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Darkness: Chapter 14

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Darkness: Chapter 14

This chapter is a few moments of the girl’s life, which happens through the month between the chapter 13 and 15.

Yokoyama Yui’s POV

“Jurina~ Stop it~!” Rena grumbled while the puppy tried to kiss her.

I giggled softly and looked at Haruka who was talking with Miyuki, next to me. Suddenly, I wrapped my arm around her waist from behind which made her jump with surprise.

“Yui!” She yelled whereas Miyuki was laughing.

I didn’t talk and looked at her blushing face. She tried to push me, but my catch was too strong. So, she looked toward Rena, hopeless.

After calming herself from laughing, Miyuki made fun of the girls.

“Your puppies are in lack of love!”


Iriyama Anna’s POV

“Oh my… What are you doing?!” I asked at the three girls back to me who seem to hold a… dead animal…

“We’re eating.” Yuria answered simply.

Then, Mayu turned around toward me. Her lips covered by the red blood.

“Gross.” I said, blankly.

Mayu licked her lips and looked at me, amused.

“I can’t believe that my best friend and my girlfriend are vampires…” I said, starting to leave them.

A cold hand on my shoulder interrupted me. I turned around, but I only met Yuria’s lips.

“YURIA!” I shouted while she disappeared in the cold night.


Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

I was in the living room, playing guitar. I tried to find a lovely melody to play with my lyrics.

ima naraba chanto ieru

misenakatta subete no koto

ima naraba sou sunao ni

kokoro wo hirakerunda”

I turned my head toward the voice.

“Milky, what are you singing?” I asked, stunned.

“Your song!” She answered with a cheerful tone.

“But, I didn’t write the melody yet…” I said, starting to play again.

Miyuki sat next to me, she was singing while I was playing.

I missed this kind of moments…


Matsui Rena’s POV

I walked toward the garden. Next to the door, I saw a few clothes. I took it but I felt something behind, so, I turned around toward it.

“Jurina! Don’t afraid me!” I shouted before to pat her wolf’s head gently. “Is it your clothes?” I asked, stunned.

She nodded slowly. I face-palmed myself and let out a soft sigh.

“Be careful, baka puppy.”


Watanabe Mayu’s POV

I was in my room. A mirror in my hand, I looked at my vampire’s teethes.

“Mayuyu~” Yuki said suddenly whereas she walked into the room.

“Hey, Yukirin.” I smiled and looked at her.

“Are you…fine?” She asked before to sit next to me.

“I’m a vampire… with a reflection!” I said a little stunned by this discovery.

Yuki started laughing loudly and that made me I pouted because of her.

“Awh… I just realize how cute my girlfriend was when she pouts.” She teased me again before to hug me.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV


“Yes?” I looked at my girlfriend who was leaning next to me.

She reached me and put her head on my chest. Then, I stroked her hair with one of my hands.

“I love you.” She said without looking at me.

“It’s such a rare occurrence.” I teased her.

She wanted to remove herself, she seemed offended, but I didn’t let her go.

“Stay.” I said and kissed her quickly.


Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

“What are you doing?” My girlfriend said, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind.

“I observe the stars.” I answered without trying to move.

“Haruka.” She whispered in a seductive way.

“What?” I said with a salty tone.

She didn’t answer and bites my neck softly.

“Yui—Wh-What are you doing…?” I asked, trying to hold my moans back. “Sto—Stop it!”

She didn’t care and lets a few red marks on my neck before to push me against the bed.


Matsui Jurina’s POV

“Jurina! Stop playing with my… my… stop playing!” Mayu shouted, mad while I was trying to look her vampire’s teethes.

“You’re not funny, Mayu-chan~.” I pouted, my arms crossed on my chest.

I stood up and reached Yuki, who was sitting in front of Mayu. I slowly approached my finger to her lips.

“JURINA!” She yelled and pushed my hand.

I looked the floor and finally decided to stand up again to see Yuria. This time, I quickly moved my hand but…

“IT’S HURT!” I shouted when Yuria bit my finger.

“Don’t dare to do it again.” She said, removing my hand from her mouth.

“Are you fine?” Miyuki asked while I passed in front of her.

“Shut up.” I snapped and she looked at me stunned.


Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

“Milky! Hurry up!” Sayaka shouted, knocking at the bathroom’s door.

“I’m taking a bath.” I only answered.

“It’s been two hours!” She continued to yell in front of the door.

“Do you want to take it with me?” I asked innocently.

I didn’t hear her answer, but she just hit the door.

“It’s hurt…” She seemed mumbled.

“Are you fine Sayanee?” Another voice said behind the door. “You’re totally red.”

“I-I’m fine Yui…”


Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

“What happens if a vampire bite another vampire?” I asked suddenly while Anna looked at me surprised.

“To drink his blood?” She tried to understand.

“Yes.” I said with a wondering face.

“Vampire doesn’t have any blood…” She said, trying to hold her laugh.

“Stupid Yuki…” Yuria mumbled whereas she face-palmed herself.

“VAMPIRE CEPTION!” Yui shouted not far away from us.

“My God…” Haruka said, hopeless.

I can’t find the darkness!


To Be Continued…

Next : Chapter 15


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