[Letter] #01 Farewell Letter (YuriAnnin)

Letters’ Series #01 Farewell Letter (YuriAnnin)

I met you for the first time when you were employed here. I was the head’s daughter. You thought I was special but I showed you that I was like you. We quickly became friends as we always worked together. I liked you. You were like my sister. I thought you felt the same. But you loved me, not in the same way. I remember the first time you made me cry so badly. I was overwrought, I wasn’t able to work correctly. I thought you would understand me but… You yelled at me, saying I was useless. Luckily, Yui was here. She calmed me all through the night.

Then we met Rena. The girl was perfect, always kind with us. And you broke everything. We knew she had some troubles with her boyfriend. Someone threatened him, and they thought it was you because you were jealous of her boyfriend. We knew that you were in love with her. And you were stupid, making everything worse.  You brought me in your trouble too. I just wanted to help my friends, without taking sides either of you. But I… trusted Rena and for me, you were totally wrong. It was all your fault she had disappeared. I never saw her again since this time.

You came back to me, crying. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to yell at you, tell you the truth. But I stayed quiet, trying to comfort you. I couldn’t do something else, you were my friends. My friend… That is what I thought.

Your feelings toward me grew. You suddenly became jealous of Yui. Oh God, you can know how much I hated you at that time. Yui was everything for me, because she was there for me, contrary to you. You fought against her. But you asked her to stay quiet about your words and she did it. I asked her a few times later. You told her you wished to be with me, as lovers. I don’t know the truth but I still trust Yui.

I remember your last words to me. “You should forget me.” What did you think? You spoke as if we were together but we were friends… You knew that my friends left me two years ago and I felt alone. I felt bad, I didn’t want to trust people too much. I didn’t want to be disappointed. I was too young. I should have stopped being your friend when you told me that you loved me… but you didn’t know how. Like a lover? Like a friend? I thought it was temporary.

You never told me to my face. But now, I feel like you played with me. I understood. I understood that you lied to me all this time. I hate you. I hate you because I wasted my time with you. I hate you because I trusted you. I decided to ignore you and I will continue until I will be able to take a bit of courage to completely erase you from my life. You gave me a great lesson. Thank you, Anna.



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