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Darkness : Chapter 8

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Darkness: Chapter 8

Matsui Rena’s POV

Jurina was too fast. I couldn’t follow her. However, I didn’t want to turn myself into a wolf. I knew where she was. I took a deep breath and walked inside the wood. I followed the good way, trying to hold back my tears. It was a big misunderstanding. Nothing happened.

After a few seconds, I distinguished a hut appear in front of me. I pushed the door slowly. A grinding noise invaded the empty place. All was old, the floor was dusty. I could make out the spider’s web on the corners. Suddenly, I heard a grunt. I turned my head toward it. Jurina. She walked slowly toward me. Seconds after seconds she became really close to me. I didn’t move, I wanted to talk, but I couldn’t. No words came out from my mouth. She jumped on me. I fell backward, my head hit the floor, but I ignored the pain. She leaned her head toward me, I felt her wet muzzle on my nose. A young naked girl replaced the angry wolf. The wet sensation on my nose disappeared, now, I felt a soft nose. Her breath against my lips, a few tears rolled on her sad face and fell on my guilty own.

After some minutes, Jurina broke the silence between us.

“I helped you, I have been always here for. I was always here for you. And… and you don’t care about my feelings. You’re so selfish Rena.”

Oh God. She drops the honorifics. 

“I had tried to give you a normal life. And you… you make me suffer so much. You know it. I love you. You say it at Yuki, but you kissed her. Stop playing with my feelings Rena.”

I wasn’t able to answer. I stayed under her. She closed the gap between us and kissed me. I felt all her sadness, anger, love, passion… I kissed her back, without the same amount of feelings. She broke the kiss suddenly and looked at me, empty. She turned into a wolf, again… And started leaving me.

“Jurina!” I cried, standing up quickly.

She stopped and came back to me. She turned into human and pushed me brutally against the wall behind me. One of her hands on my waist and the other on my neck. She kissed me again, more violently this time. She pulled her away.

“Jurina, I-” I started, but an impressive pain on my left cheek stop me.

“Don’t say my name anymore.” She said, madly.

Then, she turned into a wolf and disappear. I reached the floor slowly and hugged my knees. A warms tears rolled on my cheeks. The foolish situation made me laugh.

“Stupid Jurina…” I mumbled, wiping my tears.


— At Matsui’s Mansion —

Matsui Jurina’s POV

I pushed the entrance door with my head. The girls in the living room turned her heads toward me. Anna was always sitting, reading her book. Next to her, Mayu was sitting quietly. In front of them, Sayaka and Yui talked simply. Yuria, Miyuki and Haruka weren’t there. I walked toward the tall girl who was sitting on a seat, writing something. The talk of the two cousins stopped suddenly, they looked at me, stunned. Yuki turned around and saw me. I didn’t leave her red eyes. She stood up, slowly and reached the stairs. She looked over her shoulder with a sad look.

“Come on.” She said, starting to climb.

I followed her without turning into a human again. We were going in Rena and I room. She was back to me.

“Get dressed.”

I executed her order without protesting. I put my hand on her shoulder and made her turn around toward me. Then, I grabbed her collar and pushed Yuki against the room’s wall.

“Stop it Jurina!” She almost yelled.

My vision had become blurred, my head was spinning, it was as if I couldn’t breathe anymore.

“We di- ki-…” Yuki seemed say, but I couldn’t hear her clearly.

I can’t control myself…


Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

I felt her hands around my neck. I tried to escape, but I couldn’t, she was too strong.

“JURINA!” I screamed with all my strength.

She didn’t stop. Yet she didn’t squeeze my neck. None tears in her eyes, just, aggressiveness.

Suddenly I heard someone trying to open the door. It was locked.

“Yuki… Help me…” Jurina managed hopelessly.

What? Why doesn’t she stop if… Oh no. She can’t control her werewolf’s gene.

The door’s room had been opened quickly and slammed against the wall.

Anna? I don’t think about this type of help… I mean, she’s ‘just’ a Healer.

She ran to Jurina and grabbed her shoulders violently. Jurina fell backward in Anna’s arms. I stayed shocked.

“Help me instead of stare me.” She said coldly.

I nodded quickly and brought Jurina on her bed. She didn’t move and her eyes were closed.

“Anna? What have you done?” I asked, looking at her.

“She just faints.” She answered coldly and left the room.

So strange…


Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

I stopped talking with Yui and looked at Anna, who was running toward the stairs.

“Strange day.” My cousin said quietly.

“More things happened today than in my whole life.” I giggled and turned my head toward her.

“You’re right.” She looked through the window near us before to speak again. “It got dark. Where is Rena?” She asked, looking toward the front door which was opens by someone.

I turned around and saw Yuria in front of us. She looked from left to right.

“Yuria? Are you looking for someone?” I asked, amused by her behavior.

“N-No, Anna is not here?” She asked, whereas Yui giggled before to answer.

“No, she’s on the floor.” Mayu answered, sat on the sofa in front of us.

“Have you seen Rena?” Yui asked, looking at Yuria.

“No.” She answered and sat next to Mayu.

A heavy silence invaded the living room. We avoided each other’s look.

“You’re enemies, right?” I asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Yes.” Yuria answered simply.

