[OS] Painful Love (YuriAnnin)

Painful Love (YuriAnnin)

School. A perfect place to meet your friend, learn, grow up. I loved go to school. It was before, now I hated it. They bullied me all the day. When I went at the school until I left it. They? Kizaki and her friends.

I was walking in the corridor, stressed. Like usual, I tried to not look around me, to ignore all the students. I felt bad. I always felt bad and anxious. I was afraid of hear my name or something else.

Suddenly, something hit my back. It wasn’t hurt but I knew who it is…

“Are you all right?” Yuria made fun of me while her friends laughed loudly.

I didn’t turn around and continued to walk. She didn’t let me go and grabbed my shoulder, then, pushed me and I lost my balance.

“It’s not time to sleep!” Yuria laughed, squatting in front of me.

I wanted to stand up and punch her with all my strength but I couldn’t. I was scared of her. We heard a few footsteps coming toward us.

“What happened here? Are you okay Iriyama-san?” Yokoyama-sensei asked, worried, while I stood up slowly and avoided her look.

“She stumbles, we help her.” Yuria smirked.

Yokoyama-sensei looked at me, as for waiting explanation. I wanted to tell her, Yuria bullied me but I couldn’t, so, I just nodded slowly.

“Be careful.” Our teacher said and disappeared in the corridor.

I took my bag and left the bullies quickly.

Yuria bullied only me. Yet, it was not the same for her friends. Yuria’s friends bullied everybody, no matter who was it. When Yuria wasn’t here, I felt relaxed. In fact, I always thought that was strange. Why did bully she only me? Why didn’t she bully someone else? It was just… I wondered.


— Later — In the classroom –

Yuria was sitting next to me. Like usual, it was better for disturb me. Someone was reading aloud. The rest of the classroom was completely quiet. However, a noisy sound disturbed that silence and made the teacher turn toward me. My pencil case fell on the floor. I distinguished all the gaze toward me. I looked down and picked it, I heard Yuria giggling like an idiot.


— After the class –

I was walking quickly toward the school’s exit. I wanted to come back home. I wanted to be in a peaceful place. Something snapped my thought. Again.

“Are you in a hurry Anna?” A girl’s voice said.

I ignored them and ran away but she grabbed my arms tightly and made me turned around. Then, she released me and came closer. It was Yuria’s friend.

“Answer me!” She yelled and pushed me violently.

I fell on the ground. It was hurt, I didn’t want to move anymore. I saw a fist raising toward my face. Yuria never hit me directly. But this time it was not her…

“Oi!” Someone yelled behind the girl. “Don’t punch her!”

“Why? You said-” The girl started speaking but she was interrupted by Yuria who grabbed her collar.

“You don’t need to hit her.” She answered while I hid the sun with my hand to see her.

Even if Yuria often asked her friend to ‘take care’ of me, it was the first time she stops one of her friends who was bulling me, they never hit me…

I stood up quickly and rubbed my head. Then, I ran to my house. I reached it and opened the door, breathless.

“Are you okay sweetie?” My mother asked, worried.

“Yes.” I answered coldly and went to my room.

I never told my mother about what happened at school. I knew, I should but… I didn’t know why I couldn’t. I didn’t understand myself. I shut my room’s door and laid on my bed. I slowly closed my eyes but Yuria’s face appeared. She? Why now…?


— The Next Day —

“Ah! I need to go home now!” Rina shouted, in the middle of the street.

“Eh? Why now?” I asked a little stunned by my friend’s action.

“I forget to tell you! I’m sorry Annin!” She said before to run and leave me alone.

Kawaei Rina, my only friend. I rarely saw her because we weren’t in the same High School.

I let out a light sigh, looking at my friend. I started walking home but I passed in front of a little park and decided to stop here. Behind a tree, I could hear a young girl crying. I squatted in front of her and patted her head gently.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked softly.

The young girl raised her head toward me. Her eyes were red and the tears didn’t stop flowing on her cheeks but I recognized Yuria and stand up quickly. She grabbed my arm and didn’t want to let me go. She looked at me, as hopeless.

“I-I’m sorry…” She said while I stared at her, dumbfounded.

Then, she slowly released her catch and I left her without talking.

