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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 4

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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 4

— In The Same Time –

Iriyama Anna’s POV

Stupid humans.

I’m walking alone in the cold twilight.

It was not the best idea… Maybe…

I didn’t really know where I needed to go. In fact, I was still lost but this time without my friends.

Friends? Are they? I wonder. Yet I hoped…

I needed to try to talk with Miru again.

‘Miru? Why do-‘

All is blank.

I slowly opened my eyes. My vision was blurred. I was sitting on a chair. My hands put on the arm, tie. It was hot. The sweats flowed on my forehead. I tried to move but I couldn’t.

“You’re awake.” An unfamiliar voice said in front of me.

I raised my head toward it. I could see a man, it was surely one of the Watanabe Corps.. He showed a smirk. Suddenly, I felt something roaming my painful body. Electricity. I was sitting on an electric chair. I clenched my fists and tried to hold my screams back.

“You seem strong. You are immortal, right?”

Immortal? I hope. I don’t want to die now.

The pain stopped. I breathed loudly and tried to remove my arms.

“Oh… The baby is crying?” The man made fun of me with a stupid smile on his face.

‘Oneechan? Are you fine? Please answer…’

‘Chair… Kidnap… Not hunted

I said before fainting.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Miru, you can talk with her, right? Tell me that she’s fine…” I said hopeless.

The Healer simple nodded. Her serious face disappeared to give way to terror.

“Miru…?” Fuuko called her friend.

“Sh-She… is in danger!” Miru shouted, looking at me.

“What happened?!” I asked in a hurry.

“She is captive.”

“Where? We need to save her!”

“Don’t be in a hurry Yuria.” Rena said, putting her hand on my shoulder.

I wanted to answer but Yui interrupted me.

“I’ll help you. Miru, where is she?”

I felt Haruka’s look on Yui. She seemed pretty mad against her girlfriend’s decision.

Yui can turn into a werewolf without problem…? Jurina and Rena don’t seem to be against this.

“North from here.”

“Fine. We’ll go now, it got dark.” Jurina answered, looking at me.

I simply nodded.


Matsui Jurina’s POV

I felt a squeeze on my wrist. I stopped walking and turn around.

“Jurina you-”

I quickly pulled my girlfriend toward another place.

“I’ll help them. Don’t matter what you think.” I said seriously.

“Maybe… you will need to kill-”

“They want to kill us too.” I answered before stealing her soft lips and meet my friends.


Matsui Rena’s POV

I rarely see her so serious. She will help Yuria, a vampire. I hope she doesn’t prepare something dangerous or stupid. However, I trust her even though I’m worried.


Yokoyama Yui’s POV

“I want to come with you!” Miru said, Fuuko looked at her, stunned.

“No. You need to stay here. We need you.” I answered and started to leave the place with the vampire and the werewolf while Miru looked the floor.

“But I want to save my sister! She’s the only person in my life” I heard she yelled at us and saw Fuuko’s face become suddenly pale.

Poor girl.

— At The Warehouse —

“Ready?” Jurina said with a grin.

Two men were standing up in front of the place.

We will attack them with Jurina. At the same time, Yuria will go inside the place to free Anna. We shouldn’t need to kill them…

I looked the other werewolf before turning into a wolf. Then, we rushed toward the door.

In fact, I don’t care if I kill them or not. They try to hurt my friend. Whatever if they are alive.

I bit his arm with all my strength. The man let out a cry of pain while Yuria entered into the place.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Another man was standing up in front of me. I distinguished Anna sitting on a chair, her head lowered.

“So, a vampire, right?” The man grinned.

I clenched my fists and rushed until him. I tried to punch his stomach but he avoided me. I wanted to attack him again but a noise stopped me. I looked toward it and saw few things moving around Anna.

“So, what do you think about your friend and her powers?” The man said, proudly. “Oh sorry. I mean, your lover.” I laughed while I looked at him.

“How did you know?” I gritted my teeth.

“I know a few things. As, she can’t really love you because the Healers can’t love someone.”

“Shut up!” I shouted before to use my special speed to bite his neck.

I removed myself and looked his corpse falling on the cold floor. After a few seconds, I reached Anna and started detaching her from a chair. The sweats covered her forehead. I made out the marks around her wrists because of the straps. Once I finished removing it, she raised a bit her head. A blood flowed on the corner of her injured lips.

“Yuria…” She mumbled quietly.

“We will take you home.”

I saw Jurina and Yui reaching my side. Then, I carried Anna until the hideout.


At The Hideout —

“A man knew a few things about us.” I said, crossing my arms on my chest.

“They survey you for a long time. They have a lot of documents and information about you.” Miru answered and stare the floor

“I see. He also said, Healers can’t love.” I told her.

