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[OS] Birthday (YuriAnnin)

Birthday (YuriAnnin)

Today was my seitansai. It was really fun even if Macchun cried at the beginning. Like usual, I got a letter from one of my friends. Izurina read it for me. It was Renacchi’s letter. I will keep it in safety, it’s a precious gift.  I was at home now, pretty tired by this exciting day. I closed my eyes and let out a long sigh.

“Need to sleep…” I mumbled to myself.

“Anchan.” Your sweet voice called my name.

I opened my eyes, surprised and stare at you. I was stunned to see you here.

“Yuria, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I knocked but you didn’t hear. More, it was open.” You smiled and sat next to me.

“I see.” I answered simply.

I was happy. I missed you, I always missed you.

“I wanted to wish a happy birthday again!” You said with your usual cute smile.

“Thanks Yuria.” I answered without looking at you.

“Is it Renacchi’s letter?” You asked, pointing the letter out.

I simply nodded and you avoided my gaze before talking again.

“I wished to write one for your but Renacchi’s is nice too.”

“It’s fine Yuria. You know, you called me ‘amore’ on twitter that makes me glad.” I teased you but you blushed madly and didn’t dare to look at me.

It was real. I really smile like a fool when I saw it. I also kept your letter preciously, putting on my desk.

“It’s embarrassing.” You said with a little voice.

I giggled and finally looked at you. Then, I put my hand on your shoulder to make you face me.

“C-Can I ask something?” I said whereas my cheeks became red and hot.

“Tell me.” You answered, waiting for me.

“C-Can I… hug you?” You simply smiled and embraced me.

It wasn’t my style to ask that kind of stuff. But I felt I needed it.

“You don’t need to ask for this” You added when I hugged you tightly.

“I’m glad.”


“Because you’re there.” I could feel your heart beats becoming faster against your chest.

Why? Was something wrong? Why your heart turn wild?

“I will be there for you, amore.” You teased me while we broke the hug.

My cheeks flushed again. I liked it, the way you told me. I knew you were joking but I made me glad.

“So, isn’t it embarrassing anymore?” I asked and giggled softly.

You shook your head with a grin on your face.

“It’s true you’re my love.” You said seriously.

I just stared at you. Is it true? I wondered if you really meant it. You didn’t talk more. I was afraid, my heart wanted to explode. Even if you looked serious, I wasn’t sure and that stressed me out. I really wanted to kiss you now but I couldn’t. So I just smiled after a few seconds and stood up.

“Anna.” You said while I was back to you. “I already said it a million times but I love you.”

I turned around toward you. Yet, I only met your soft lips for a few seconds while your scent engulfed me. You looked down, guilty. Maybe you wanted to apologize. I didn’t let any time for this. I cupped your face and pulled you until I could taste your lips again. It was a gentle and soft kiss. We parted away slowly. You wrapped my waist with your arms while I did the same around your neck. It was perfect. But I wanted more, I wanted to taste more of you. You kissed me again and pulled me to the couch behind you. I quickly removed your top, throwing it somewhere in the living room, before climbing on you. I leaned closer to another kiss, before I knew it, my tongue begged for the entrance and you gladly accepted it. Our tongues danced together for a few minutes. The sounds of kissed filled the room. But…

The door was being open. I suddenly stopped, I quickly raised my head and looked at you, surprised.

“Mom…” I mumbled, removing myself.

I cast a glance around the place. I couldn’t find your shirt.

“Oh mom, you’re already there…” I said with a fake smile while you were hidden behind the couch.

My mother came to see me today. I completely forgot. She needed to give me some stuff.

“Yes, are you fine? What happens?” My mother asked, a little worried.

“No-No-Nothing…” I stuttered and looked for your shirt again.

My gaze finally found it. My mother turned her back on me, so, I grabbed it before to throw it at you, behind the sofa. She put the bag on the table before looking at me again.

“Anna you- Oh Yuria, you’re here, I didn’t see you.” My mother said with a warm smile. “But… your shirt is back to front…”

I looked at you. She was right. I held myself to laugh but you became red and rushed to correct your mistake.

“Well, I’ll just put it here and then I’ll go.” My mother told us.

“Yeah… we needed to talk about a few things in AKB. More, we haven’t finished yet! See you later mom.” I answered in a hurry, grabbing your hand and pulling you to my room.

“Awkward.” You said when I closed the door behind us.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and started to laugh at you.

“Th-That’s not funny!” You shouted, embarrassed.

“Hm, yes, I will stop…” I answered, trying to not laugh anymore.

It was funny but really embarrassing. You simply smiled and pecked my lips gently. I stared at you, a slight smile on my lips.

“I love you.” You whispered, hugging me.

“I love you too.”

This was the best birthday of my life.

The End.



1 thought on “[OS] Birthday (YuriAnnin)”

  1. Huh…? Is it just me or it really is hot in here? *chuckle*
    No worries. Annin-san no Amore wrote her a letter for her 20th birthday seitansai last year.
    Hatachi. The most important birthday in Japan. And it was Yuria writing her a letter! *fangirl squeal*
    Hehe… Anyway, thanks for the fic, Author-san 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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