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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – All I want is you

Iriyama Anna’s POV

We quickly reached Yuria’s place, silently.

“Do you want some help for this?” Juri asked, speaking about all the stuffs.

“It’s fine. Come back home.” Yuria answered at her sister. “Go take a rest at home.  I won’t bring any trouble with your father.”

“But Yuria-“

Yuria pulled Juri in her arms to comfort her.

“Go home now.”

Juri broke the hug. Looking at the girls, I decided to leave them but Juri stopped me.

“You stay here.” She said before closing the door in front of me.

“I’ll take a rest.”

I turned around, looking her going in her room. I sighed and started cleaning the house.


“You clean…?” A sleepy voice said behind me.

She reached the couch and sat next to me. Putting her head on my shoulder, she slowly took my hand.

“Don’t you love me anymore?”

“Isn’t that Yuria…” I lowered my head while she squeezed a bit her grip.

“Why did you leave me?” She removed her head and let go my hand.

“I’m sorry, it’s my mother…” I finally looked at her.

“Really?! You’re 21 years old! Is it your mother who decides about your life?!” She yelled at me.

“No!” I stood up, trying to hold back my tears.

“So what?!”

“I don’t want that she makes me suffer… I’m so selfish, I’m sorry Yuria…” She also stood up, taking my hands. “I needed to support you and… everything became worse…” I couldn’t hold back my tears which started falling.

“I’ll protect you.” She said, pulling me in her arms.

I wrapped my arms around her neck. Then, our lips met. I put all my feelings in this kiss. Our lips danced together, mixed with my tears. But I couldn’t take it anymore and broke it, crying badly. My forehead against her top, I couldn’t stop myself.

She pulled me slowly and we sat on the couch again. My arms wrapped her waist while she stroked my hair slowly, my head on her chest.

I was afraid. Afraid of everything. I couldn’t know what will happen if I leave my mother. I didn’t want to suffer again, like in the past. But I didn’t want to be selfish, leaving Yuria alone. I knew it was better for her, to stay without me. I didn’t want my mother makes us hurt, mostly Yuria.

“Yuria…?” I called her when I finally stop crying.

“Yes?” She answered while I removed my arms and sat next to her.

“I-I… I can’t stay with you.” I said, lowering my head and standing up.

“No! Anna, please!” She shouted, grabbed my wrist to stop me.

I turned around, looking at her teary-eyes. Her look, it hurt me. She was mad at me. I wanted to protect myself, to not suffer but… She was suffering because of me. I grabbed a tissue and clean the blood which started running from her nose. Her grip on my wrists strengthen, she closed her eyes and held her head with the other hand.


“Emotions. I can’t control it.” She spoke in a little voice.

After some seconds, the blood stopped running. She came closer, slowly I couldn’t look away from her eyes, attracted by her deep eyes. I felt her hand stroking my cheek, slowly. Her breath against my lips, our noses touched.

“Stop!” I yelled, pushing her away. “I can’t, I don’t want to make you suffer again. It’s better if you stay away from me.”

I turned around, running toward the door.

“No!” She shouted, squeezing me from behind.

Her arms wrapped my body, I couldn’t move anymore. I felt her heartbeat and her strong grip around me.

“I love you. I really do. No matter what, I’ll protect you. No one can hurt you. I’m not fine without you Anna. You’ll never make me suffer because you’re with me. I’m 21 years old now. I’m not a kid anymore, I know what I want.” She released me slowly and made me turn around to look at her. “All I want is you, Anna.”

These words gave me an electroshock. The tears flowed on my cheeks. Tears of guilty or tears of joy, I didn’t know. I couldn’t move, my body was paralyzed. I loved her, with the bottom of my heart. All she wanted, it was to stay with me.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I looked at the stunned girl in front of me, with a light smile on my face. Pulling her wrist, I gave her a passionate kiss.

“I… I…”  She managed to speak but nothing come out.

“Shut up, idiot…” I took the blushing girl by surprise in my arms.

She hugged me back slowly.

I felt better, my heart was less heavy. The girl who I loved was with me, in my arms. I didn’t want to let her go.

“Don’t leave me anymore.” I whispered before kissing her cheek.

“I love you.” She finally said.

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : Stay with me


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