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[OS] The little maid (Poyoyon)

The little maid (Poyoyon)

After these years in France for her study, she could come back home. It wasn’t over but she felt so light and relieve at the same time because she was finally at home. She sat in the limousine. She felt the cold leather under her hand. Her smile couldn’t leave her face and the steward noticed it.

“Is it because you come back home, Ino-san?”

The young girl looked at him by the rear-view mirror and nodded quickly as a kid. The old man giggled a bit at her behavior.

After a few seconds which seemed too long for the girl, they reached the home.

The old man opened the car door and Miyabi stood up. She let him take the heavy bag in the trunk.

She rang at the door, waiting.

At her surprise, a girl opened it. She was wearing a maid outfit, pink colored her smooth cheeks. She seemed a bit older than her, of one year she guessed. She had twintail and black hair. Miyabi’s smile dropped. She was stunned to see a girl here. Last time, there was no maid.

“Welcome home, Mistress.” Her cute voice spoke while she bowed.

Miyabi didn’t dare to move until her father’s figure appeared behind the maid who immediately let him pass.

“My dear daughter!” He said with a bright smile and hugged Miyabi tightly.

“Hello Dad.” She answered at his hug while the other girl left them.

“I’m glad to see you! Don’t stay there, come on.” He smiled and they went into the living room.

The young maid was here, standing up in a corner of the room. Miyabi cast a quick glance at her but the maid only lowered her head.

Her father made her sit on the couch.

“She is Takita Kayoko. The maid.”

Miyabi didn’t speak, answering by nodding.

“You must be tired by the trip. Go take a rest in your room.”

“Thanks Dad.” Miyabi smiled and left toward her room.

“Takita, bring a drink to Miyabi.” She could hear her father say.

The rich girl laid down on her bed, looking at the ceiling.

She let out a calm sigh, a light smile was drawing on her mouth.

“Your drink is here.” The voice said quietly.

Miyabi sat straight, quickly. The other girl looked at her a bit confused but she spoke again.

“I’m sorry if I surprised you.” She apologized, lowering her head.

“It’s fine.” Miyabi reassured her before taking the cup.

“I’m leaving.” Kayoko said, avoiding the rich girl’s look.

Miyabi sat again on the bed after have drunk a light swallow.

She wasn’t fine with the maid. She used to have her steward but he was like a member of the family now. He was with Miyabi almost everywhere and since she was only a little girl.


The next morning, she woke up early. Her father was already awake, reading in his seat.

The cook made the breakfast while Miyabi was waiting. She felt uncomfortable. Kayoko stayed standing up without moving, without speaking, without showing an emotion.

“Miyabi.” Her father’s voice pulled her away from her thought. “I need to go to Hokkaido because of the work.”

“But… I just came back…” Miyabi said, looking at her breakfast.

“I know. I’m sorry. You will stay with Takita-san, I need a driver.”

“Alright.” She only said, feeling her father leaving the house.

Once the door closed, she gazed at the maid.

“Takita-san?” She raised her head toward Miyabi. “Come here.”

Kayoko walked to her while Miyabi smiled at her.

“Had you eat this morning?” She asked suddenly, letting Kayoko confused. “Takita-san?”

“N-No.” She mumbled, avoiding Miyabi’s deep eyes.

“Then, sit here.” The rich girl showed the chair next to her.

“I-I can’t.” She mumbled again but Miyabi didn’t want to give up. “I can’t eat with you, Mistress.”

“Don’t you eat with your friends?” Kayoko’s face became red, Miyabi noticed it but she tried to not pay attention how cute her maid was. “You’re my friend then, sit.” She added after Kayoko nodded.

It was silent. Miyabi felt that Kayoko was uncomfortable and she understood it, she was her maid after all.

“How old are you?” She broke the heavy silence.

“20 years old.” The cute voice spoke, barely audible.

“You are only one year older than me.” Miyabi told her with a light smile. “I feel as if I bullied you.” She giggled and distinguished that the other girl’s lips were curving a bit. “I’ll leave you.” She stood up and let the maid alone.


Even after some days, Miyabi still felt uncomfortable with Kayoko. They were almost the same age, she didn’t want to treat her like a maid.

“Where is Takita-san?” She asked the cook when she noticed the girl wasn’t around.

“She… she is in her room.” The cook said, knowing the young maid was in trouble, she didn’t wake up.

Miyabi stood up, reaching Kayoko’s room. She knocked twice but none answer. She pushed the door slowly. It was dark, the curtains weren’t opened. She distinguished a little figure, curled on the bed. Miyabi came closer, the girl didn’t react. She noticed the loud way of breath of her maid. She put her cold hand on Kayoko’s forehead who immediately opened her eyes.

