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[Two-shots] Don’t joke [Part 1] (YuriAnnin) [Remake]

Don’t joke [Part 1] [Remake] (YuriAnnin)

A black bike stopped in front of me. I stared at it, a bit stunned. A young girl removed her crash helmet as the guy who was driving. She left a quick peck on his lips and she turned around toward me. I stepped back quickly, embarrassed.  She mustn’t have expected to see someone behind her. She looked at me for some seconds with a surprised face before leaving the school. Who was it? I didn’t remember her name or even her face. Did I see her before? Well, I didn’t know.

“Are you fine Yuria?” I heard Juri’s teasing voice next to me.

“Do you know her?” I asked my friend, referring to the girl.

Juri knew a lot of people, she could remember their names. I was sure she could help me.

“She is Iriyama Anna. Don’t you know her?” Juri answered a bit bewildered. “She is the smart popular girl.”

The? Wait. Should I know her? So, she was popular but anyway, popular people are mean and suck, right?


Finally, the day was over. I could go home. I took my stuff in my locker and noticed a few girls speaking next to me.

“Do you see Iriyama-san this morning? She was with her boyfriend!” The first exclaimed.

Why did I never notice it before? It was as if I heard her name everywhere now.

“Yeah, they are so cute.” The second spoke in an enthusiastic voice.

Cute? Well, only because she was popular. If not, we know everybody will not care about them.

“Yuria!” Juri shouted suddenly my name.

I quickly closed my locker and looked at her. She suddenly pulled me from my thoughts. I hated when she did that.

“Oh sorry. Did I afraid you?” She teased me but I only nodded. “I can’t go home with you today.” She apologized softly.

“It’s fine. I will go to the manga’s shop then.”

She smiled at me before leaving. I loved manga. I often went to this shop at least… in front of the windows. I rarely went inside. I met the owner only once or twice maybe. I didn’t like to be disturbed when I looked for manga.


I gazed at all the things by the window. Should I go inside? I didn’t know, I needed to go home and I knew I could stay a long time. I heard a soft bell ringing and distinguished a figure going out. I turned my head to look at her. It was a young girl.

“The shop will-”

“Iriyama-san…?” I let out but quickly shut my mouth, surprised by my own reaction.

Her? Again? Did she work here? I never saw her there before.

“Who are you?” She asked coldly.

“We are in the same school. I’m Kizaki Yuria.” I smiled at her but she sighed and started going away. “Wait!”

What? Did I make her angry?

“What?” She snapped back.

“Why are you leaving?” I asked while she turned around.

“I don’t want to be bothering because I’m popular.”

“I won’t disturb you. The world doesn’t revolve around you…” I claimed, avoiding her eyes. “I didn’t know you before today anyway.” I mumbled and started leaving.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized and I stopped myself to look at her. “I don’t like being popular.” She paused a bit before talking again.” Do you want to go inside?” She asked with a slight smile.

I nodded and we went into the shop. I looked at the books which covered all the wall. I was sure it wasn’t a good idea.

“Welcome here, Kizaki-san.”

“Call me Yuria.” I answered without looking at her. “Did you work here?”

“Sometimes I help my parent. I let you walk around.” She answered in a soft tone before leaving.

I stayed almost an hour. It started getting late so, I decided to go home even though I didn’t really want to. I talked with Anna. She seemed really nice.

“See you next time.” I told her before leaving her.


I was late, I ran into the building. I quickly cast a glance at my watch. The teacher will definitively kill me.


My heart stopped beating. I turned my head but my shoulder hit the corner of the wall. I stopped running and held it. It hurt, really. Why did she call me? I was already late.

“Are you fine?!” A panicked voice came to me.

“Y-Yeah.” I answered, looking at her. “Iriyama-san?!”

I felt all the gazes on us, I looked down slowly.

“Look in front of you…” She mumbled, touching my shoulder. “Doesn’t it hurt?” She spoke in a worried tone.

“I-I’m fine.” I left her with a weird feeling in my chest.

I didn’t like all the looks which were staring at us, full of jealousy. I wasn’t fine but I couldn’t tell her. I just needed to leave

“I need to go.” I quickly mumbled and left.

I felt my cheeks flushing. Why? I finally reached the classroom.

“You are late. Sit down, Kizaki.” My teacher snapped coldly.


It seemed that the teacher was really angry with me. He kept teasing me because I was late, again. Another bad grade. The students made fun of me. I didn’t like it. I wanted to disappear.

“You. Are you serious?” A voice yelled at me.  “You are the most idiotic girl.”

