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Darkness: Chapter 15 [END]

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Darkness: Chapter 15 [END]

— One Month Later —


“Please. Give this at Watanabe-san.” The other employee said, handing a lot of documents.

I nodded and grabbed it. I quickly cast a glance at it. “TOP SECRET” is written on the first document. I would like to read it but I didn’t have the time. Then, I reached the office. It was almost empty, I could see a single desk with a black armchair. The wall and the floor were completely white. Only a few paintings decorated the office. Inside, I saw my boss and another man.

“Watanabe-san.” I said, going into.

“Thank you.” He answered and grabbed all the documents.

They are Watanabe-san, my boss and Iwashi-san is his co-worker. I’m working at Watanabe Corps, I’m Watanabe-san secretary. It’s a long time that I work with them.

I quickly left the room and leaned against the wall. I looked for people, but I was alone. So, I took my phone and connected my earphone to hear their talk.

“What is it?” Watanabe-san asked.

“We find them.” Iwashi-san said. “They are in a mansion, far away from the city.”

“After all this time, we can finally reach our goal… Where’s my daughter?” Watanabe-san asked.

“She’s with them… and Yamamoto-san.”

“Since when?” My boss gritted his teeth.

No more talk. I was waiting for the rest. Suddenly, Miyuki’s father hit the desk with his fist. The sound echoed in the almost empty office.

“So, we’ll take a few henchman with us. I’ll make Miyuki come back her and get away from Yamamoto-san.” He said, angrily.

He definitively hated the poor girl. For Watanabe-san, his lovely daughter was him whole life.

“Right. I’ll take care of this.”

“We need all the girls alive for the experiences.” My boss ended the conversation.


I removed my earphone and put my phone in my bag.

It’s bad. I need to come back home, right now.

I walked to reach my office and spoke at my workmate.

“I need to come back home now. Inform Watanabe-san.” I said, coldly and left my workplace.

— At Home —

After a few minutes of driving, I reached my house. I opened the door quickly.

A girl who had the same age as me, was sitting on the couch, watching the TV.

“Fuuchan! It’s dangerous!” I shouted, behind her.

She stood up and turned around toward me. I could see her red eyes, looking at me, stunned.

“What happens Mirurun?” She asked, tilting her head.

“They… they find the girls.” I answered without leaving her gaze.

She, maybe, didn’t breathe after my words and became more pale than usual.

“Eh?! It-I-We need to warn them!” She answered while I nodded.

Ah. I forgot something. I’m Shiroma Miru, but my friend calls me Mirurun. I’m 19 years old and I’m a Healer. My friend is Yagura Fuuko and I call her Fuuchan. Like I said, we have the same age and she’s a vampire since a long time. It is fine for you now?

I picked a bunch of keys and we left the house to the car. Then, I drove to reach the Matsui’s Mansion.

We sprinted to the door and tried to open it.

“It’s closed.” Fuuko said, looking at me.

We don’t have any time for this!

“Don’t worry.” I quickly opened the door with my Healer’s powers.

Wait, what? You don’t know about Healer’s powers! Oh… It’s not a good time to explain it, so… 

Fuuko pushed the door violently and we ran to the living room. There, the ten girls looked at us, dumbfounded.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

We were talking, together, in the peaceful living room. Anna and I were leaning against the wall, she hugged me by behind. In front of us, Yui and Sayaka were sitting on the sofa while their own girlfriend watched the TV, on the same couch. On the other couch, Yuki, Mayu and Rena were sitting too. Jurina was standing up, back to her girlfriend, teasing her.

Suddenly, the door opened abruptly and all of us looked toward the noisy sound. Two girls were standing up, in front of us, panting.

“Shiroma-san?” Miyuki asked, like she wasn’t sure about the girl’s name.

“She?” Jurina continued and tilted her head while Rena looked at her, surprised.

“YOU!” Yuki shouted, pointing out the vampire.

“Mirurun…?” Anna said, almost stunned.

“They find us…” The second girl finally said, with an upset face.

Jurina and Anna became pale. I looked at my girlfriend, I couldn’t understand what happens exactly.

Are we staying in the darkness or… will be hunted?

The End.


Just, calm yourself. It’s the end of Darkness BUT the story doesn’t stop now! It will have a continuation! See you soon 😀

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