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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Sick?

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I felt someone pulling me. I opened my eyes slowly, looking in front of me, I could distinguish two forms behind the broken car. People ran around me, trying to speak at me. But I didn’t understand their words. I couldn’t avoid the awful truth. They were gone.


“No please!” I cried, hugging my knees.

“You disobey. You’ll be punished!” He shouted, a belt in his hand.

“That’s hurt!” I cried, hoping for help.

“Stop it!” A female voice screamed.

He quickly turned around and beat her. I could hear her crying, again and again.


“-ria… Yuria, wake up.” A soft hand stroked my cheeks.

I opened my eyes slowly, my vision was blurred.

“Hey, what happened? You cried and screamed through your sleep.”

“Nightmare.” I said, burying my face in her neck. “Do you want to go out today? I need to take some fresh air” I asked.

“Why not.” She answered and stroked my hair softly. “I’ll make the breakfast.” She started standing up.


Iriyama Anna’s POV

We walked, I really enjoyed this time with her. We reached the park. I blew to warm my hands. Yuria smiled at me before extending her hand. I shyly grabbed it and she pulled our hands in her pocket. She stopped suddenly. I looked at her face, she gritted her teeth and stared in front of us.

“Yuria?” I called her, feeling her grip clenching around my hand.

“What?” She snapped at me.

“R-Release me. That’s hurt…” I tried to remove my hand from her pocket.

“What?” She looked at me a bit surprised.

“Stop squeezing my hand…” She let it go quickly.

“Sorry.” She barely mumbled.

“Isn’t Yuria?” A man asked with a grin.

“I don’t know you. Let’s go home Anna.” She turned around while I followed her.

“Don’t you remember your father?” He said in a provoking tone.

She didn’t answer and simply ignored him.


We silently came back home. She locked herself in the bathroom. I didn’t try to speak with her, I just let her alone. After maybe one hour she went out. I just stared at her while she sat next to me on the couch.

“I’m sorry.” She said without looking at me.

“You don’t need to be sorry.” I answered, continuing my work. “Do you want to tell me… who it was?”

She smiled a bit and shook her head before pulling me in a warm hug.

“I’m sorry for your hand.”

“That’s fine.” I simply answered, feeling her hugging me tighter.

We stayed a few minutes like this. She stroked my hair gently, I felt so reassured by Yuria’s presence. I closed my eyes, being relaxed.

“Anna… I…”

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I pushed me away from the warm hug, holding my head with my hands. All was spinning around me. I closed my eyes, trying to stop it. I barely heard Anna speaking to me. I felt something hot running from my nose. The pain stopped little by little. I opened my eyes, seeing the blood on my knees. I breathed loudly. I took the tissue in front of me and wiped my nose. My heart wanted to explode. I felt like vomiting, I stood up and ran to the toilet.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

Hearing Yuria, I decided to wait on the couch until the noise stopped. After a few minutes, I stood up to reach the young girl. She avoided my gaze.

“Go take a shower.” I said, trying to hide that I was pretty worried.

“Can you… take the medicine in the kitchen?” She said without looking at me before leaving me.

I nodded and brought it.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“No, I won’t.” I heard Anna’s voice said when I went out from the shower.

I grabbed a few clean clothes, wore it and reached the living room.

“You’re nothing to me.” Anna said before hanging up.

“Hey…” I said, making her turned around.

“Are you feeling better?” She smiled at me.

“Yeah…” I smiled back. “I’ll take a rest.” I said and she kissed me on the forehead.

“Fine.” I left her.

I laid on my bed, closing my eyes.

Could I tell her? Did I need it? After all, she already knew about my mood but…

Suddenly, the door’s sound pulled me out from my thoughts. I stood up, looking for what it was.

But… Anna wasn’t here anymore.

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : A gleam of True


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