I lowered my head down, avoiding the person in front of me. I bit my lower lip and finally raised my eyes with angry eyes. I wanted to stand up and punch him in the face but I couldn’t.

“Are you mad?” He asked before leaving me.

I stayed in the classroom, alone. I put my head on my arms and closed my eyes.

“Why are you alone here?”

I looked at her, surprised. My heart started beating wildly. She patted my head with a light smile.


“Hey, don’t cry.” I quickly wiped my tears away with my sleeve.

Why did she be here? I didn’t want her to see me cry.

“Anna. What are you doing?” A male voice spoke behind her.

“I’ll meet you outside, I need to- Release me!” She shouted when he grabbed her arms strongly and pulled her.

I looked at them without moving. She couldn’t resist. Anna was so kind, he didn’t deserve a girl like her. Why did he act like that?


I didn’t talk with Anna since the last time. One day, after the school, I reached the manga’s shop quickly, hoping she was here. I pushed the door slowly. The young girl was standing up in front of me, a light smile on her face.

“Hi.” Anna mumbled.

“Hey, I wanted to see you. How are you?” I asked in a worried tone.

“Fine…” She spoke in a quiet voice.

She wasn’t. She was used to smiling, but there is no sign of joy on her face.

“You aren’t. Did he hurt you?” I insisted, referring to her boyfriend.

She shook her head but I wasn’t fine with her answer. How could she stay with him? I met him once and I already hated him.

“Break up with him.” I told her but she looked at me, surprised.

“What? Why? I barely know you, don’t decide about my life.” She yelled mad.

“You’re a great person. He doesn’t deserve you.” I bit my lip and started leaving.

She quickly grabbed my wrist, stopping me.

“I’m sorry. I know you try to help me… Thank you.” She smiled and released me slowly.

I turned around and looked at her and smiled.

“Let’s be friends.”

I only stared at her, surprised before nodding slowly.


Anna finally broke up with her boyfriend. But so many guys wanted to have Anna’s heart. She was so popular among them. Of course, she was pretty, smart, kind. She was perfect to me. That killed me each time I saw one of them trying to hit on her. I became really jealous. I couldn’t take it anymore. I spent my day with her but she seemed a bit troubled.

“Are you fine?” I asked while she looked at me.

“I have a date, I’m stressed.” She admitted, avoiding my eyes.

A date? It had been a few months since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend. Was she in love again? Did she have a crush on a new guy? It was enough for me.

“What?” I snapped, the jealousy was burning inside my body. “You’re an idiot! Leave me!” I shouted, pushing her toward the door.

She didn’t answer and just left the house. The tears were flowing on my cheeks. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes. She must have hated me now. I was sure I broke everything.


My room’s door was pushing slowly. My head was buried in my cushion. I couldn’t see the person who was coming in. I didn’t care, I wanted to talk to nobody.

“Yuria…” A voice spoke in a warm voice.

I immediately recognized Anna’s voice. Maybe, I should have apologized but I was still mad

“I don’t want to see you.” I mumbled, she started stroking my head gently.

I felt good with this warm hand which was playing with my hair. I liked it, I didn’t want it to stop.

“I’m sorry.” She finally told me.

She apologized but for what? She removed her hand from my hair. I sat next to her and grabbed her hand, looking away

“I… I’m jealous of this boy…” I admitted while a single tear rolled on my cheek.

She didn’t answer, staring at me. Why did she stay quiet? She came here to talk and right now she wasn’t able to tell me another word. I stood up, trying to hold back my tears.

“Why don’t-” I started speaking but she interrupted me violently.

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me until I touch the wall. She leaned her hand, close to my head. She titled a bit her head. I could feel her breath on my lips. I felt stuck, stuck between her arms.

“Baka. I love you.” She told me before pecking my lips softly.

She pulled her head away. I stayed frozen, staring at her. Our gazes were locked. I was lost in her deep eyes.

“Really?” I only could mumble while she showed me an amused smile.

“I don’t joke about my feelings.” She answered, removing herself.

I finally avoided her eyes, becoming red. I lowered my head and bit my lip. She wrapped her arms around my body gently, patting my head.

“Anna, I love you.” I almost whispered, my head put on her shoulder.

I wanted to stay in her arms, it was warm and comforting. After a few minutes, we pulled away. She smiled, stroking my cheek. I leaned toward her lips and kissed her gently. Her lips taste was better than I thought.

“I’m sorry for ignoring my feelings toward you.” She told me, still stroking my cheek.

So, it was what she was sorry for.

“I’m sorry for being jealous…” I avoided her eyes.

I felt her pulling me until our lips met again.

To Be Continued…

Don’t joke [Remake] [Part 2]


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