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Darkness : Chapter 9

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Darkness: Chapter 9

— The Next Morning —

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I was reading, sitting on the living room’s sofa. The girls around me laughed and watched TV. I heard the front door opens, then, I raised my head toward it. Yuria looked at me, she didn’t move anymore. After a few seconds through we stared at each other, she decided to turn around and went outside again. I let out a soft sigh, closing my book. Finally, I went to Jurina’s room. Once I reached the door and pushed it slowly, looking at the tired werewolf sit on the bed.

“How are you?” I asked, sitting on Rena’s bed, in front of her.

“Better…” She mumbled and looked down. “Where is Rena-chan?” She asked almost innocently.

I wonder if she remembers…

“I don’t know.” I answered coldly while she looked at me a little stunned.

“I’m sorry…” She mumbled again.

“Don’t say it at me. It’s none of my business.”

She stayed silence for a few seconds before speaking again, more loudly this time.

“What happened with Yuria?” I looked at her, stunned by her question.

Is she serious…? Tsk. Curious puppy…


Matsui Jurina’s POV

“You are in love, right?” I asked again, curiously.

To my surprise, she sighed slowly before to talk.

“I don’t know her for a long time so…” She said without looking at me.

“That’s why it’s called like this.” I smiled at her stunned face.


“Love at the first sight.”  I grinned.

I didn’t think that will be easy to change the subject.

She seemed a little pissed off by my answer. She started pacing up and down, whereas I looked at her.

“What do you feel… here?” I asked, pointed out her chest.


“When you see her and she ignores you, what do you feel?” I asked again, trying to make Anna understand her own feelings.


“Anna!” I shouted suddenly.

My sudden call made her show me her teary-eyes. She seemed lost.

This cold girl with a strong nature is crying in front of because she’s lost with her feeling…

I started thinking about in a way to apologize. However, she spoke finally.



Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I was going to my bedroom to pick something, but a voice interrupted my way. I heard Anna’s voice mumbling something, so, I decided to reach Jurina’s room and leant against the wall.

“So, are you in love?” Jurina asked softly.

“Maybe…Yes…” Anna mumbled, this lets me dumbfounded.

So, she loves someone… I’m so stupid! Why didn’t I think about it? I mean, she had a normal life before to meet us… To meet me… Anyway, I don’t know her for a long time so… Tsk. Stupid love at the first sight.

I clenched my fist tightly and leaned my head against the cold wall, closing my eyes.

After a few seconds I decided to leave them.


Iriyama Anna’s POV

“So, go tell her now!” Jurina said happily.

This kid, seriously…

I tried to hold back my tears and looked at her. I remained quiet again.

“I’M LOST OK?! I CAN’T UNDERSTAND MY HEART!” I cried suddenly without turning my head away. “And… I don’t know why I tell you about my feelings…” I lowered my voice and started to stare the floor.

Jurina stood up and wrapped slowly her arms around my shoulders. I cried badly. I couldn’t hold my tears anymore.

“I’m here, it’s fine to cry ok?” She said gently without releasing me.

“Jurina?” I said weakly.


“You are a strange werewolf…”

My sentence made her giggle before answering.

“I know.”


— A Few Times Later — In The Living Room —

Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

I cast a glance over my cousin, then, another at my best friend who was sitting with Haruka, talking.

“I’m bored…” I mumbled while Yui sat next to me.

“What about playing guitar?” She asked, with a smile.

I let out an annoying sigh and left my cousin a little stunned. I finally reached my bedroom before to take my guitar and left the house to go outside.

I sat on a chair and started playing. After a few seconds, I heard the door being open by someone. I made out a figure who was coming closer to me. So, I turned my head toward it. She showed me a bright smile before speaking.

“Can I sing with you?” She asked, shyly.

“Of course, Milky.” I smiled at her request.

I played again. I was captivated with her sweet voice. I stopped singing and I didn’t lose my gaze at her.

If only…

The song was over now. Miyuki lost her sweet smile and looked at me insistently. Before that I could speak, I felt her soft lips on my own. I didn’t think and pushed her abruptly.

Miyuki looked at me, sadly. I saw so many tears rolling on her face. She turned around and ran away.

“MILKY!” I screamed, but she didn’t care and didn’t stop.

I didn’t run after her and stayed frozen.

She hates running, but she runs away from me… What an irony…

“Sayanee? What happens?” Yui asked suddenly.

“S-She kissed me…” I said, looking down.

“And? I thought you loved her…” She said without understanding me.

“I pushed her away…” I finally raised my head toward my cousin who made a poker-face.

“Sayaka!” She groaned, pushing my shoulder.

“I thought she wanted to do it to have fun…”

“It’s not Milky’s type, to make this kind of joke… So, go find her!” Yui said with a soft smile.

I didn’t answer and stared her with a straight look. Seeing my reaction she pushed me from behind.

“GO!” She shouted and left me to come back inside the warm house.

I started running around the mansion. After a few minutes, I found her. She was crying, sitting on the ground.

“I’m sorry!” I shouted which made her jump with surprise.

She stood up and walked toward the door. I followed her and continued to apologize in a different way.

“I won’t hurt you. It’s just, I was surprised. Milky, please!” I begged her.

Miyuki opened the door and climbed the stairs. Once we reached our bedroom, she stopped and looked at me.

“Stop it. I know, you don’t love me in the same way.” She said, before to close the door in front of me.

I couldn’t talk anymore and left her. I sat on the couch with my others friends. Yui tried to help me, but that didn’t work. After something like ten minutes, we could hear Miyuki descended the stairs, her phone in her hand.

Great. I need to find a solution now!

“Just, be like usual and tell her about you real feelings.” Yui said without looking at me.

I didn’t answer and ran toward the door. Outside, Miyuki had her phone to call a taxi maybe.

“I LOVE YOU!” I screamed suddenly.

She let fall her phone on the grass but she didn’t turn around toward me. I ran to reach her and I hugged her from behind.


Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

It’s totally crazy. I want to leave these dangerous werewolves and vampires. Yet, it’s like I can’t. I don’t want to be away from Sayanee…

I tried to remove myself from her embrace but I couldn’t, she held me too tightly.

“Miyuki… Stay with me.” She said softly.

I was confused. I always saw Sayaka like the strong girl who never cry in front of other people, who doesn’t tell about her feelings. But this time, she showed it.

“I know, it’s wrong. I can’t be with you but…” She started to talk, pulling my body closer to her.

I could feel her chest against my back. Her arms around my waist, her hands on my stomach. She put her head on my shoulder, I felt her soft breath against my nape. That made me shiver.

“I love you, Miyuki.” She said finally, releasing a little her arms.

I slowly turned around toward her. We were so close. Her nose touched mine and I felt her breath against my lips.  I slowly wrapped my arms around her neck. She closed her eyes and tilted her head. Then, she leant just a little and our lips touched. I closed my eyes too, kissing her back. Sayaka’s lips were so soft, that tasted like… heaven. The time was stopped. Then, we pulled away because of the lack of air.


Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

Please, forgive my sin…

I stroke her cheek gently before pulling her in my arms.

“I love you.” She murmured in my ear.

I pushed me away and looked at her, smiling. I kissed her forehead and picked her phone before to grab her hand and intertwine our fingers.

“So, do you want to stay with me?” I asked softly.

She simply nodded and we walked inside the house while all the look was turned on us.

I will not let you fall into the darkness.

To Be Continued…

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