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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 2

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Previous Chapter : First Meeting

Chapter 2 – Amusement Park

People run around me. I’m lost. What happens? I can’t understand. They try to talk with me. But I can’t hear them. The light hurts my eyes, I can’t see clearly. A woman takes my hand, I make out two figures, laying on the floor.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly, looking at the clock… 11am!? Yabai! I quickly left my bed, trying to not slip on my clothes. Yes, my room was completely messy… It was Saturday and I had a “date” with the most mysterious girl of the university. Maybe, she wasn’t “the most mysterious girl of the university” but that gave her a cool side. I was so in a hurry! Well, I needed to calm myself. I didn’t take any time to eat my breakfast and left my house to meet Yuria.

I was looking for her, maybe she was late.

“Hello.” I heard a familiar voice behind me.

I turned around and discovered a young girl with a white shirt covered by a long green coat. She looked like a yankee.

“What?” She snapped because I unconsciously stared at her.

“A-Ah, hello.” I managed to say, embarrassed. “Where do you want to eat?” I asked, looking away.

“Anywhere is fine.”

Was she glad sometimes? Or could she smile? This was girl is seriously weird.


“Why do you wanna go in a… date with me?” Yuria asked while we were eating.

“Well, it’s my revenge.” I said with a little smile.

She didn’t answer but I noticed her annoyed look. After all, she didn’t ask me to go out. Maybe, it wasn’t a good idea but it’s too late to step back now.


“Yuria.” She interrupted me.

“What?” I looked at her, surprised.

“Call me Yuria. I don’t want to hear Kizaki-san anymore.” She continued in a cold tone.

Why not…


After the meal, we left toward the amusement park.

“I wanna go there!” I exclaimed, pointing the roller coaster.

People looked at us. I felt all their gazes. But I didn’t care if I looked like a child or if they thought that we’re dating. Yuria didn’t think the same. Trying to avoid people, she didn’t talk and looked away.

“No.” She answered me.

“Come on!” I grabbed her arm and pulled her, far from all the gazes.

My heartbeat increased quickly when I accidentally touched her cold hand. What was wrong with me?!


“I’m feeling so bad.” She complained.

“Look! Ice cream!” I almost shouted, surprising Yuria.

“Anna, calm down.”

“Eh?” I stared at her, stunned.

“I mean, Iriyama-san.” She avoided me, looking at the ground.

“That’s fine, you can call me Anna.” I giggled at her. “A chocolate ice cream please. And you?”

“Nothing.” She answered, looking at me.

“Are you sure?” I asked again.

“Yes, I don’t want it.”

“Fine.” I said, taking an ice cream.

Then, we sat on a near bench and stayed without talking for a few minutes.


“Haunted house.” She answered before I could finish my question.

I gazed at her.

“Never!” I shouted, finishing my ice cream.

“I don’t let you any choice.” She grinned and stood up.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the door. I knew, I couldn’t.

“Yuria I-” I tried to stop her.

“Go.” She said, pushing me inside.

I stopped moving, closing my eyes. I felt the girl passed next to me, walking without any fear. I couldn’t move on anymore. My body shook and my blood was frozen. Maybe, I started sobbing at this moment, my heart turned wild. A warm hand touched my shoulder. Half panicked, I pushed the figure strongly.

“OI!” I heard the voice shouted at me.

I didn’t recognize it. I went down to reach the floor, my hand put on my head.


“Please…” I begged for help.

A warm embrace wrapped me. I grabbed her arms tightly, my eyes still closed.

“Are you fine?” She asked in a worried tone when we reached the exit.

I wiped my tears, trying to catch my breath. I looked at her with my afraid teary-eyes.

“I-I’m sorry.” She said, lowering a bit her head.


After the minor accident, we went back home. Yuria took me home kindly. I was stunned, did she want to apologize? We didn’t talk too much on the way.

“Thank you to take me home.” I smiled at my classmate when we reached my house.

“You’re welcome.” She answered, avoiding my look.

“I’m sorry. Maybe it wasn’t a great idea.” I finally apologized.

“It was funny.” She finally smiled at me.

Did she really smile?!

“That suits you.” I teased her, opening the door.

“What?” She said, stunned.

“Your smile.” I cast a last glance at her and left her.

She blushed so badly at my remark. I let out a soft sigh, trying to calm myself after this day. Sitting on the couch, I closed my eyes while my mind remembered each moment of today. Why? I didn’t need to remember all these embarrassing moments.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I left the house, thinking about what just happened. Anna felt so bad in the haunted house. I should’ve listen her, she didn’t want to go there. Anyway, she made her little revenge, I didn’t need to talk to her anymore.

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : Rumors


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