forgot my bento…” I said, looking down.

“Let’s share mine!” She said happily.

Her words made my head raise toward her. We barely knew each other and I didn’t want to bother her.

“N-No. It’s fine, I will buy something in the cafeteria.” I answered while my cheeks turned pink.

“Really? So, let me come with you!” The raven-haired girl insisted.

“S-Sure.” I hesitated because of her offer.

I didn’t know why she wanted to come with me but why not. It will be better than alone.

“Thanks Kato-san!”

“Just call me Rena.” I said, standing up.

“So, call me Yuria. We’re friends now.” She answered, cheerful, following me.

Friend? Already? Well, it could be a good idea after all. We walked toward the cafeteria. When we reached the place, I saw the bullies, not far away. They noticed me. I gulped when they walked toward me. I stopped to walk, terrified. No. Not now. Please.

“Rena?” Yuria called me and turned around.

I didn’t answer and continued to stare at the other students who were in front of me. My new friend reached my side.

“Oh, sorry Kato.” One of the bullies said, spilling his food on my shirt.

“Oi!” Yuria shouted.

I looked at her, surprised. This voice… I didn’t think she will come to help me. I was glad she did it. People only stared at me, laughing but Yuria seemed different.

“Don’t dare to bother her again!” She continued, mad.

I looked down, I was ashamed. Suddenly, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward a quiet place. The bullies didn’t follow us. We stopped, I didn’t raise my head and a few tears rolled on my cheeks. Yuria patted my head without saying a word.

“W-Why did you helped me?” I asked, still sobbing.

“Because you don’t deserve to be bullied.” Yuria answered softly.

I looked the raven-haired girl. She smiled, it was a sad smile. I didn’t deserve to be bullied. Why did she say that? I didn’t understand.

“Come with me, I will help you to clean it.” She said, pointing out my dirty shirt.

She dragged me toward the washroom. When we reached the place, she took a wet paper and scrubbed my shirt.

“I-I can do this by myself.” I mumbled, embarrassed, I felt my cheeks becoming red and hot.

“It’s fine. I have already finished it.” The raven-girl grinned.

I smiled shyly and we left the place. This girl was too kind to me. I felt embarrassed.


“Hey Yuria, do you want to go out with us?” Anna asked with Rina next to her.

I didn’t look at them, I quietly packed my bag.

“Yes, thanks.” She stood up and told something else to our classmates before turning around toward me.

“Do you want to come too?” Yuria grinned at me.

It was the first that she invited me but I couldn’t accept.

“No, it’s fine. I need to go home.” I answered with a fake smile.

She noticed it and showed her worry on her face. I didn’t need to go home. I was afraid to be at home. I didn’t know if she answered me because I quickly left them without more words.

I rushed to leave the school. I didn’t bump into the bullies, I was relieved.

I opened my house’s door and let out a soft sigh.

“Are you all right?” My mother asked, passing in front of me.

“Yes, yes.” I answered and reached my peaceful bedroom.



To: Rena

From: Unknown

Take care of yourself.

Good night m(__)m


I never saw the number before. I wondered who it could be.


To: Unknown

From: Rena

Who are you?


I waited. Few seconds, minutes and then hours. I wanted to know, who this mysterious person was. But no answer. After the dinner, I gave up and went to sleep.

I closed the door. I felt a bit better about going to school now. Yuria talked a lot with me. I liked to stay with her.

“Come on! We will be late!” A familiar voice said behind me.

I slowly turn around toward the voice and stayed stunned.

“W-What are you doing here, Yuria?” I asked, walking to her.

“Don’t ask. I said, we’re friends now.” She pouted cutely.

I was stunned, she wasn’t my neighbor. Why did she is here? I knew we were friends, but- Wait. Did she come to my house to take to school? I couldn’t ask anything, she grabbed my wrist, making me walk.

Every day was perfect. Yuria came quickly my close friend. I was glad. Yet my heart wanted more. Even though I knew it was wrong, my heart didn’t care and hurt me when I saw Yuria. Mostly when she was with Anna or Rina and she laughed with them. I was terribly jealous. I wanted her to be mine but I knew I couldn’t and it hurt me.

“Rena. Long time no see.” I heard a nasty voice behind which snapped my thought.

They never bothered me when Yuria was here. Only, this time, I was alone in front of them. I didn’t know what to do.

“Nobody to protect now.” He laughed foolishly, walking toward me slowly.

I squeezed my bag’s handle tightly and started to look at the floor. One of them pushed my shoulder violently. I lost balance, I felt my knees touching the cold floor. I released my bag when he grabbed my wrists to make me facing them. He raised his punch toward me. I quickly closed my eyes, afraid.

“STOP IT!” I heard someone shout suddenly.

I opened my eyes, then, I looked toward the voice. It was the teacher and Yuria. She saved me again.

“YOU! COME WITH ME!” Our teacher shouted while the bullies followed him.

Yuria ran toward me. I stayed on the floor. I couldn’t move, I was shaking.

“I’m here, it’s fine now.” She said, hugging me tightly.

