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[Two-shots] Don’t joke [Part 2] (YuriAnnin) [Remake]

Don’t joke [Remake] [Part 1]

Don’t joke [Part 2] [Remake] (YuriAnnin)

“It’s over.”

That was all. These words say in a harsh and cold tone.

“What?” I looked at the girl, dumbfounded.

“Between us…” Anna lowered a bit her head, hiding her teary eyes. “I don’t love you anymore Yuria.” I knew that she never joked with her feelings

After that year, she wanted her to stop everything. I stayed frozen, looking at her who was leaving me. The tears were rolling on my cheeks, unable to stop them. It was so sudden. She loved me, yesterday and the day before. Maybe her feelings were already gone. I didn’t know, I couldn’t know.


Now, what will I do? And the day after? Without the one I loved. It wasn’t the end of my life, right? But I felt as if it was. Because it was over.

“Yuria?” My mother called me in front of my bedroom.

“Let me sleep…” I mumbled in a cracked voice.

I was tired but I couldn’t sleep.

“Are you fine?” I heard her voice coming closer.

I hummed, squeezing my cushion. I cried all the night. I rubbed my tired eyes and stood up. I noticed that I was still wearing my clothes. I reached the bathroom and took a warm shower. I tried to think about something else that Anna but I couldn’t. It was wrong. She didn’t love me anymore. I needed to forget her.  I left the bathroom and sat on my bed, taking a deep breath.

“It’s time for lunch!” My mother yelled at me.

“I’m not hungry…” I muttered, knowing that my mother couldn’t hear me.

I didn’t want to move, I just stayed here. Footsteps came closer and the door was pushing slowly.

“What happens to my daughter?” My mother asked in a worried tone.

I didn’t want to talk either. I just needed to stay alone.

“I’m going outside.” I answered, biting my lower lip to hold back my cries.

I left her and slammed the door behind me. I tried to stay calm, to not cry, to not being mad. So, I decided to walk around the park close to my house. It could change my mind after all. I distinguished a young couple in front of me while I was sitting on a bench. It hurt. They surely are happy together. And me, I was looking at them, heartbroken. Until I saw the girl. Was it here? Really? Wasn’t I dreaming? No, it was definitively her. It was Anna. The guy took her hand, almost forced. He quickly noticed her emotionless expression and pinched her cheeks. She raised her head and he kissed her. It was enough for me. I wanted to stand up but my head started spinning hard. I quickly sat back.

“Yuria? Are you fine?” A familiar voice asked me.

The tears flowed again while I looked at her. I felt weak, I was weak. Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong? I wondered if she already knew that guy before. Did she cheat on me?

“What’s wrong?” Juri asked me, sitting next to me.

“She broke up with me…” I began crying.

Juri pulled me into a comforting hug. I felt better, I was less alone.

“I’ll take you back home. You’ll tell me everything.”

Maybe, I needed to speak, to tell my feelings to my friend. She could help me to feel better. She dragged me to her home. We stayed quiet. I felt as if I couldn’t speak for now.

“Tell me.” She spoke in a soft tone.

“Anna told me that she didn’t love me anymore and she broke up…” I felt a big pain in my heart.

It hurt to tell it but it was the truth after all.

“What? She loved you so much! What’s wrong with this girl?!” She started yelling in an angry tone

She seemed to be really annoyed with what happened.

“But, I saw her with a boy… and they kissed…” I told her, avoiding to look at her.

“Was it really her?” She asked in a slow voice.

I was sure, I could easily recognize her. I nodded and she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Do you think that… she cheated on you?”

I thought about it and it hurt me more. These words made me cry again. Juri let out a soft sigh and pulled me into her arms.

“I’m sorry. Stop crying Yuria…”

“All was fine between us.” I mumbled, continuing to cry.

I didn’t understand why. I slowly closed my eyes, feeling her patting my head gently.

I rubbed my eyes slowly and looked around me.

“J-Juri?” I let out a bit surprised.

“What?!” She yelled, falling from the bed where we were sleeping.

“Are you fine?” I asked, leaning toward the girl sitting on the floor.

“Why the hell are you speaking aloud as this?” She shouted and stood up.

I started laughing at her. This girl was something. She smiled at me and spoke again.

“We’ll go to my house before going to school.”

“I won’t go…” I mumbled, avoiding her eyes but she threw a cushion at my head.

Okay. I will go if not Juri will try to kill with my cushion. So, we went to school. I didn’t see Anna today. I avoided her, at least I tried. Anyway, we weren’t in the same class, so it wasn’t too difficult. It was our last year, we will graduate soon.

When I left the school, I noticed the guy from the last time. He seemed to wait for someone I guess. He didn’t smile, he stayed with a strong expression on his face. I let out a sad sigh, thinking that he was waiting for the one I loved.


Finally I couldn’t erase these stupid feelings and forget her. Time passed but nothing changed in my heart. I decided to speak to her. I didn’t know if it was a good idea but I felt as if I needed to do it. Maybe, I could feel better if I knew everything. I waited for her after the school. When she went out from her classroom I reached her.

