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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 1

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Previous Chapter : Prologue

Chapter 1 – First Meeting

Sitting next to my friend, I was waiting for our teacher. She decided to choose our duo to the university’s project. A few students wanted to be with me. My friends. Of course they would like to work with me. Yet, the others wanted that too. I’m the top of the class. Good grades and hard worker. I hope, I could work with a good person, someone who does her or his best.

Finally, my name came… followed by a surprise.

“Iriyama Anna and…” The teacher started and I stared at her, waiting for my classmate’s name “Kizaki Yuria.”

“Who?” I let out, surprised by this name.

“The girl in the back of the classroom.” Rena giggled at my reaction.

I never saw her before. I looked at my friend, stunned. Was she a new student? I don’t think. She was looking through the windows. Did she hear Yokoyama-sensei? Well, she doesn’t care about it. I will speak with her after the class, we need to start our project.

I heard the student left us, taking their bags to go home. Yuria didn’t move, always gazing outside.

“Stop staring at our classmate.” Rena made fun of me while I finally turned my head around her, blushing.

“Pretty …” I mumbled, trying to be barely audible.


“N-Nothing.” I avoided my friend’s look.

“Be careful with her.” Rena answered in a serious tone.

“Eh?” I said, putting my matters in my bag. But she was already gone.

This was Rena’s bad habit. She always left quickly without waiting for me. That didn’t bother me. I liked to come back home alone, listening to music peacefully. I liked being alone sometimes. Be in my mind, thinking about everything and nothing. Finally, I also left the class.

Leaning against the wall, I was waiting for my classmate. After a few minutes, she went out.

“Kizaki-san!” I called the girl who turned around toward me.

“What?” She snapped at me.

“Well… We need to work for our project.” I answered, following her.

“I don’t want, do this alone.” She said, ignoring me without stopping walking.

“But that’s important!”

“Stop following me.” She finally stopped but I hit her back.

“Itai…” I held my nose, looking down.

“Are you fine?” She asked, turning around toward me.

“Who care?” I snapped, mad by her behavior.

“Fine, y-you can come with me.” She accepted.

I stared at her for a few seconds.

“What?” She asked. “Is something wrong?”

“N-No.” I felt my cheeks became red.

What does she change her mind?  Did I say something for? Anyway, that was good. Then, we started walking to reach her place.

“Are you a new student?” I asked suddenly.

“No. Why do you think that?” She answered without looking at me.

“It’s… because I hadn’t noticed you before today.” I confessed, shamefully.

“I see.”

We walked in silence to her place. I didn’t dare to talk more for fear of making her mad. She pushed the entrance door carefully and we went inside.

“So, what do you want to do for the project?” She asked with an annoyed tone.

This girl seemed really friendly…


“Can you help me?!” I almost yelled at the bored girl next to me.

“I told you, I don’t wanna work.” She answered, glimpsing at me.

“Are you serious? I won’t do all the work alone!”

“Yes I am!” She shouted suddenly while I stared at her, surprised. “S-Sorry.” She mumbled, embarrassed.

“Did you just yell at me?” I asked, looking at Yuria.

“N-No… I mean, yes, I mean I’m sorry.” She answered, becoming suddenly shy.

“It’s better for me to go.” I said and stood up but she grabbed my arm.

“Wait.” I looked at her, waiting. “I’m sorry, ok?” She insisted.

I don’t know why she continues to apologize but… I’ll take my revenge about this curious girl.

“Are you free Saturday?” I asked with a little smile.

She stared at me without talking.

“Does that mean yes? So you’ll come with me at the amusement park.”

“W-Wait. I won’t. Why would I like?” She said, almost panicked.

“If you go with me, I will forgive you.” I answered her, a playful grin on my face.

“I said, I don’t wanna.” She insisted.

“Sorry, you will go with me for being forgiven. Well, see you Saturday.” I said, leaving the mad girl alone.

Date? Well… You can call it like this if you want to. I didn’t know her. I barely talked with her. I want to know her more. I know, Rena warned me. But I don’t know why. As I’m curious, I need to know. It could be fun after all, right?

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : Amusement Park

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