What was wrong with her?! Why did she apologize? But, her words… Were it real? Did she mean it? I didn’t know and I didn’t understand…


— Few Days Later — At School —

I was going to my activities club. I was part of the Manga’s Club. Reading manga and watching anime were my most important hobbies, I really liked it. I pushed the door slowly and walked inside. Alone. I was alone, nobody was here, with me. No. I could see a figure sit on a school’s chair. I reached it but the person stood up quickly and grabbed my wrists.

“What do you- What are you doing here?!” I shouted, looking at the girl.

Yuria didn’t answer and pushed me against the wall still holding me.

“It’s all because of you…” She said, mad.

“Release me!” I yelled but she didn’t care. “You apologized last time but you didn’t mean it, right? You don’t care about me! I can’t understand you! Just leave me alone!”

I never raised my voice against her, I never answered at her. I was stunned by my own words. She looked at me, surprised. Yet, she released my wrists. A few tears rolled on my cheeks. I started leaving her but she called my name. I didn’t know why but… I stopped myself and turned around. I felt her hand on my wrist but gently this time, I didn’t dare to move. Then, I felt her lips against mine. My eyes were wide open. I pushed her with all my strength and slapped her. The sound was noisy, I surely left a red mark on her cheek. She looked down while I left the place.

I hated her so much! She bullied me, she apologized and she stole my first kiss! Stupid Yuria…

However, I felt something in my heart… not pain but… guilt. Why? I couldn’t understand me because I didn’t need to feel guilty, it was not as if Yuria was my friend, right?


— Few Days Later —

I was in a park, I was alone, sitting on a bench. I was waiting for my friend. It was cold. I rubbed my hands to warm me.

“Ah! Annin!” Rina shouted, walking toward me.

“Hey, why did you want to see me, now?” I asked with a little smile when she sat next to me.

“Please, don’t hate me… I-I-We…We know each other since a long time… And… I need to tell you… I love you Anna.” She said without looking at me.

I stayed stunned. I remained quiet through a few seconds before speaking again.

“Rina I-” Someone interrupted suddenly my sentence, pulling Rina’s collar.

“She’s mine.” The girl said without leaving Rina’s eyes.

What was she doing here? And I wasn’t at her! This girl! I hated her!

“Stop it! Don’t touch my friend!” I yelled while Yuria released Rina. “I don’t lo- I hate you!” I shouted at Yuria.

Rina looked at me, walking back before running away. I wanted to scream her name but I couldn’t… After a few seconds, I looked at Yuria, she was standing up in front of me.

“Why?” I asked but she didn’t answer. “Why!?” I yelled again.

We stayed quiet. The snow danced around us. I finally started leaving Yuria.

“Wait!” She said while I stopped myself. “Can we talk…?” She asked, almost hopelessly.

It was the first time that I saw her like this… But I didn’t wanted to talk and walked again.

When I reached my house, I locked myself in my room.

So, Rina loved me… But my feelings were not the same. Could we stay friend? And… Yuria… Yuria… Yuria… I didn’t see that her name sounds cute. Hey! What was I thinking?! That couldn’t be cute… I hated her! I hated her! I hated her! I hated her! I… hated her! I… lo-loved her… This kiss, I wanted to feel her soft lips again… I didn’t want to feel her painful touches anymore. It was a painful love…

“What are you doing?” My mom asked while I opened the house’s door.

“I need to go somewhere!” I answered and ran in the cold.

I was going to the park, I didn’t know where I could find her… I looked around me. I made out the tree, a girl is crying, hugging her knees. I reached her and patted her head gently.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

The girl looked at me, with a red eyes. I showed a warm smile, glad to recognized her.

“So, what happened?” I asked again.

“She hates me…” She answered, trying to stop her sobbing.

“Who?” I sat next to her.

“The girl who I love…”

“And… why does she hate you?”

So, did she really love me? Did she mean it this time?

“Because I was afraid by my feelings, so, I hurt her.” I blushed at her words.

I didn’t answer and turned around toward her. She looked at me while I wiped her tears away.

“Yuria… I love you…” I said, taking all my strength to tell these feelings.

She moved her arm but I recoiled by reflex… Yuria looked down, standing up…

“Sorry…” She mumbled and turned around.

However, I didn’t let her go and grabbed her arms to make her look at me again. Then, I pulled her into a warm hug. I felt her arms warping my waist gently.

“I love you… I won’t hurt you anymore… I was stupid and I don’t deserve-”

I kissed her gently to make her shut. We pulled away and I looked at her with a little smile.

“Thank you.” She whispered while a single tear flow on her red cheek.

The End.





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