“We have the reputation to have a heart of stone.” She said, casting a glance at the sleeping Anna. “Anyway, don’t believe him. Anna really loves you. Good night Yuria.” The Healer stood up and left my room.


— The Next Day —

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I slowly open my eyes.

Where I am?

I looked at my side where Yuria was sleeping, sitting on a chair. I smiled softly, closing my eyes again, a few tears flowed on my cheeks.

“Don’t cry.” My tears were wiped away by a soft hand. “I was worried about you.” She said and helped me to sit on the bed and sat at my side.



“I know a few things. As, she can’t really love you because the Healers can’t love someone.” I heard a man’s voice said.



I hugged my girlfriend tightly and started sobbing.

“I love you.” I said while she stroked my back gently.

“Me too.” She kissed my head and talked again. “Why… why didn’t you speak with me about your powers?”

“Sorry. I’m afraid that people try to shut me away because of this. I have telekinesis, telepathy with others Healers… I can also treat the vampire and werewolf’s wound.”

“I see… You don’t need to hide this kind of things with me.”

I nodded, always on her shoulder.

“It was an electric chair, right?” She asked while I nodded again. “I’m sorry. I won’t let them take you away from me again.”

After a few minutes without moving, she removed me from her shoulder. I looked at her, stunned, but she put her head against my chest softly. I blushed badly and my heart became crazy while she wrapped her arms around my waist.

“I just wanted to hear your heartbeat.” She mumbled and blushed.

That’s right, she doesn’t have any heartbeat anymore… Do I need to tell her about my immortality?


— In YuiParu’s Room —

Yokoyama Yui’s POV

“Have you… kill someone?” Haruka asked with her usual salty tone.


“Is someone dead?”

“Haruka… why are you asking this?” I finally said at the girl who was looking through the window.

She didn’t answer, I let out a sigh. I stood up and reached her.

“Such a salty girl.” I said, hugging her from behind.

I leant toward her cheek to kiss her but she pushed me abruptly.

“I told you-” A pain interrupted my sentence.

I breathed loudly…


Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

“Yui…?” I asked at the werewolf after turning around.

“I KILLED NOBODY!” She screamed and looked at me with a mad gaze.


She rushed toward me, grabbing my collar to push me against the wall.

“Why can’t you trust me?! I’m not good enough for you, right?!”

Yui released her catch but turns into a wolf. It walked to me while growling.

‘It’? But Yui is a person…

“YUI!” I screamed when she tried to bite my arm.

Before that, a few footstep reached us. Jurina and Miru. The young werewolf approached the angry one and patted her head gently. The wolf quickly disappeared to give way to Yui’s human form.

“Take care of her.” I said and left the girl, stunned.


— At The Same Time —

Shiroma Miru’s POV

“Hey, neechan. How are you?” I asked, sitting down.

“Fine. I’m glad to see you Mirurun.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t come…” I lowered my head and felt her arm around my shoulder.

“Don’t worry. Nee, Mirurun…”


“Why do you hate Fuuchan?” She asked and made me panicked.

“W-Wait, I don’t hate her… She’s with me for a long time, I just can’t!” I answered without looking at her.

“Eh? She’s your girlfriend?!” Anna almost shouted, shocked.

“No! She isn’t!” I answered quickly but she laughed at me. “What?” I said and turned my gaze toward her.

“I’m sorry! You’re funny when you panic.” She teased me while I gave her soft punch on her shoulder.

“YUI!” We heard someone shouted from another room.

I stood up and went to see what happened.


Yokoyama Yui’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly and rubbed it. The sheets covered my naked body. I cast a glance next to me.

“Hey cousin! You’re awake.” She smiled.

“Sayaka? What are you doing here?” I asked, a bit stunned.

“Why you expected someone else?” She teased me while I sat correctly, keeping the sheets on me.

“Hm… Yes…” I answered without looking at her.

“I knew. Paru seems pretty angry at you. She didn’t want to stay here.”

“Where is she?”

“Dunno! I will let out find her. If you need some help, you know where I am.” My cousin said before leaving me, alone.

I don’t remember. She asked me about… I can’t remember… About the men, if they were dead. Maybe, I’m not sure.

I grabbed my clothes and wore it. I took a deep breath and went to look for Haruka.

“How are you?” Jurina asked while I closed my door’s room.

“Fine, thanks. Jurina, I can’t remember what happened.” I admitted at the young girl.

“You rarely turn into a wolf when you want. Maybe, it’s because of yesterday.” She answered, patting my shoulder gently.

“I see. Where is Paru?” I asked.

She simply pointed out the living room and I followed her direction. I pushed the door and see my girlfriend, alone, reading a book.

“Haruka?” I called her but she didn’t pay attention to me. “Please ans-”

“I don’t want to talk with you.” She said with her salty tone before to leave me.

I’m still hunted…

To Be Continued…

Next : Chapter 5


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