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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 6

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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 6

Yagura Fuuko’s POV

Come back!” I yelled at me friend.

I ran until the door. I couldn’t continue to follow her. The sun hurt me. I looked at her from far away. I tried to call the Healer but she didn’t care.

I distinguished two figures, walking toward her. They stopped Miru who was still mad and didn’t seem to obey at them. Suddenly, the men grabbed her arms.

Watanabe’s men? I will not let them take Mirurun away.

I took a deep breath and prayed to stay alive after this. I rushed toward them with my supernatural speed, punching them. Then, I carried Miru, who was completely surprised, until the hideout. I didn’t stay too long under the sun but… the sun beams already attacked my skin. I was boiling. I couldn’t stop my tears to flow on my cheeks because of the pain. I put Miru down and she turned around. I saw her open her mouth to speak but nothing came out. I just smiled before fainting.

Shiroma Miru’s POV

I was waiting, sitting on a chair not far away from Anna. She was treating Fuuko’s wounds. I was worried about my friend. She could die.

Why she never thinks before to act?

It’s not too serious.” Anna said, standing up. “She will be fine soon.” She added before to leave me with the fainted vampire.

So, I just waited for a few minutes or hours, I didn’t know.

Finally, she opened her eyes and sat.

How are you?” I asked, emotionless.


Why did you do this? Why you never think about your act? Why you’re so selfish?!” I asked while she stared the sheets on her.


Why did you bite Yuki? You didn’t need…”

She looked at me, with a teary-red-eyes.

Fuuko, tell me.”

I need to know. I feel it, she hides something.

Because of you… I wanted to impress you. That’s why I bite her. I saved you because you’re… my friend. I need you Miru! Yet, when I met you, I wasn’t here for you. You didn’t pay attention to me. You are always so cold…” She explained while I saw each tears like a pain.

You don’t need to impress me. Why do you want to?” I asked, stunned, and sat next to her.

Because I love you.”

My heart started pounding so fast. I felt my cheeks became hot and red whereas Fuuko avoided my gaze for a few seconds and then, daring to look at me.

Yagura Fuuko’s POV

Fuuko…” She mumbled softly.

I leant slowly toward her, until I locked her perfect pink lips with mine for a few minutes. She slowly answered at my kiss. We pulled away and I noticed her warm hand stroking my wet cheek.

Miru… Wh-Why are you cold toward me…?” I asked, emotionless.

She just smiled and pulled me in another kiss.

Because I love you.” She finally answered when her soft lips left mine. “I didn’t want to show it. I was afraid to be rejected.” She explained, removing her hand from my cheek.

I tried to hold more tears and buried my face against her milky neck. I breathed her pleasurable scent and intertwined my fingers with her own.

Don’t be cold anymore.” I whispered softly at the Healer.

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Annin?” I called my girlfriend who was reading in front of me.

She raised her head toward me, waiting me

I don’t remember… what happened…” I said while she closed her book to sit next to me. “You entered in the room and took me in your arms but… I can’t remember next…” I admitted.

Yuria… Please don’t be mad…” She said and looked at me.

I simply nodded and she started explaining everything.

You told me about the man… This one who was dead… You said, you killed him. But… I-I had kill some people to escape when I was younger.” She slowly lowered her head, avoiding my gaze. “I also said that your heart wasn’t alive and you didn’t have any feelings for me.”

I couldn’t keep me promise. I was mad. I raised my hand and slapped her cheek. The sound resonated inside the quiet bedroom. I quickly placed myself between her legs and grabbed her collar.

How can you say this?!” I shouted at her, preventing the tears to fall.

Please…” She raised her head toward me. “Stay calm… I don’t want to see you faint again.” She said with a hopeless tone.

I stared at her. Her deep eyes full of love looked at me, intensely. I couldn’t reject it, her love.

I softly pushed her backward. My hand on her neck and the other on her waist. I leaned slowly as if I wanted to stop time. Our lips finally met.

I love you. Never doubt about this.” I said softly.

I love you too, Yuria.”

I don’t want to be hunted

To Be Continued…

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