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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Yuria’s Past

Iriyama Anna’s POV

Walking in the corridor, my way was stopped by two students. I looked at them, my bag held with my two hands.

“Iriyama!” One of them shouted at me.

I stopped and turned around. They walked closer as if they tried to impress me.

“Isn’t the smart Iriyama?” The first student smirked while I stepped back.

“Hey, stay with us.” The other said with a stupid grin on his face.

I let out a sigh and walked forward. I felt a strong grip on my left arm which stopped my way. I turned around slowly and afraid. One grabbed my collar and pushed me violently against the school’s wall.

“S-Stop!” I shouted, closing my eyes when I saw him raised his fist.

“Hm. Maybe no, cute girl.” He brought closer his hideous face to my neck.

I tried to push him away but I wasn’t strong enough. The tears flowed on my cheeks. I wanted to scream, my voice didn’t come out.

Suddenly, I heard a cry vanish. I opened my eyes and looked at Yuria standing behind the guy. I cast a quick glance at the other who was on the floor, holding between his legs. The student pushed him away.

“Who are you?” He asked, turning around and releasing me.

I closed my eyes and reached the floor, slowly. I heard a few punches, hoping that she was fine. The tears continued to roll on my cheeks, trying to stop shaking, I clenched my fists. I felt bad, my head hurt me so much, bringing all my old memories back.

After a few seconds, a soft and warm hand stroked gently my hair.

“I-I… won’t…” I managed to say between my sobs.

“It’s fine now.” She murmured kindly.

I opened my eyes, distinguishing the young girl sits next to me. She showed me a shy smile before pulling me in a warm embrace.

“Yuria, why did you help me?” I asked after being calm again.

“Don’t ask anything. I’ll take you home.” She answered and stood up while I followed her, wiping my tears away.

“I can’t.” I said, she turned around and looked at me, stunned.


“I can’t go home…” I lowered my head.

I couldn’t go home, I didn’t wanted to go home…

“Fine, I’ll take you with me.”

“I’m fine.” I mumbled, passing next to her.

She grabbed my arms, making me stop. I looked at her.

“You’re not.” She didn’t release me and pulled me to her home.


I remembered this place. I looked around and sat on the couch. She met me a few minutes later with a hot chocolate.

“Here.” She handed the cup with a light smile.

“Thank you.” I said quietly before sipping the hot liquid.

“Why… didn’t you go home?” She asked, avoiding my look.

“My parents would’ve yelled at me. I didn’t need that right now.” I smiled. “Do you live alone?”

“Yes.” She simply answered. “And…” She started while I raised my head toward her. “I’m sorry for yelling at you all the time. It’s just… I can’t control myslef.” She quickly ended her sentence.

“Can I ask something?” She turned around toward me.

“Aren’t you too curious?” She teased me, giggling.

I stare at her, I blushed at her soft laugh.

“Y-Yes, sorry…” I slowly lowered my head, not able to look at her anymore.

We didn’t talk for a few minutes. But Yuria finally decided to break the heavy silence.

“You know… I live alone here, I try to do my best since my parents passed away in a car accident…” she started without we looked at each other. “I was seven years old. Not long after, I met my host family… But…” She stopped a few seconds. I cast a quick glance at her, the tears flowed slowly on her cheeks. “She said I was her little sun. She was always so kind with me, I love her so much. And he…” I completely turned around toward her, she clenched her fist. She stopped her story, looking at me with her red eyes and wet face.

I touched her shoulder to comfort her but she grabbed my hand, making me stop.

“I left them when I was fifteen. I couldn’t endure it anymore.” I slowly tried to remove my hand but she didn’t release me.

“Yuria I-” I started but she interrupted me.

“Anna. You’re really nice with me. I needed to tell you. I’m sorry if you didn’t want to.” She laughed nervously.

I only smiled at her. She looked our hands with a little smile. Then she came closer slowly… and kissed my cheek. I closed my eyes and felt my heart pounding loudly in my chest.

“I want to apologize. But… leave me, please…” She smiled sadly.

I opened my mouth to talk but she raised her voice suddenly.

“Leave me alone!”

I was angry, what was wrong with this stupid-cute girl?! I stood up and slapped her.

“I just wanted to help you!” I shouted back while she looked at me, her tears rolling again.

She quickly stood up, grabbing my wrists. She held me tightly.

“I want to stop everything. But I do nothing else than hurt you-”

“Who care? I’m not your friend!” I finally admitted, looking straight in her eyes.

“You’re right. So, stop helping me.”

“Are you sick?” I asked her.


I simply left, asking no more questions.

Was I right? Was she sick? That could explain her mood swings.

To Be Continued…

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