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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 5

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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 5

Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

“Hey.” I said at the girl sat on the couch. “Are you still mad?” I asked, staying standing in front of her.

“I am.” She answered coldly without looking toward me.

I closed her book suddenly and she raised her head toward me. I wanted to talk but she didn’t let me any time. She stood up to go to our room. I just followed her.

“You don’t need to come with me.” She said in front of the door.


“I don’t want to talk with you.”


She didn’t answer and slammed the door. I sighed before to feel a warm hand on my shoulder.

“Sorry again, Annin.” I said without daring to look at her.

Will she accept it? I don’t think…

I just left one of my friends alone…. Without thinking about her.

What I hav-

“I won’t hate you. Stop being worried.” She said with a small smile.


“Let me talk with Milky, want you?”

I simply nodded and left her.


Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

I heard someone knocking on the door. I removed my earphones and reached it.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly, leaning against the wall.

“Just talk with you.” Anna’s voice answered.

I was a bit surprised but I opened at her, then, let the Healer go inside. We sat quietly on a bed.

“I’m glad that you’re fine…” I said, lowering my head.

“We aren’t close friend but… Can you do something for me? Like to be forgiven.”

I nodded, waiting for her request.

“Can you forgive Sayanee?” She asked while I looked at her, stunned.


“Please, think about this.” The Healer stood up and left me.


— An Hour Later — In The Living Room —

Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

“Sayaka-chan?” A soft voice called my name.

Wait. Nobody calls me like this… Except-

“M-Miyuki?” I said, looking at her direction.

“Can we talk?” She asked and I cast a quick look at Anna who winked at me.

I nodded, then, we reached our quiet room. She closed the door behind me. After, she moved closer to me.

Will she slaps me? I don’t know what she wants to do.

Suddenly, her soft lips met my own and I just enjoyed their taste for a few minutes.

“I hate you sometimes…” She said, her arms around my neck. “Yet, I won’t be away from you.”

“Thank you.” I answered and hugged my girlfriend tightly.


— In The Living Room —

Yokoyama Yui’s POV

“Stop this nonsense!” I said at my girlfriend who was ignoring me.


“You win. Let’s break up. You will not need to talk with me anymore.” I said sadly but Haruka didn’t care.

I stared at her. After a few seconds without answer, I left her, with teary-eyes.

“What happens Yuihan?” Yuria asked while I tried to hold my tears back.

“Nothing. I’ve just lost my girlfriend, the girl who supported me so much.”

“Come with me.”

I nodded and followed the vampire until an unknown place. I hadn’t seen this room before. There were a few meditation’s carpets and a punchbag.

“I didn’t know this room.” I said while looking around me.

“Nobody knows.” She giggled. “Here. Sit.” She pointed out one of the carpets and I followed her order. “Why didn’t you cry?” She asked and sat in front of me.

“I won’t. I-I don’t want to be the poor werewolf anymore…”


Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

“I won’t. I-I don’t want to be the poor werewolf anymore…” I heard Yui says when I looked by the ajar door.

“The poor werewolf?” Yuria asked, a bit surprised.

“I want to control me. I will not let anyone take Haruka away from… a safe place…”

“You doubt about her love for you.” The vampire said in a tone full of confidence.


“You will become better for her. And I know, you killed nobody.” Yuria stood up and cast a glance at the werewolf. “Meditation can help you to control yourself.”

I hid myself behind the wall.

“Trust her.” The vampire said at me without turning her head.

What I need to do?


— The Next Day — In The Living Room —

Matsui Rena’s POV

“Renaaaaaa-chan.” A young girl next to me, said, pinching my cheeks.


“Renaaaaaaa-chan.” She continued, trying to make me pay attention to her. “Renaaa-“

“What?” I asked annoyed by the puppy girl.

“Nothing, I want you to look at me.” She grinned.

“Come here.” I said whereas I opened my arms.

She showed me a cheerful smile and hugged me, sitting on my laps.

Happy puppy in my arms.

I giggled, she looked at me, surprised.

“Rena-chan?” She asked and tilted her head.

“Nothing.” I smiled before to peck her lips.

“Cute Rena.” She said with a serious tone.

My heartbeat became crazy. Then, she buried her head on my neck.

“Rena-chan smells good.”

I think, I’m blushing badly. This girl seriously!

Then, I turned my gaze toward the others girl in the living room


Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

“What is this kind of face, Mayuyu?” I asked, patting my girlfriend’s head.

“It’s… a kinda strange.” She said, holding her chest.

“Don’t worry, you’ll take the habit soon.” Yuria smiled at her. “Sometimes, I listen Annin’s one, it’s like… nostalgic.” She continued with an amusing smile.

“Liar. You pervert!” I teased my friend who blushed madly.

“Th-That’s not true.” She said, embarrassed while the Healer giggled softly, not far away from us.