I felt my heart pounding crazily. She helped me to stand up without breaking the hug. She stroked my back, I felt my cheeks becoming red and hot. I suddenly pushed her away. She looked at me, stunned. I didn’t her to hear my heartbeat.

“T-Thanks…” I mumbled before to leave her alone and speechless.

I was such a coward I ran away because I fell in love with my savior, the girl who made my life better. Why? She was my only friend. I stopped myself and leaned against a tree. I felt my phone vibrating and looked the message.


To: Rena

From: Unknown

Are you fine? I’m worried. I saw you just now.


I wondered who it was again. I looked for he or she since the last time because the person hadn’t replied to me. I wanted to know yet I couldn’t. I didn’t send a message to reply and put my phone in my pocket again. If he/she was really worried, that person should have talked to me.


It had been three days. I didn’t see Yuria. My heart and my head hurt me. I was terribly sick. I skipped school.  I felt so bad for didn’t give an explanation to her. She must have hated me.


To: Rena

From: Unknown

I didn’t see you today. I hope you’re fine.



To: Rena

From: Unknown

Please, where are you? I’m worried.



To: Rena

From: Unknown

I miss you…


I read it again. I got a text every day, even though I still didn’t know this mysterious person who missed me. I missed Yuria. I missed her a lot. I single tears interrupted my thought. My mom opened my door’s room, a hot tea in her hands. She handed me the mug and I took, sitting upright. She put her warm hand on my forehead.

“Do you feel better?” My mother asked softly.

I simply nodded and drank the tea. I was heartbroken.

“Your friend is here.” She said before to leave me.

A young girl was standing up in front of my door. She walked quietly inside. I recognized her.

“Yuria…” I mumbled, stunned to see her.

“I’m sorry…” She said with a little guilt in her warm voice.

I missed her. I really missed her. She sat on the edge of my bed and I did the same.

“How are you feeling?” The raven-haired girl asked softly.

“Better right now.” I answered without looking at her.

I needed to tell her.

“Right now?” She asked in a surprised tone.

She kept her hands on her laps, looking down and waiting for my answer.

“B-Because you’re here.” I mumbled, blushing badly.

I couldn’t see her face but I hoped she didn’t hate me because of my words.

“Why didn’t you reply?”

“What? You didn’t send any message…” I answered, stunned.

I stayed quiet for a little before suddenly understanding. I hadn’t her number. But, there was one person who was worried for me and sent me a few texts.

“I-It was you…” I mumbled and she finally looked at me.

She nodded slowly. I turned my head toward the floor. I felt sorry. But why didn’t she tell me?

“Why you-” I started speaking but I couldn’t finish my sentence.

“I love you.” She said suddenly.

I, maybe, forget to breathe at this time. I grabbed her hand slowly and we intertwined our fingers. She quickly raised her head toward me.  I loved her and she loved me back. We had the same feelings.

“I love you too… I couldn’t tell you… Since you save me… I fell I love with you.” I dared to look at her, nervous.

My heart pounded fast when I saw her usual smile on her face. She hugged me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her body.

“I’ll be there for you.” She whispered in my ear, I blushed badly.

She pushed herself away. I couldn’t stop staring at her, looking at her lovely face. She stroked my cheek gently.

“Stop…” I blushed and looked at my bedroom floor.

It made me suddenly shy. She giggled before kissing my cheek. I stayed frozen.

“You need to take a rest. Take care of yourself.” She said, opening my door’s room.

“Wait!” I shouted suddenly.

She turned around, waiting for me. I wasn’t able to say anything, even though I called her. I stayed quiet, sitting on the edge of my bed. I didn’t know what I wanted.

“Yes?” She asked, always waiting for me.

She walked slowly to reach my bed. She put her hands on my laps while her gaze met mine. I couldn’t look away and she didn’t move.

“Y-You will be sick if-” She interrupted me, putting gently her lips against mine to make me quiet before removing herself.

It was so soft but too short. I knew she will be sick but I wanted to taste her lips again and longer.

“Don’t care.” She said quickly before to attack my innocent lips again.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. The taste of her lips was better than I could think. Our lips played together for some seconds before we pulled away.

“Take a rest.” She winked and left me.


To: Rena

From: Unknown

Love you!



To: Yuria

From: Rena

I love you too, stupid Yuria… (>_<)



I was feeling better after two days. I finally could come back to school.

“You seem better now.” Anna said, smiling at me.

I looked at Yuria. She was pale. She was surely sick. I told her that she will get sick the last time.

“Are you okay?” I asked, worried.

“My head hurts…” She looked down and I giggled.

She hit my arm to make me shut and shot me a dirty look. I wondered if she was mad, but finally she took my hand, then, put it in her pocket. I blushed and didn’t look at her.

“Tsundere~” She said suddenly.

“It’s not true!” I pouted. “You, you’re stupid. I told you and now you sick.”

“It’s because of you.”

Me? I knew I was sick but it was her fault.


“You make me stupid.”

I hit her arm gently, blushing badly. She looked at me with her famous smile. I couldn’t hold myself and finally smiled. She was perfect.

She is my savior.

The End

A/N: This fanfic is a request


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