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[OS] Jealousy (YuiParu)

Jealousy (YuiParu)

Yui and Haruka have been together for 2 years soon. They met during their last year of High School. Yui confessed her feelings in the first place and Haruka accepted it. Only recently Haruka seemed distant, more than usual.

“Nee Yui, can we go out today?” Haruka said with her usual salty smile.

“Today? Aaaah… Sorry, I’ve already planned something with Ricchan. She asked me to help her, as it’s soon Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh! So, can I come with you?” Haruka said while putting her arms around her girlfriend’s waist from behind.

“Sorry… She wants to be only both of us…” Yui said a bit anxiously.

It will be Valentine’s Day soon and Yui wanted to buy a present for her girlfriend. Not just for this event, but it was because it will be their 2 years together on this very the same day.

The salty girl suddenly released Yui’s waist.


“Haruka… Please don’t be mad.” Yui said while looking at her girlfriend.

“I’m not, just have fun.” She left the other girl.

She’ll get over. Yui thought.

Then, she prepared herself. She took her keys and left the home.


— A Few Minutes Later —

“Hi Ricchan.” Yui said with a little smile.

“Hi Yui. Are you fine? You look worried…” She said while putting her hand on Yui’s shoulder.

“Just a little quarrel with Haruka.” Yui answered, looking down.

“Ok, I hope this ends soon. Let’s go?” Rina asked, in a hurry

Her friend, simply nodded.


— In A Random Shop —

“Have you found something Ricchan?” Yui asked her friend.

“No, I don’t know… What does Juri like?” Rina pouted while looking around her.

“It’s not my girlfriend, it’s yours!” Yui laughed and patted Rina’s head.

“Hey! She’s not my girlfriend… Just a friend!” She pouted again.

“Friend? I don’t believe it!” Yui smirked to tease her friend.


— A few Hours Later —

“Thanks Yui. I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a present” Rina said with a little smile.

“It’s fine Ricchan. I have a day off tomorrow, I can help you again.” Yui proposed her hopeless friend.

“Eh? Really?! Thank you!” Rina shouted while hugging the other girl tightly.

“See you tomorrow.” Yui smiled and left toward her home.


— At Haruka & Yui Place —

Haruka had fallen asleep on the sofa when the sounds of keys which woke up her.

“Hey, Haruka, what are you doing here?” Yui asked innocently and a little stunned to see her girlfriend on the couch.

“It’s late.” Haruka simply answered, without looking at the raven-haired girl.

“Yeah, I know… I’m sorry but Ricchan didn’t find a present.” She approached Haruka to give a good night kiss but her girlfriend moved back and went to sleep.

The raven-haired girl stayed frozen bewildered at her strange girlfriend’s behavior.


— The Next Day —

When Yui woke up, she saw Haruka was cooking the breakfast. She hugged her from behind.

“Can we go out today?” Haruka asked in a salty tone.

“Ricchan needs helping for her present, you can come with us if you-“Yui began with a warm smile.

“No.” Yui released Haruka. “You can cheat on me today too…” She mumbled.

“Why? Are you busy?” Yui said, stunned.

“Yeah.” Haruka answered coldly.

“But you asked me to go out-.” Yui started while removing her arms from Haruka’s waist.

“I forgot” She interrupted her.

They finished their breakfast silently and Yui left her girlfriend to help Rina again. Not long after Yui had left Haruka called Sayaka.


‘Hi Paru, wha-‘ Sayaka began.

‘Can I see you? I’m at home now.’

‘I’m coming’


— Few Minutes Later –

*Ding Dong*

“Come in Sayanee” Haruka said in a sad voice.

“Are you fine Paru?” She asked, worried.

“It’s Yui…She’s always with Kawaei-san…I feel alone…” Haruka answered, looking down. “Do you think that she che-”

“Never! Don’t think that. She loves you, Ricchan is just her friend.” Sayaka comforted her friend.

Then, she put her arm around Haruka’s shoulder. “Paru… are you jealous?” She teased the young girl.

“Jealous? Me? No!” Haruka answered immediately while Sayaka giggled at her reaction.


— In A Random Shop (Again) —

“Yuihan~ Help me!” Rina called her friend, hopelessly.

“Ricchan, why do you want to buy something for Juri?” Yui asked, looking at her friend.