“Seriously, it’s fucking weird.”

“Watch your language, young girl.” I said but she pouted and turned back to me.


I giggled at her reaction.

“Nee, Yuria-“ I started and turned around toward my vampire’s friend but she was gone.


— In YuriAnnin’s Room —

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“You’re here. You had suddenly missing.” Anna said with a little smile.

She reached me but I grabbed her hand and pulled her until she sat, back to me. Then, I hugged her from behind, putting my chin on her shoulder.

“Do you remember when I said that we didn’t need to hide anything?” I asked and wrapped my arms around her slender waist.

“Of course.” She simply answered.

“I have something to say to you.”

“Me too.”

“Anna… I had…” I hesitate.

“Just, tell me.” She said softly, extending her arm to stroke my hair.

“I had… killed someone to save you…” I finally said my voice full of anxiety.

I could hear her heart become crazy. I felt it beat against her chest.

“It was the man who kidnapped you…” I added, squeezing her hand.

“Thank you.” She answered but I was stunned. “Yuria.” I removed my arms and she turned around toward me. “Three years ago, with Miru. I killed a few people to escape… They are our enemies. They try to kill us. We don’t need to have any regrets about them.” She told me, stroking my cheek gently.


Iriyama Anna’s POV

The vampire didn’t answer and just stared at me.

Do I say something wrong? Why she says nothing?! Do I disgust her now? What I have done…?

A single tear flowed on my cheek while I started removed my hand slowly.

“That’s why you are heartless.” She said coldly, looking me in the eyes.

“Eh? But… That’s not true! Healers aren’t heartless! Unlike you, my heart is alive and my feelings are real! W-Why do you trust his words?” I shouted, crying.

“How can you say this?! You killed people!”

“They tried to kill me! I just… wanted to stay alive…” I lowered me head, not able to yell anymore. “Why are you upset? I thought you could understand me.”

“Anna… I’m sorry, it’s just… a bit shocking. I-“ She stopped suddenly, squeezing my hands.

“Yuria?!” She loosened her catch and fell backward on the mattress. “MIRU!” I screamed with all my strength.

A few seconds later, I saw Miru and Fuuko running toward me.

“What happens?!” My sister asked, looking Yuria, stunned.

I didn’t answer and stared her, empty.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

WHAT HAPPENED? Ok, calm yourself Yuria… Have I faint? Why? Ah! I can distinguish few voices even if all is blank.

“Eh… Her heart… was beating.”

“Is it possible?” A familiar voice asked.

It’s seem to be Anna’s voice…

“When we have a wave of emotion that can happen. Yet, she’s a vampire for more than hundred years…”

We? A vampire… Maybe Fuuko, I don’t think Yuki know this kind of stuff.

“Oneechan, have you fight?”

So, it’s Fuuko, Anna and Miru, right?

“Yes… She said I’m heartless because I killed some people.”

“I see… I don’t want to know what you said to answer at this. It was violent…” Miru said while I felt something take my hand


“I know you neechan, you can be hurtful when you’re upset.”

No, she just said that I haven’t any feelings for her…

“So, it’s because of me…?” Anna sobbed softly.


I forced myself to open my eyes and take the control of my body. I sat straight while the girls looked at me, dumbfounded. I held Anna’s hand, I decided to pull her to hug my girlfriend in tears.

“It’s fine… You don’t need to cry anymore.” I said at her and the others girls left us.

“I was afraid… I won’t lose you…” She sobbed on my shoulder.

“It was just a few seconds.” I said, surprised.

“It’s been three days now…”


“I’m sorry.” I apologized and kissed her cheek gently.

The last time I saw Anna cry like this, it was when she met her sister again.


— The Next Day —

Yagura Fuuko’s POV

“You seem less upset since Anna is there again.” I said at my friend.

“Right, I’m calm now. Even though with what happened the next time.” Miru answered without looking at me.

“That’s true, because she’s the only person in your life!” I said, ironically.

“There is something wrong, Fuuchan? She turned around and asked me almost innocently.

“Nothing, since Anna is here.”

“Hey, are you jealous Fuuchan?” She teased me but I was a bit upset.

“No it’s just…” I started, looking at her.

“Tell me.”

“I support you for a few years but you don’t care. ‘Cause Annin is the only person in your life, right?” I said with teary-eyes.

“Fuuko… I didn’t want to hurt you.” She said while she putted her hand on my shoulder.

I stared at her, the tears rolling on my cheeks. I couldn’t avoid to look at each details of her cute face. Her deep brown eyes, her kissable pink lips, her white skin…


I can’t hold it anymore.

“Stop it!” I shouted, pushing her hand away.

She looked at me, stunned. Then, she stood up and left me. I gazed at her but… she was going out.

“Miru! You can’t! It’s dangerous!” I yelled and ran after her.

We’re… hunted…

To Be Continued…

Next : Chapter 6


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