Then, she stood up and walked to reach Yui. She squatted in front of her.

“But I will never hurt you or no others werewolves.” Yuria said with a little smile.

“Thanks.” Yui answered softly.


Yokoyama Yui’s POV

I put my hand on her shoulder, but… I showed a surprised face. The three girls looked at me, stunned.

I-I… She’s an-anxious… why I-

I removed my hand quickly and started panicking. I didn’t understand what happened. I heard my name being called. I tried to mumble a few words while Yuria left the living room toward the floor. Mayu didn’t move and looked at me scared.

I will not to turn into a wolf maybe… That really shocked me… I don’t understand…


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I climbed the stairs and bumped into Anna on the way.


“Where is Paru?” I asked without taking any time to avoid her eyes.

“I don’t know.” She answered and started leaving me.

I grabbed her arm tightly and made her face to me.

“Where are Jurina and Rena?” I continued with a cold tone.

“Jurina sleeps now and Rena is somewhere in the wood.” She said, removing her arm from my taking.

I saw Yuki closing the door of Matsui’s room and she came closer with a worried look.

“Are you-” She started but I interrupted her.

“Where is Paru?” I yelled, impatient.

Suddenly, one door of the room opened. A young girl came out with a book in her hands and glasses on her nose.

“I’m here.” She said in a salty tone.

“Yui needs you!” I said while she suddenly dropped her book and nodded before running toward the living room.

I started leaving before Yuki called me.

“Yes?” I turned around to her.

“Nothing. Let’s join the others.” She said with a sad smile.


Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

“Yui.” I said, taking her hands.

She looked at me, stunned. She tried to speak, it was not like usual, she seemed control herself.

“I-I feel…” She started but didn’t finish her sentence.

“It’s fine. You will not turn into a wolf.” I said softly.

She’s completely lost. What she feels? I don’t understand.



“Don’t be scared Milky.” Rena said suddenly, putting her hand on Miyuki’s lap.

“I-I’m not.” Miyuki answered and looked elsewhere.

“I can feel your feelings. You are.”



I removed my hands quickly while Yui and the others looked at me dumbfounded.

If she can feel my feelings… It’s really bad…

“Paru?” Sayaka said, looking at me, curiously.

I heard her but I stay in my though.

Will she hates me? If she learns about my feelings. I mean, it’s wrong to be in love with a girl, especially your friend. But… if I get away from her, she will be upset. Anyway, I can’t avoid it.


Yokoyama Yui’s POV

“She can feels other’s feelings.” Anna said, sitting with a book, in front of me.

She doesn’t want that I see her feelings. That would be funny, but she really doesn’t think the same way as me. Yet, I understand, I mean, I don’t need to know what she feels, right?

It was a strange feeling, but I was completely fine now. So, I stood up and look at Haruka. I showed a sad smile and left toward the kitchen.

“Are you alone?” I asked while the girl in front of me turned around, a little surprised.

“Ah yes. Do you want to help me?” She asked with a warm smile.

I didn’t answer and put my two hands on her shoulder, by behind. She didn’t move anymore.

“Don’t be afraid Milky!” I giggled suddenly.

Even though it’s not a game, I can’t help it. However, I feel nothing. Maybe because I don’t know how use it.

“What do you do?” She asked, turning around toward me.

“Nothing, I will help you.” I said and winked while she smiled softly.


— A few time after the meal — In SayaMilky’s Room —

Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

“Yui acted strange a bit earlier.” I said at my roommate, looking through the window.

“Because- I-I don’t know.” She interrupted herself and finished her sentence quickly. “What are you thinking about?” She asked to change the subject while standing up next to me.

“Nothing. The stars are pretty.” I answered with a grin.

What will happen next? When Yui could control herself and the vampires will leave the mansion… We will return in the city maybe. I wonder. It’s a strange situation.

I smiled softly at Sayaka and slipped under my sheets.


— In YukiYuria’s room —

Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

We didn’t talk, we avoided each other.

I don’t know what to say. I mean… ‘Hey Yuria! I talked with Rena and Jurina thought we kissed, so, she wanted to fight with me and Anna saved and did something… strange, that’s why Jurina kept in her room, faint. Plus, Rena has disappeared.’ That doesn’t work, of course…

I was looking at Yuria, she was lying on her bed, dreaming or thinking. I didn’t really know how her day was, but she didn’t seem to want to talk with me.

I couldn’t sleep. I opened my door’s room, Yuria ignored me. Then I was going outside.

It was quiet. Once I reached the cold night, I noticed a little girl leant against the wall, she was looking away. I returned inside and took a blanket.

“Hey.” I said softly while she turned toward me with a surprised face. “You must be cold.” I continued, handing the throw.

However, she didn’t react and looked away. I unfolded the warm cover and put it around her shoulders.

“Thanks Yukirin.” She muttered.

I simply smiled, sitting down on the wet grass. She saw me and followed my move. Then, she put her head gently on my shoulder.

“You’re cold.” She almost whispered, taking my hand.

“Do you hate me, Mayu?” I spoke suddenly.

“No.” She answered and closed her eyes whereas I looked at her, smiley.

Help me to not be in the darkness.

To Be Continued…

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