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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Rumors

Iriyama Anna’s POV

Yuria had been ignoring me for two weeks! No talk, no look. She completely didn’t care. When I came to talk, she just left. Rena told me a few times that I needed to stop. To stop trying. After all, I’ll do this project alone…

‘Anna. I don’t want to have friends. Leave me alone.’ Her last sentence.

I was walking, in the street. I made out two figures in front of me. I quickly recognized them. So, she didn’t want to be friend with me but she went out with Juri. I passed next to them, trying to not pay attention to the girls.

“Is she fine?” I heard Juri asked behind me.

I didn’t stop walking, I stepped out on the road and-

“Anna!” Someone shouted my name, grabbing my arm tightly.

I distinguished a car passed in front of us. I closed my eyes, it was like my heart stopped beating. I was pulled from behind. I opened my eyes, slowly, looking around me. I felt the hand released me, it was Yuria.

“Are you fine?” She asked, almost worried.

I stared at her. She let out a soft sigh while I left her without thanking her.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Sitting on the floor, I heard the talk around me.

“I told you.” A voice girl said.

“I don’t care, she completely ignores me but I need her for our stupid project.” Is it Anna’s voice?

Well, she was right but I already told her, I don’t want to work. Maybe, I should apologize.

“You ignored her too.” Rena added, looking her friend.


“She saved your life.” Rena insisted, making her friend mad

“She didn’t!”

I stood up and reached the girls.

“Anna I-” I started but she interrupted me.

“I don’t want to talk with you.” She answered before leaving me.

I hated myself to have this kind of stupid idea, like apologize…

Iriyama Anna’s POV

“Have you heard about this?” Rena said at me.

“About what?” I asked confused.

“The rumors, Yuria had been beaten.”

“She what?!” I almost yelled, shocked by the news.

“Haven’t you see all those bruises on her arms?” My friend said, looking at me a bit stunned.

“Eh… Not really.” I looked down, thinking a few seconds. “I need to know more.”

“What? We don’t need to…” Rena grumbled without looking at me.

“Please! Come with me!” I begged my friend, pulling her arm.

“Wher- Oh no, please Annin.” She read in my mind.


After a few minutes, we reached Yuria’s house. I wanted to talk with her neighbors. I knocked at the first door, waiting for someone opened it.

“Hello.” The old lady smiled at us.

“We are Yuria’s friend and…” Rena mumbled, praying for help.

“And we’re working together but I-We are a bit worried about her.” I finished Rena’s sentence, seeing her relieved face.

“Oh I see.” She started while her smile fell quickly. “Hmm her past…” She mumbled before speaking more loudly. “She has mood swing, right?”

Rena looked at me, she didn’t know about what we are talking. In fact, I didn’t know too. I just nodded, wanting to know more about this girl.

“Don’t worry, that happens… often.”

“Thank you.” Rena said while we left the house. “Anna, be careful with Yuria. I already prevented you but…” She started in a concerned tone.

“I know, I know.” I answered, bored by my friend’s speech. “Thanks for your help Renacchi!” I smiled while she looked at me, bewildered.

She knew that I will not stop there.


Once I reached my home, I mean, my room, I started thinking about this new information. I hadn’t noticed her mood swings. Even if she quickly changed her mind… Maybe, it was that. More, the old lady mumbled ‘past’… Yuria’s past? What happened? I could ask her after all. Or maybe I’m too curious…


In the library, I was reading for my project. Yes, MY project. I haven’t see Yuria since next week. She vanished in my life. It wasn’t complicated because I hadn’t noticed her before. The music in my ears, I could hear the step, walking toward me. I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I turned the music off and looked the girl.

“What do you want?” I snapped.



We reached the schoolyard. I was waiting for her explanation. I finally accept to talk with her. I could ask her about… hm you know…

“You aren’t here to help me with our project, right?” I threw at her, avoiding her look.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Yuria asked while I dared to raise my eyes, confused.

“Eh? You did the same!” I answered, stunned.

“Because-You-I.” She managed to say but nothing came out.

I stared at her and she looked down, embarrassed. After a few seconds, I decided to speak.

“About the rumors-” I started but she interrupted me.

“Nothing happened! It’s just a stupid rumor, okay?” She yelled at me.

“It’s something serious. What does it come from?” I asked, pointing the bruises.

“It’s none of your business!” She continued to shout at me.

“I’m worried for you.” I insisted without raising my voice.

“Why?!” She said in the same tone.

“Because of your mood swings. See? You started yelling at me without any reasons.” She stared at me, blank.

“But I have my reasons! You’re an annoying-stupid-curious girl who can’t leave me!” She suddenly shouted.

I felt my tears flowed on my cheeks. Her words were hurtful. Never anyone insulted me like this. She called me annoying and stupid. My heart pounded fast as if my chest wanted to explode.

“Really? Why… did you accept the date with me?” I asked, sobbing quietly.

“We aren’t friend Iriyama.” She snapped, avoiding me eyes. “Maybe… it’s better for you to stop talking to me.” That sounded as if she was sorry, her tone became softer.

“What happened?” I asked suddenly while she gazed at me, bewildered. “About your past.”

Her eyes wide opened, she slowly stepped back. I quickly wiped my tears away and tried to grab her wrist to prevent her leaving. She wanted to remove her arm but she wasn’t fast enough, my hand touched her own. I held it tightly while she raised her eyes on me.

“What’s wrong with you?” I said, quietly while my heartbeats continued to raise.

“Please. Leave me.” I released her slowly.

What was wrong with you?! Seriously?! What was wrong with me?! Why I asked her? This was ridiculous… Why my heart turned wild? I couldn’t understand me anymore. Finally I noticed her mood swings. She was calm and then became angry suddenly. What should I did?

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : Yuria’s Past


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