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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Save her…

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly. All was white and bright around me. The sun was shining through the window. I rubbed my eyes, feeling the pain behind my head.

“How are you?” Someone asked, the voice seemed to be next to me.

“Where I am?” I said, trying to sit.

“Hospital. I’m a nurse.”

“I see. What happened?” I asked while she helped me to sit correctly.

“They found you in a house. You were faint.”

I wanted to move from here, I started standing up by the nurse stopped me.

“I need to see someone.” I told her but she didn’t let me go.

“A girl was here too. She told me that she’ll wait you in the house.”

“I see… Thank you…” I looked at her badge to see her name. “… Watanabe-san.” I said with a light smile.

“Here.” She handed me a medicine. “Take this for your headache. You received a punch behind your head.”

I nodded and took it before speaking again.

“When can I go out?”

“Now. You’re stable.” She smiled at me.


I pushed the door slowly. I cast a quick glance at the stuffs on the floor.

“Yuria?” I called her but none answer.

“Iriyama-san?” I heard someone next to me said.

I stepped back and turned around toward the person quickly.


Takahashi Juri. She was my friend from High School. I spent a lot of time together, I was glad to be able to know her. In fact, I knew that she was friend with Yuria. I saw them together a few times and… there was a picture with her and Yuria was in the living room.

“Anna! I’m so glad to see you!” She shouted, half-panicked.

“Why are you here?” I asked, surprised.

“I came to check if Yuria was fine and I found you fainted on the floor.”

“To check?” I said, curious about this.

“Yeah, she felt really bad a few hours ago… when she received a text. I was worried.”

A few hours ago… It was mine! The house, it was because of that? But someone hit me… I didn’t understand everything.

I looked at the table, full of empty bottles. Did she drink?

“Are you… her best friend?” I asked while we sat on the couch.

“Eh? No, I’m her sister.” She said a bit disappointed.

“Sister? But you don’t have the same surname…” I looked at the floor, thinking. “Wait.” I finally turned toward her. “She had been adopted, you’re the daughter of the family, right?”

“Ah yes, did she tell you the story?”

“Well, not really.” I stood up, rubbing my head. “Where is Yuria?” I asked but her smile dropped quickly.

“Wh-What? Didn’t is she with you?”


“I’ll try to call her.” She also stood up and took her phone.

I looked at her, but she made a worried face. Yuria didn’t answer.

“Tell me what you remember.”

“I went to see Yuria. The door was opened and all was messy. I saw her, panicked and sat on the floor. I can’t remember after… I know that someone hit me behind the head.” I explained at Juri.

The important part was completely gone from my head. I couldn’t remember anything. All was blank.

“Isn’t her who hit you…?” She asked, not really fine to say these words.

“I-I don’t think…” I lowered my head, a single tear rolled in my cheeks.

“Maybe, she just needs some times alone…”

“Why are you saying this?” I looked at her with a hopeless eyes.

“The text… it was you, right?”

“Yes… But Juri, someone stunned me. We need to know who it was.” I spoke, avoiding to look at her.

“I know, I know…”

I started leaving her when suddenly I remembered something.

“Her father…” I mumbled.

“Father? But he is dead.” She said while I turned around toward her.

“We saw a man, he said that he was her father but Yuria was like… mad?”

“What?! Come with me!” She shouted and rushed toward her car.


“So, he is your father…” I said after she explained me everything.

“Right. Can I ask you something?” She spoke without looking at me as she was driving.

“Of course.”

“Why did you leave her?”

These words made a shock in my heart. I felt bad. All was my fault. If I hadn’t left her, nothing would happen. Yuria could be in danger because of…

“Family issue.”

“And? Can’t you come back after?”

“There are no after. That can stop…” I told her looking by the window.

“You can’t! She needs you.”

“I know! I had to support her but look! I did nothing for her!” I yelled, holding my tears from falling.

She stopped suddenly the car, glaring at me.

“I’ll go, I text you if I find something.” She said in a cold tone.

I sighed, the sister hated me now.


I waited. That was killing me. Staying here without moving. I started being impatient when I finally received a text from Juri.


From: Juri

Go in hut at the end of the garden.

Don’t make any sounds.


I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I reached the house, hoping nobody to see me.

Why Juri can go by herself? I mean, if someone saw me I… And if Yuria isn’t here? What will I do?

The door was locked. I let out a sigh and looked around me. A bright stuff caught my attention. I took it. It was a key. I put it on the locker. A light sound could be heard. I pushed the door slowly, discovering a young girl who was looking at me, panicked-stricken.

“Yu-Yuria?” I mumbled, walking closer.

She grabbed my collar and pushed me against the wall, I could distinguish anger and fear in her eyes. I hit the wood. An incredible pain reached my head. My wound wasn’t completely healing. I bit my lips, trying my best to don’t make any sounds because of the pain. I raised my head toward Yuria, seeing her teary-eyes. She slapped me, I closed my eyes. She surely left a red mark on my cheeks. I felt her grip on my collar become stronger. But this time she was pulling me and gave me a chaste kiss. For these some seconds, I felt relieved. She released me slowly and I grabbed her hand to pull her outside.

“Wait Dad! Stay here, I can go by myself!” I could hear Juri yelled.

The door was open, my heart stopped beating. But I didn’t stop running and reached the car.

Yuria held her head, certainly because of her hangover. I patted her head gently.

“Yuria!” Juri yelled and hugged her sister.

I looked at them, with a bitter smile. They pushed away, Juri glared at me. I slowly lowered my head and went into the car.

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : All I want is you


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