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[Two-shots] Don’t joke [Part 1] (YuriAnnin) [Remake]

Don’t joke [Part 1] (YuriAnnin) [Remake]

A black bike stopped in front of me. A young girl removed her crash helmet as the guy who was driving. She left a quick peck on his lips and she turned around toward me. She mustn’t expect to see someone behind her. She stared at me for some seconds with a surprised face before leaving to the school.

“Are you fine Yuria?” I heard Juri’s teasing voice next to me.

“Do you know her?” I asked my friend, referring to the girl.

“She is Iriyama Anna. Don’t you know her?” Juri answered a bit bewildered. “She is the smart popular girl.”


— After the school —

I took my stuff in my locker and noticed a few girls speaking next to me.

“Do you see Iriyama-san this morning? She was with her boyfriend!” The first said.

“Yeah, they are so cute.” The second spoke in an enthusiastic voice.

I never met her before today. In fact, I rarely cared about school’s stuff. I didn’t like it.

“Yuria!” Juri shouted suddenly my name.

I quickly closed my locker and looked at her.

“Oh sorry. Did I afraid you?” She teased me but I only nodded. “I can’t go home with you today.” She apologized softly.

“It’s fine. I will go to the manga’s shop then.”

She smiled at me before leaving.

I loved manga. I often went in this shop at least… in front of the windows. I didn’t go inside. I couldn’t pass all my time there.


— At the shop —

I gazed at all the things through the window. I heard a soft bell ringing and distinguished a figure going out. I turned my head to look at her. It was young girl.

“The shop will-”

“Iriyama-san…?” I let out but quickly shut my mouth, surprised by my own reaction.

“Who are you?” She said coldly.

“We are in the same school. I’m Kizaki Yuria.” I smiled at her but she sighed and started going away. “Wait!”

“What?” She snapped back.

“Why are you leaving?” I asked while she turned around.

“I don’t want to be bothering because I’m popular.”

“I won’t disturb you. The world doesn’t resolve around you…” I said, avoiding her eyes. “I didn’t know you before today anyway.” I mumbled and started leaving.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized and I stopped myself to look at her. “I don’t like being popular.” She paused a bit before talking again.” Do you want to go inside?” She asked with a light smile.

I nodded and we went into the shop. I looked the manga which covered all the wall.

“Welcome here, Kizaki-san.”

“Call me Yuria.” I answered without looking at her.

“Anna! It’s time to close the shop!” A woman voice shouted.

It was her mother, I guessed.

“I’m sorry Yuria.” She showed me a sad smile.

“See you next time.” I said before leaving her.


— Few days later —

I was late, I ran in the building. I quickly cast a glance at my watch.


My heart stopped beating. I turned my head but hit the corner of the wall. I stopped running and held my shoulder.

“Are you fine?!” A panicked voice came to me.

“Y-Yeah.” I answered, looking at her. “Iriyama-san?!”

I felt all the gazes on us, I looked down slowly.

“Look in front of you…” She mumbled, touching my shoulder. “Doesn’t it hurt?” She spoke in a worried tone.

“I-I’m fine.” I left her with a weird feeling in my chest.

I didn’t like all the looks which were staring at us, full of jealousy.

I finally reached the classroom.

“You are late. Sit down, Kizaki.” He snapped coldly.


— After the class —

“You. Are you serious?” An unfamiliar voice said to me.  “You are the most idiotic girl.”

I lowered my head down, avoiding the person in front of me. I bit my lips and finally raised my eyes with angry eyes.

“Are you mad?” He said before leaving me.

I stayed in the classroom, alone. I put my head on my arms and closed my eyes.

“Why are you alone here?”

I looked at her, surprised. My heart started beating wildly. She pat my head with a light smile.


“Hey, don’t cry.” I quickly wiped my tears away with my sleeve.

“Anna. What are you doing?” A male voice spoke behind her.

“Eh? I’ll meet you outside, I need to- Release me!” She shouted when he grabbed her arms strongly and pulled her.

I looked at them without moving. She couldn’t resist. Anna was so kind, he didn’t deserve a girl like her.


— Few days later —

I didn’t talk with Anna since the last time. One day, after the school, I reached the manga’s shop quickly. I pushed the door slowly. The young girl was here, a light smile on her face.

“Hi.” She mumbled.

“I wanted to see you. How are you?” I asked in a worried tone.

“Fine…” She spoke in a quiet voice.

“You aren’t. Did he hurt you?” I said, referring at her boyfriend.

She shook her head but I wasn’t fine with her answer.

“Break up with him.” I told her but she looked at me, surprised.

“What? Why? I barely know you, don’t decide about my life!” She yelled mad.

“You’re a great person. He doesn’t deserve you.” I bit my lips while she grabbed my wrist, preventing me from leaving.

“Thank you. Sorry. Yuria, let’s be friend.” She smiled and releasing me slowly.

I nodded slowly.


— Few months later —

Anna finally broke up with her boyfriend. So many guys wanted to have Anna’s heart. She was so popular among them. That killed me each time I saw one of them trying to hit on her. I became really jealous. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Anna and I are in my house, she seemed a bit troubled.

“Are you fine?” I asked while she looked at me.

“I have a date, I’m stressed.” She admitted, avoiding my eyes.

“What?” I snapped, the jealousy was burning inside my body. “You’re an idiot! Leave me!” I shouted, pushing her toward the door.

She didn’t answer and just left the house. The tears were flowing on my cheeks. I clenched my fists and went in my bedroom.


— Two days later —

My room’s door was pushing slowly.

My head was buried in my cushion. I couldn’t see the person who was coming in.

“Yuria…” She spoke in a warm voice.

I immediately recognized Anna’s voice.

“I don’t want to see you.” I mumbled, she started stroking my head gently.

I felt good with this warm hand which was playing with my hair.

“I’m sorry.” She finally told me.

I sat next to her and grabbed her hand, looking away

“I… I’m jealous about this boy…” I admitted while a single tear rolled on my cheek.

She didn’t answer, staring at me. I stood up, trying to hold back my other tears.

“Why don’t-” I started speaking but she interrupted me violently.

She put her hands upon my shoulders and pushed me until I touch the wall. She leaned on her hand, close to my head. She titled a bit her head. I could feel her breath on my lips.

“Baka. I love you.” She said before pecking my lips softly.

I stayed frozen, staring at Anna’s eyes.

“Really?” I only could say while she showed me an amusing smile.

“I don’t joke about my feelings.” She answered, removing herself.

I finally avoided her eyes, becoming red. I lowered my head and bit my lips. She wrapped her arms around my body gently, patting my head.

“Anna, I love you.” I said, my head put against her shoulder.

She smiled, stroking my cheek. I leaned toward her lips and we kissed passionately.

To Be Continued…

Don’t joke [Remake] [Part 2]


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