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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 3

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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 3

Iriyama Anna’s POV

‘Miru? Why do-‘

All is blank.

Yagura Fuuko’s POV

“Where will you sleep?” Yui asked, looking at me and taking my matters.

“We’ll take the empty room.” I simply answered and smiled at her.

“Is it okay for you to sleep together?” The werewolf asked again.

“Anyway, we have no choice.”

I stood up and left to my new room.

I opened the door slowly. The room was cleaner than I thought. No cobweb, just a little dust. A mattress in almost good condition was putting in the middle of the place. I let out a soft sigh.

Where is Mirurun?


Watanabe Mayu’s POV

As if there was a fire in my body. My chest wanted to explode. The sweats covered my forehead. I was lying on a bed. I squeezed the sheets to avoid the pain and breathed loudly. I wanted to cry but nothing came out. I didn’t talk about this with Yuki. She was probably with the others, in the living room. Even if I wanted to call her, I couldn’t. I couldn’t understand what happens.

“Ah! You’re here!” I heard Yuki’s warm voice said behind me.

I didn’t answer and continued to shake.

“Mayuyu? Are you-“ She started but stopped immediately, touching my shoulder.

“H-Hurt…” I gathered all my strength to talk.”

“Where?” She asked in a hurry and sat next to me.

I simply pointed out my chest after to turn toward her. Then, she stroked my head slowly and spoke again.

“That’s normal. Your body changes. Your heart stops beating, little by little.” She smiled softly and leaned to kiss my forehead. “I don’t like to see you like this…”

I didn’t like making her worry about me. But this time, I really needed help. That was strange, my heart stopped to beat but I will not die. I extended my arm to grab her neck and pulled her until our lips met.

“Why did you kiss me? Your heart will become crazy.” She teased me and giggled before to stand up.

It was still hurting but Yuki’s presence helped me to relax a bit.


Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

“I will call Miru to help you.” I said and left my girlfriend in pain.

Ok Yuki. All will be fine. You need to find Miru. Just find Miru… OH MY GOD, MAYU SEEMS SO BAD RIGHT NOW! But I don’t want to show my worry too much.

“Are you fine Yuki-san?” Fuuko asked, stopping my thought.

I stare at her, blank. She frowns and waves her hands in front of my eyes.

“Ah! Where is Miru?” I asked suddenly, making the young vampire jump.

“Mi-Miru…? I-I don’t really know…” She lowered her head.

Wait… IT’S FUUKO?!

I grabbed her collar and pushed her against the wall violently.

“It’s all your own fault. If… if you weren’t bitten me… Nothing would happen at Mayu!” I shouted my last sentence and felt her body tense up.

She didn’t answer and avoided my mad look. I quickly raised my arm to punch her but it was interrupted.

“Stop it.”

“Rena…?” I mumbled, releasing my grip slowly.

I cast a last glance at Fuuko who had a few tears on her cheeks before to leave them.


Matsui Rena’s POV

“Hey, don’t cry.” I said, putting gently my hand on Fuuko’s shoulder.

“It’s right… It’s because of me…” She sobbed without looking at me. “I’m the one who bit Yuki…”

I feel… loneliness and pain.

“Why are you feeling alone?” I asked suddenly.

She stared at me while the tears continued to roll on her cheeks. I smiled softly and pulled her into a warm embrace.


Yagura Fuuko’s POV

“I’m sorry… It’s my fault…”



“Why?! You didn’t need to do that!” A familiar girl yelled at me.

“Don’t care. It’s not my business.” I answered like nothing could affect me.

“Really?! All will happen after this will be your whole responsibility!”



I’ve changed so much since this moment. I made the worst mistake in my life maybe… Even though I had my reasons to bite Yuki and turn her into a vampire. Now, I understood but it was too late anyway. I needed to take the responsibility for my stupid and rash action…

“Fuuko… Why don’t you talk about these feelings with Miru?” Rena asked softly.

“Never!” I shouted and pushed her abruptly before running away, locking myself in my room.


— At The Same Time –

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Stop to pace up and down.” Yui said, looking at me.

“She is fine, right?” I tried to calm myself.

“Of course, sit here.” She pulled me arm to make me sit next to her.

I complied and hug my knees. Then, the werewolf patted my head gently.

“She’s a Healer, she is strong enough to protect herself.”

I nodded slowly and closed my eyes.


She walked more closely of me and put her hand on my cheek. I was looking at her softly because I understood what will happen. Her thumb slid until the corner of my upper lips and pushed it. I opened my mouth to show my teeth. She smirked and removed her hand.

“Red eyes, sharp teeth, the mark on Mayu’s neck. You’re vampires, right?” She said, looking at Yuki shocked expression. “It’s okay with me, don’t worry.” She continued coldly.


“But, I want to be clear. I’ll help you because Mayu is my friend. Oh, and another thing, I hate you and your friend.” She left me after these words.


I pulled her slowly and put my lips against her own gently, closing my eyes. I felt her soft lips answered at my kiss.

After a few seconds, I opened wide my eyes and pushed her away abruptly.


“I-I-We-I’m fine now! We can continue to look for the plant!” I almost yelled while standing up quickly.


I felt a wind in my hair. Wind? Here? It was strange.



I opened my eyes abruptly while Yui looked at me, confused.

Wind? It wasn’t! Healer’s power…?

“Are you fine?” Yui asked finally.

“Annin she-”

“Yuria.” I voice interrupted me.

I turned around and stared the Healer who sat next to me. She wanted to talk with me. I quickly looked at Yui and she left us.

“Anna and me…” Miru started without looking at me. “Aren’t really sisters. We grew up together and she always protected me. The others Healers who were with us… They are all dead. We’re the last.” She explained while I stayed dumbfounded in front of her. “So, please. Take care of her.” She finished and looked at me, sincerely.

“I will. But, is she fine now? I mean, you can talk with her, right?” I asked while she became very pale.


“Hey!” A familiar voice shouted and interrupted Miru.

We stood up and walked toward the entrance.

Sayanee? Milky? Already? But… where is Annin?!

“Why… there is only you two…?” I asked, panicked.

“It’s…” Sayaka started, staring the floor.

“You leave her! I told you to call her again to come back but you didn’t care!” Miyuki yelled at her girlfriend.

“It’s not my fault! She leaves us because we were lost!”

“And? It wasn’t a reason! She can be in danger now!”

“It’s she who didn’t want to stay!”

“She is our friend!”

Miyuki sentence made Sayaka shut up. She was their friend, our friend. And what? Sayaka didn’t care? She helped them too, like everyone. What an irony.

“I WILL KILL YOU!” I screamed and threw her on the floor.


Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

I hit violently the floor.

Maybe, do I deserve it?

“You didn’t need to leave her! She doesn’t deserve it!” Yuria yelled,  grabbing my collar and made me stand up.

“Stop. You don’t need to do this too.” Yui said, calming the mad vampire. “What will she think if you hurt one of her friends?”

Yuria released me slowly before to slap my cheek. I totally deserved that. I didn’t dare to look at my friends or my girlfriend and I stared the ground.


Shiroma Miru’s POV

“Miru, you can talk with her, right? Tell me that she’s fine…” Yuria said hopeless.

It’s my fault too. I stop to answer at Yuria… Why? I think that she heard me but doesn’t answer. I didn’t think that she could be in danger…

‘Oneechan? Are you fine? Please answer…’

‘Chair… Kidnap… Not hunted…

To Be Continued…

Next: Chapter 4


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