“I’m tru-”

“You are sick.” Miyabi cut her words, not mad.

“I’m not.” Kayoko tried to stand up but the rich girl stopped her.

“Stay here, I’ll bring you medicine.”

“No!” Miyabi immediately turned around when the girl shouted. “I-It’s my job…” She mumbled but Miyabi smiled at her.

“You are sick. You are also a human, right? Don’t move.” She said before leaving.

Kayoko turned around in her bed. Miyabi put the glass on the table, looking at the girl’s back.


After some day, Kayoko felt better. Miyabi didn’t mention it at her father who came back. She didn’t want to the girl be fired or something like that.

“Where are you going?” A male voice asked when Miyabi started opening the door.

“Shopping.” She answered, turning around.

“Takita, come with her.” He ordered.

“Hai, Mister.” She said and reached Miyabi’s side.

“Eh? Why? I can go by myself.” The rich girl insisted while Kayoko’s face became red, embarrassed by her Mistress’s behavior.

“It’s her job Miyabi.”

“Fine… But, I don’t want you to come in a maid outfit.”

Kayoko stared at her, confused. She couldn’t refuse Miyabi’s order. She bowed a bit and left toward her room.

After a few seconds, she came back. She was wearing a checked red dress with black tights. Miyabi smiled, seeing the young girl. She reached her side and they went out.

“You should remove that.” Miyabi said, coming closer to Kayoko.

She raised her hand and removed the bows from the maid’s hair. She felt the soft black hair under her finger. Kayoko lowered her head, trying to hide her red cheeks. She seemed so frail and sweet, it was as if Miyabi needed to protect her.

“W-We must go.” The rich girl mumbled when she noticed that she was intensely staring at Kayoko.

They were walking in silence. After some minutes, Miyabi broke the heavy atmosphere.

“Takita-san, what do you like to do?” She asked almost nonchalantly.

“I-I like drawing.” She muttered shyly.

“Really? I would like to see your drawings.” Miyabi giggled without looking at the girl. “Can I call you by your first name?” She said even though the other girl was uncomfortable.

“Fine, Mistress…”

“Don’t call me Mistress when we are in public, Kayoko.”

Miyabi could guess that Kayoko was blushing badly. A light smile cracked on her lips, thinking about her red face.


The rich girl started reaching her bedroom but a voice stopped her. She hid behind the wall and listened to the talk. She knew it was wrong but she was too curious.

“So, how was your day with her?” Miyabi could recognize the cook’s voice easily.

“Really… great…” Another voice answered.

“She is kind, doesn’t she?”

She couldn’t hear the answer. She decided to leave, her mind full of thoughts.


“Ino-san, your clothes are really great but…” Miyabi looked at her teacher, waiting for his remark about her work. “The drawing is… not bad.”

“I see…” She answered.

She had a lot of ideas about a new clothes, a new style. Her drawing’s skill wasn’t enough. She already tried to take lessons but that didn’t really help her. Her dream was to be designer.

An idea came in her mind.

“Thank you, Sensei. I’ll improve it.” She bowed and left the class toward her home.


“Welcome back, Mistress.” Kayoko greeted the rich girl.

“I need your help!” She said suddenly, looking at the stunned maid. “You told me you’re drawing, right?” Kayoko nodded slowly. “I would you teach me.” Miyabi smiled at the young girl who stayed without moving. “Please, I need to improve it quickly.” She begged her, pouting a bit.

“With pleasure, Mistress.” Kayoko answered in an emotionless tone, avoiding Miyabi’s eyes.


“I finally found a great flat.” Miyabi said at her father.

“That’s good. When will you leave?” He asked with a little smile.

“Next week.” She answered happily.

She looked behind her father’s shoulder, distinguishing Kayoko who was staring at the floor with a sad face.

“Ka- Takita-san!” Miyabi called her, a bit stressed that she almost said the maid’s name in front of her father. “Are you ready?”

Miyabi know that Kayoko was deadly stressed. They were sitting, next to each other.

“Forget who I am. It will be easier for both of us.” Miyabi told her, casting a soft glance.

They started drawing, in the silence as usual. After some times, Kayoko spoke in a quiet tone.

“You should draw this line lighter.”

“What do you mean?” Miyabi asked, looking her drawing.

Kayoko came closer, their shoulders were touching. The maid drew on the piece of paper, her hand touched Miyabi’s one.

“Here, look.”

But Miyabi didn’t look, she was staring at the girl, her face was so close. Kayoko turned a bit her head. She didn’t dare to move anymore, her cheeks became red and hot. Both looks were locked.

The door was being opened, both girls looked away quickly.

“Takita-san, come with me.” Miyabi’s father said in a harsh tone.

