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[OS] For Majijo Sake (Yoga x Magic)

For Majijo Sake (Yoga x Magic)

Magic’s POV

“Yoga?!” I let out, seeing the young girl dressed in a purple dress.

I was stunned to see her. I stared at each detail of her, the purple dress really suit her.

“It’s Ikura.” She answered me in an amused tone.

“Why are you here?” I asked and we sat on the seat around the table.

“I want to help Majijo.”

That was great. We needed more girls here.

“Y-Yoga?” Katabutsu stuttered at the view of my friend. “I mean Ikura…”

She seemed to be embarrassed. Surely because of what happened between us.

“Karei. It’s you, right?” Yoga asked, showing the picture on her phone.

It was the picture from Sakura’s phone… I felt my cheeks become red and I tried to avoid Yoga’s look. She must have hated me.

“I’m truly sorry!” Katabutsu bowed quickly in front of us.

She laughed at Katabutsu’s apologize. We stared at her confused.

“It’s fine.” She shook her head. “I already know about that. I’m glad she accepted to help.” She cast a teasing glance at me.

“Hey! I’m not black-hearted.” I pouted while she pinched my cheeks softly.

I saw Katabutsu leaving us, a light smile on her face.

“I’m glad to see you.” Yoga said with a warm smile. “This dress really suits you.” She continued, stroking by bare shoulders with her icy fingers.

She didn’t look at me. I lifted up her chin to make her face me. She showed me an almost sad smile.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, worried.

“I missed you.” She answered before kissing me slowly but passionately.

“I missed you too.” I said when we parted away.

“I don’t like to see you here…” She mumbled, avoiding my look.

I knew it. She didn’t only come to help. Yoga could be really jealous.

“It’s for Majijo sake.” I stroked her cheeks gently.

“I… don’t want that something happens to you.” She looked away, pushing my hand.

Nothing could happen. I knew how to protect myself.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry.”

“How can you say that? Yakuza came here the last time…”

And they did nothing. One tried to touch me but I quickly pushed him away. I couldn’t tell it to Yoga, she will be angrier than now.

“I’m okay, it’s for Majijo sake. You understand, right?”

“Majijo sake, huh? Will you let anyone kiss you for Majijo sake? Will you let someone touch you for Majijo sake? Will you let someone hit you for Majijo sake? Will you let someone kill you for Majijo sake?” She said in a cold tone before standing up.

I never saw her like this. She was really worried.

“Yoga…” I only said and she left me.

Otabe came in the backstage. She looked at Yoga who was leaving, a bit stunned.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, sitting in front of me.

I didn’t look at her. I didn’t want to talk about it. It will be okay. She will forget.

“Nothing.” I snapped.


Yoga’s POV

I quickly changed my clothes and reached the exit door.

“Ikura?” A voice called me.

I turned around, looking the girl with a white dress.

“It’s-” Sakura started but I left her, closing the door.

For Majijo sake? Majijo is important for me but… that kills me to see Magic here… I didn’t want to something happen to her. A guy almost punched her. Otabe told me everything.

“Aren’t you from this hostess bar?” A man asked while I passed in front of him.

“We have something to do with you guys. You treated our head.” Another smirked, walking toward me.

“Yakuza, huh?” I snapped, stopping me.

Great. They had troubles, I knew the hostess bar was a bad idea.

“Yeah and you’re a student from Majijo.”

“The girls who try to save their school by doing hostess.” The other laughed.

“It’s for Majijo sake.” I muttered.

I suddenly turned around and punched him in his face. The other ran to me, I avoided him. Looking at the guy on the ground, I hit him when he started standing up. I feel an impressive pain in my stomach. I slowly turned around, seeing the man with a knife in his hand. My uniform was red, red of blood. They laughed and ran away. I felt my head become dizzy and closed my eyes. Was everything over?


Magic’s POV

I was sitting next to the bed, squeezing the hand of the sleeping girl. She was right, it was dangerous. Why did I listen to her? Why didn’t I prevent her from leaving? She was injured now.

“Tell us if she wakes up.” Sakura said, leaving the room with Otabe.

I nodded. I didn’t know since when she was here. I didn’t want to know, it was too painful.

“Why did you leave? You idiot…” I couldn’t cry anymore.

I felt so empty. My eyes were red but dry. I just needed her to wake up.

“Please wake up…”

The hand squeezed me back, lightly. I raised my head, distinguishing a light smile on Yoga’s face.


Before she could answer, the machines started ringing loudly. The squeeze vanished little by little. The doctor came, taking Yoga in another room. Otabe looked at me, tapping my shoulder a bit. She didn’t need to speak, we understood each other and she was supporting me, as always.



“Don’t stare at me like that.” Anna said coldly.

“What?” I snapped back, annoyed by her.

“You’re staring.” She stood up, avoiding to look at me.

“What? No! Never!” I almost shouted and reached her.

I wasn’t staring at her. This girl was crazy.

“Really? Stop looking at me.”

“I wasn’t!”

“Don’t yell. I can hear you.” She said always calmly, looking into my eyes.

She made me angry. I didn’t like the way she talked to me.

“You! Stupid!” I grabbed her collar and pushed her against the wall.

I was leaning on her. She didn’t move or try to remove my grip.

“Will you punch me?” She made fun of me.

I smirked, leaning more against her. I removed my hands slowly to stroke her cheeks. She didn’t push me away, in the contrary, she grabbed my other hand and we intertwined our fingers. I was dying to try the taste of her lips. I tilted my head, our lips were a few inches apart. Her eyes were closed, her warm breath against my mouth.

“Have you- I-I-I’m sorry!” Sakura’s voice interrupted us.

I didn’t move but Yoga opened her eyes, trying to push me away.

“R-Release me!” She mumbled.

She tried to separate me from her. She wasn’t using all her strength. As if… she didn’t me to let her go. But I didn’t want to let her go anyway.  I quickly heard Sakura leaving us.

“Stop it.” I murmured in her ear.

She immediately stopped. I kissed her chin, her red cheeks and then her nose.

“I can’t stop staring at you.” I said before kissing fully her lips.

She was so gorgeous. I couldn’t leave my gaze from her but I didn’t like to admit it. Her lips tasted like cherries, but also soft, as cotton. I hoped that nobody will come to interrupted us again. I will not move away before gasping for air.



My teary-eyes burnt, thinking about our first kiss, our first moment together… thinking about her, Yoga.

“She doesn’t want you to cry for her.” Otabe said behind my shoulder.

I knew but I couldn’t help it.

“I want her to wake up.” I bit my lips to not cry again.

“She will. Come on.”

I followed her until we reached Yoga’s room. A young nurse came toward her. I couldn’t distinguish any expression on her face. Why? Was something wrong?

“Are you her friends?” She asked, referring to Yoga.

I nodded waiting her to talk, my mind empty.

“She is… awake.” The nurse finally smiled.

I rushed to her room. Yoga was sitting on her bed, a light smile on her face when I entered the room. I couldn’t feel gladder.

“You idiot.” I said, hugging her tightly.

I was crying. But it was the tears of joy this time…

Whatever why you cry. Every tear has a reason.

The End.

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