“Anna, explain to me.”

“I have nothing to say. I told you, I don’t love you anymore.” We continued to walk to the front of the school.

Her voice sounded wrong. It wasn’t like usual.

“Why? All was-”

“Shut up!” A male voice shouted at me.

I looked at him. He cast a quick glance at Anna before slapping her. He couldn’t, he couldn’t slap her. All the students’ gazes were on us. I hated it.

“You! Don’t approach us!” He added, grabbing my collar and pushing strongly.

I stared at them going away. I clenched my fist, definitively angry. I will do everything for Anna. I couldn’t believe what just happen.


Pain. My heart was full of pain. I didn’t think that was so hard to forget someone. When I saw her, everything was burning inside me. I missed her so much. I still needed to talk. I passed in front of the washroom, distinguishing a girl alone inside. I quickly entered here and closed the door behind me.

“What are- Yu-Yuria?” Anna mumbled when she recognized me.

“What happens?” I asked, walking toward her.

She didn’t answer and stepped back. Her body was covered with bruises and red marks. What happened? Was it her boyfriend? How could he do that…?

“Anna. Talk to me.” I spoke in a soft voice, still coming closer.

“He will hurt me if I do that…” She avoided my eyes

The wall stopped her, she couldn’t move back anymore. I raised my hand slowly. A few inches from her cheek, I stopped myself.

“Please… Don’t slap me…” She mumbled, looking into my eyes.

I couldn’t. She was everything to me. I loved her.

“Never.” I showed her a sad smile before stroking her cheek gently.

She closed her eyes, relaxing. I felt her breath becoming calmer. I missed it.

“Anna! What are you doing?!” His boyfriend shouted.

He was in the school… This guy was crazy. Her body suddenly tensed up. She was afraid. A single tear flowed from her eye, touching my hand slowly.

“I’ll protect you.” I whispered, removing myself.

“I’m coming.” Anna yelled without looking at me.

I hid me in a corner while she left the place. I let out a sigh, afraid of what I just saw. She needed my help. Even if she didn’t love me anymore. I wanted to help her.


I was sitting on the couch, thinking about a way to help Anna. Suddenly my phone vibrated. It was Anna. I quickly replied to the call.

‘Shut up! Stupid girl!’ I could hear following by a scream.

What was that? It was him, right? I hanged and ran toward Anna’s house.

“Hello Yuria.” Her mother smiled at me.

“Where is Anna?” I asked in a hurry, almost breathless.

“Outside with her boyfriend.”

That didn’t help me. I didn’t answer and quickly leave to the manga’s shop. We were used to staying hide here for a while when we were together and we wanted to have some time alone. I pushed the ajar door, reaching the back of the store. Anna was sitting against the wall, her lips were blooding and her clothes were ripped. It was… I had no words to describe it.

“Anna!” I shouted, coming next to her.

She didn’t move, her eyes still closed. I called an ambulance. It was the only thing I could do.

“Yuria…” She managed to say.

“All will be fine.” I told her, taking her hand gently to reassure her.

Her eyes were empty… as my heart.

I slept on the seat in front of Anna’s room. The police spoke with me. Her… boyfriend was a bad guy and they took him to jail. I felt better, knowing she was safe now. He couldn’t hurt Anna anymore. The doctor told me that Anna was still weak but out of danger and I could talk to her.

I opened the door, seeing the poor girl lying on her bed. I didn’t really know what to do or if I could talk to her.

“The doctor told me that you stayed here all the night.” She said while I reached her side.


She grabbed my hand kindly. I wanted to remove it and run away. But I did nothing, except squeeze her warm hand a bit.

“I’m sorry for everything. I hurt you.” She looked at me. “I lied to you.”

“What?” I let out, stunned.

She lied…? Why? Did something else happen?

“I love you. I always do.” I felt a few tears rolling on my cheeks.

I felt… better. But I didn’t understand everything.

“Why did you leave me then?”

“He threatened me…” She finally avoided my look.

So, she was in danger and I didn’t even see it. I was such an idiot. I should have been here for her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“He said he will hurt you…” She took a deep breath before speaking again. “You should go back home. You must be very tired.”

I looked at her with a sad face. I didn’t know what to say anymore. I finally left.


Anna was going out two days later. I didn’t tell her but I came to pick her. I was waiting outside. After some minutes she went out, her bag in her hands. I came closer and took it. She turned around toward me and stared at me, surprised.

“I’ll not let you come back home alone.” I told her but she didn’t smile at me.

She was blank. No expression, no smile, no sadness. I quickly became worried.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

She quickly hugged me, wrapping her arms around my waist. I released the bag and hugged her back.

“I love you.” She repeated again and again, crying.

I knew. I didn’t want her to cry again.

“Me too.” I finally told, stopping her to speak.

She removed herself, looking at me. I stroked her cheek softly. I loved her so much. I couldn’t deny my feelings.

“I don’t joke about my feelings.” I told her with an amused smile.

“Thank you.” She only replied and I kissed her lips, I missed them a lot.

“I love you Anna.”

She was so perfect.

The End



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