Miyabi felt something was wrong but she didn’t speak and let the other girl leave.


Miyabi passed by Kayoko’s room. The door was ajar and a light sound could be heard. It was a few sobs. The rich girl pushed a bit the door, discovering Kayoko who was sitting on the floor, her head buried in the sheets.

She reached the crying girl and put her hand on the other’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“I-I’m… fired…” She managed to say in a low voice.

“Eh?” Miyabi let out, bewildered

The other girl raised her head toward her with red eyes and wet cheeks where the tears didn’t stop flowing. Miyabi extended her arm, stroking Kayoko’s cheeks with her thumb. The warm sensation on the maid face made her close her eyes, enjoying it. When she looked at Miyabi, the rich girl was leaning toward her, they lips a few inches apart.

“We shouldn’t do that…” Kayoko mumbled even though she wanted it so badly.

Miyabi stopped, pulling her away. She listened to the other girl, she knew it was wrong. A light smile drew on her mouth, she took Kayoko in her arms. She wrapped her arms around Miyabi’s body.

“What will you do?” Miyabi asked, stroking the maid’s back gently.

“I-I don’t know…I don’t have any place to go…” They pulled away slowly.

“I’ll talk with my father.” She added and left without letting Kayoko answer.

Her father was an idiot, she thought. He couldn’t fire Kayoko, she was a good person and she always did her best. She didn’t understand him.

“Dad?” She called when she reached her father’s home office.

“Hello Miyabi.” He said without looking at her.

“We need to talk.” She snapped, mad against his behavior.

“About your flat?” He raised an eyebrow and finally turned around toward his daughter.

She wanted her independence. Even though she was young, she was rich and she wanted to take advantage of it. Suddenly, an idea came in her mind.

“Why did you fire Ka- Takita-san?” She bit her lips, making the same mistake again.

“Because of that.”

Miyabi hated his behavior, when he spoke in a mysterious way. She didn’t understand but deep down, she didn’t want to understand. She was just mad.

“I noticed it.”

“Don’t act as if you knew what you are talking about!” She yelled at him.

“Miyabi… Don’t be angry, it’s for-”

“I’ll leave the house earlier.” She interrupted him, starting leaving.


“This evening.” She left.


“Kayoko!” She called the girl once she reached her, outside.

“Don’t. Stop it. It’s your fault.” Kayoko snapped for the first time.


Miyabi stopped moving, staring at the girl who turned around, the tears rolled on her face.

“You don’t know me. Why did you want to be close with me? I lost my job because of you. It’s your-”

Her speech stopped. Miyabi was hugging her tightly. The other girl didn’t move, didn’t talk.

“I’m so sorry. It’s…” She released Kayoko a bit, looking straight into her eyes. “I didn’t care if you were my maid. I wanted to protect you, to be with you. It’s the first time I feel… I feel such a pain in my heart when I’m not with someone.”

Miyabi told everything. She couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t care about their social status. Kayoko only stared at her, blank.

“You remember, I have a flat now.” Miyabi started, taking the key from her pocket. “Take it. Even if…. Even if you don’t feel the same. I won’t you stay alone in the street. The address is writing on.”

Kayoko took it. She didn’t know what to do. A few tears was rolling along Miyabi’s face, she didn’t understand why.

“What if I don’t want?” Kayoko said, in a soft tone.

Miyabi released the girl slowly. She didn’t answer and left her.


The door seemed locked. Miyabi let out a sigh. Kayoko wasn’t here. She unlocked the door and came in. But, the light was turned on and she made out a figure who was sitting on the black couch.

“Kayoko…? Why did you lock the door?” Miyabi asked with a shaking voice.

Kayoko stood up and reached the girl while she was closing the door behind her.

“Miyabi…” She called the rich girl’s name in a light tone.

Her heart started beating loudly, it was the first time that Kayoko said her name. She avoided Miyabi’s eyes and wrapped her arms around her waist, burying her head into the rich girl’s chest.

They stayed a few minutes without moving. Miyabi stroked Kayoko’s hair gently. She didn’t seem to hate her anymore. Maybe she… felt the same, Miyabi thought. Then, they pulled away but stayed close. Finally, Kayoko looked at Miyabi, her cheeks colored with pink, like for their first meeting. The rich girl stared at Kayoko’s red lips, wanting it so badly. She didn’t think and leaned toward her, closing her eyes. Their lips met, Kayoko didn’t reject the kiss, in the contrary she enjoyed it.

“Miyabi…” She mumbled when they pulled away, exhausted by the passionate kiss. “I-I think… I love you…”

Miyabi smiled, she couldn’t be more glad. She raised Kayoko’s chin and kissed her forehead kindly.

“I think, I love you too, Kayoko.”

The End


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