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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 9

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Previous Chapter : A gleam of True

Chapter 9 – Gone

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

After a few weeks Anna didn’t come back. I stayed here, lying in my bed, alone. I stopped coming school. I didn’t know where Anna was. She never answered at my calls or my texts.

I was alone for a few years, doing all the things by myself. And now, I felt bad because she left. Did she left me? Will she come back? Something happened to her mother? I didn’t know. I knew nothing. Except that she was with her mother… Wait. I thought she was living with her parents… I just didn’t understand…

I stared the empty place next to me. Empty. All were empty. The bed next to me. My place. Me. I was empty. It was so…. sudden. I wasn’t ready for being alone again.

Someone knocked at the door. My eyes widened, hoping to see the one I missed. I stood up quickly, rushing toward the door. I opened it with a huge pain in my chest. I looked the girl in front of me. I slowly stepped back, closing the door again. She stopped me, coming into my place.

“This is where you’re hiding for these weeks.” She spoke, looking around her.

I sat on the couch, squeezing a cushion in my arms, like a kid.

“Nosebleed.” She said and gave me a tissue.

I took it and showed her an annoyed look. She smiled a bit and sat next to me.

“What happened?” She asked, patting my head gently.

“It’s none of your business Juri.” I snapped, looking away from her.

“Is it. I’m worried for you.” She stopped and let out a sigh. “We’re a family.”

“I… I saw him.” I lowered my head, squeezing more the cushion.

“What? Did he hurt you?” She asked in a worried tone.

“No… He just gave me this.” I told her, showing the letters on the table.

“You should’ve called me.” She pulled me in her arms, my head buried in her shoulders.

We stayed like this for some minutes. I didn’t dare to talk but she broke the silence.

“Another person was here.” I raised my head, looking intensely at her. “I noticed the shoes here and the second cup on the table.” She smiled.

“I see… But anyway, she isn’t there anymore…” I said but my voice started cracked.

“Hey, don’t cry, okay? It was the girl from last time, right?” I looked at her, confused. “The girl you saved. With the car, don’t you remember?” I finally nodded when I understand that she was referring to Anna.

“She is with her mother…”

“And?” Juri said, waiting for more explanations.

“I need to protect her… But she is alone and she didn’t talk to me since she left.”

“Yuria, isn’t you who need help?” She said with a concerned face. “Aren’t you who need to be supported? She was there, for you and she suddenly left.” I tried hard to not cry, knowing that she was right.

“I love her!” I yelled, hugging Juri tightly. “I don’t want her to leave me. I want her to come back to me…” The tears flowed on my cheeks, making it wet.

“She will. I’m sure, she will.” Juri told me and stroked my back kindly to calm me.


“Juri. Tell me, how is mum?” I asked, making she turn around toward me.

“She was fine when I saw her last time. Like usual…” She answered, a bit of anxiety in her voice.

I knew, mum never told us when she feels sad or hurt. And we knew that was often, he couldn’t stop to hurt her and us. Thanks to Juri, I was able to get out of the hell. Juri was my adopted sister. When my parents died, mum and he took me. And I met Juri. I knew he never hit her. That’s why she continued to see mum and him, telling me how mum was. I was thankful to my sister.

She came to me, holding a hot cup.

“You don’t need to do that.” I told her, grabbing the cup.

“But I want to.” She giggled. “Where is the cold and alone yankee?” She almost whispered while she sat on the couch.

“I hoped to stay like this but-” I stopped, looking my phone which just vibrated.

I took it and checked the text.


From: Anna

Sorry. I couldn’t replied….

I can’t come back live with you.

I’ll take my stuff this night.

I’m sorry.


A huge of rage travelled my body. I threw my phone away, doing my best to not cry again.

“Please. Leave me.”

Juri stood up, she looked at me in a worried way.

“Call me if-”

“Leave me!” I shouted at my sister with teary-eyes.

I always felt bad talking to her with this tone but I couldn’t help it.


The hours passed. It was the beginning of the night. I knew Anna will come. Too much empty bottle was leaving on the table. My head was spinning hard. I finished another bottle and put it next to me. A few seconds after I saw it fall, I did nothing, only staring it. The glasses covered a part of the floor near to me. I was pitiable. I never drank. I stood up, unstable. I wanted to take another bottle but a knock on the door stopped me. I reached it and opened it slowly. I light smile appeared on my face when I discover who it was.

“You’re… finally here.” I said, weakly.


Iriyama Anna’s POV

I took a deep breath, walking toward Yuria’s place. In front of the door, I wanted to knock but I noticed that it was ajar. I pushed the door slowly, turning the light on. The house was messed up and smelt the alcohol strongly. I looked around me, trying to find Yuria. Then, I walked in and called Yuria’s name a few times. She didn’t answer. I reached her room. She was there, hugging her knees.


I silently hoped she was fine, she will not try to hurt me or something else…

She raised her head toward me. I distinguished fear in her eyes. Her lips were bleeding, her eyes were red and teary, her cheeks were wet. I moved forward but she shook her head quickly, making me stop. She stared at something but it wasn’t me.

“Anna!” She shouted.

I felt an incredible pain behind my head. I fell on the floor, hearing Yuria calling my name and shook my shoulder. My vision was blurred. Then I couldn’t distinguish her voice anymore…

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : Save her…


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