“Because it will be Valentine’s Day!” Rina shouted. Everybody suddenly turned to start at the two girls.

“Just, buy a few flowers and ask her to go out with you.” Yui teased the lost girl.

“It will work… Yui?” Rina said, looking at the floor.

“Ricchan… have you ever thought about this?” Yui asked, stunned. “Of course, it will work!” She continued while they were leaving the shop.

“So-” Rina started but Yui interrupted her.

“Eh! It’s Haruka!?” She shouted suddenly. Rina looked at her, stunned.

“Where?” Rina turned around and looked at the figures in front of her.

“She said that she was busy today! She lied to me…” Yui gritted her teeth and walked toward her girlfriend and Sayaka.

She grabbed Haruka’s arm to make her turn around.

“What are you doing here?” Yui asked while Sayaka and Rina looked at the scene, bewildered.

“It’s none of your business!” Haruka shouted as she removed her arm abruptly.

“Of course is it! I’m your girlfriend!”

“We’re in the middle of-” Rina started slowly to calm the girls.

“You! Don’t you dare to speak to me!” Haruka shouted at the young girl with a dirty look.

“STOP! Calm down!” Sayaka yelled suddenly.

“Yui, I don’t want to see you anymore.” Haruka said while she wanted to leave the three girls.

“Why? I did nothing wrong!” Yui answered her girlfriend.

“You don’t care about me.” Haruka yelled without looking at Yui before leaving the girl.

Yui stayed frozen, she couldn’t move. A few warm tears flowed on her cheeks.

“Haruka! Wait!” Sayaka yelled running after her friend.


— One Week later — Valentine’s Day —

Yui was alone, in her apartment. Two years. Two years that she had been with Haruka who wasn’t here anymore… She didn’t reply to Yui’s message or pick up her phone. She thought about her every day, Haruka was completely in her mind. Yui missed her girlfriend. Her smile, her scent, her laugh, she missed everything because she loved Haruka more than anything. After her mind imprinted with all her pleased moments with her, Yui decided to get some fresh air.

Once she reached the cold night, she heard a familiar voice.

“Release me!”

Yui trod toward it. She could distinguish two figures.

“Stop it!” She shouted while showing herself.

A drunk man held the girl’s wrists roughly. Yui felt her blood rushing to her head. She wanted to crush him with all her strength. Nobody could touch Haruka, she was her treasure.

Yui rushed to the man and punched him between his legs. He fell on the floor as paralyzed. Then, Haruka quickly reached Yui’s arms, she felt safe. Yui hugged the scared girl tightly as if she didn’t want to let her go anymore.

“We will come back home.” Yui said softly, breaking the hug.

“No!” Haruka almost shouted, totally lost. “Don’t leave me…” She begged, a few tears rolled on her cheeks.

“I’m here, I won’t leave you…” Yui reassured the salty-girl before she grabbed her hand and took her back home.

The two girls were now sitting on the couch, next to each other.

“Why… didn’t you reply me?” Yui asked, breaking the oppressive silence.

“I was mad.” Haruka simply answered without looking at her friend.


“You were with Kawaei every day.”

“That’s not true. She asked me to go out twice…” Yui said softly.

“But you refused me twice!” Haruka yelled and suddenly stood up.

“I refused because of that!” Yui shouted while pointing to a little box on a near the table.

Haruka reached the table and took the box. Then, she opened it carefully. It was a lovely pendant.

“But, I think I can throw it in the trash now…” The raven-haired girl said without looking at the salty-girl.

“Stupid Yui!” Haruka yelled before hugging her girlfriend strongly.

Yui could hear Haruka’s sobbing on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” Yui smiled while patting her head gently and adjusting her girlfriend on her laps.

After a few seconds, Yui finally spoke.

“I need you, I love you Haruka.”

The salty-girl giggled softly before she kissed her girlfriend’s lips gently.

“Happy anniversary.” She said, without pulling away from Yui’s lips.

“Happy anniversary too.”


The End.





1 thought on “[OS] Jealousy (YuiParu)”

  1. Ouch…some angst. But, I’m glad that it ends happily 🙂
    Thank you for this fic, Author-san. Although YuiParu was not your OTP, you tried to write a fic with them as centers. Not to mention that you added some JuRicchan, too (although Juri didn’t make an appearance herself XD ). I really appreciate it ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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