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[OS] Hidden Love (Peace x An’nin)

Hidden Love (Peace x An’nin)

“Where are you going?” Paru voice echoed in Habu’s room.

“Shop.” Peace smiled, looking at her friend.

The young girl walked around the prison. People were fighting around her but she didn’t care, trying to avoid the possible punch toward her.

Suddenly, she felt a strong grip on her collar which pulled her in a quiet place. A warm hand on her mouth to shut her, she looked at the girl.

The Mongoose’s leader looked straight into Peace’s eyes. She removed her hands slowly while a slight smile appeared on her lips.

“You scared me.” Peace pouted a bit.

“I’m rarely out from Mongoose’s place, so stop being moody.” The taller added, casting a quick glance toward the corridor.

“Sorry An’nin.”

They looked at each other without talking until Peace broke the heavy silence.

“You are planning an attack against Habu, right?” Peace almost whispered.

“I can’t tell you.” The other muttered coldly.

“As you want. I need to go.” Peace said, leaving the leader.

An’nin didn’t move and only sighed.


Peace was sitting on the bench, staring at the ground. Her teammates were eating some grilled fishes. The weird smell filled the room. Peace stood up to go in her bedroom.

Here, Paru was taking a rest on her bed. She had her eyes closed. The young girl took something and sat on a chair. She stayed without moving for some seconds.

“Are you fine Peace?” The salty girl asked, yet, she didn’t look at her.

“All is fine.” Peace showed her usual smile even if no one watched.


“Is An’nin-san fine?” Shokkaku asked her sister.

“We should fight against Habu now!” Bunker yelled, punching the mannequin in front of her.

An’nin put her feet on the table that made a strong sound. She looked in front of her without speaking. All the girls stopped talking. Yagi growled a bit but Messhi pulled her lead to make her shut.

“We’ll do it.” An’nin finally spoke.

The door being opened quickly, Miyu walked inside, a paper in her hand. She slowly put it on An’nin’s table. The members looked at it, curiously. The leader took the letter and opened it.

Meet me now.

She could recognize the handwriting easily. Her mind was empty. She will fight with Peace’s team. Yet, she already missed her. But something was wrong. It wasn’t Peace’s habit to do that. She knew that could be dangerous to give a letter to the leader.

“What is it?” Sudachi asked but An’nin ignored her.

She was burning to see Peace. She couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and left the girls.

An’nin rarely left as that. She was mostly in Mongoose’s room.


“Peace?” She called softly when she reached their usual quiet place.

“An’nin… I need to tell you something.”

The leader walked to her friend but Peace avoided her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, seeing Peace’s worried expression.

An’nin raised her chin with her warm hand. Peace liked it, feeling the leader’s touches on her skin. She looked her in the eye. Peace extended her arm to stroke An’nin cheek gently. She closed her eyes, enjoying it. Peace wanted to kiss her right now but she knew she couldn’t.

Their relationship was unclear. They loved each other, and they knew that but they never told it. They never kissed or held their hands as lovers. Sometimes, An’nin could take Peace in her arms but that was quick.

“An’nin, I lo-” Peace started speaking.

The prisoners were screaming not far from them, almost passing in front of the corridor.

Peace removed her hand quickly and left An’nin, a sad smile on her lips.


The prison was empty, all the girls disappeared, as Peace. She didn’t see An’nin for the past days. She knew what will happen and that afraid her.

The tournament between Mongoose and Habu was close…


An’nin cast a quick glance at the screen. Peace wasn’t moving, staring at Paru and Miyu who were fighting. An’nin bit her lips. She wanted to resolve this leader versus leader. If she won, Paru’s team will die if not, her team will die. She wanted to protect her team but she loved Peace.


Paru won the fight. An’nin stood up. She looked at the screen, as Paru.

“Let’s settle this top to top. Paru.”


Peace couldn’t sleep all the night. She didn’t know what she needed to think. She wanted to An’nin win. She wanted her to be alive but… she didn’t know what will happen for her. Will she really die? On the other hand, she wanted to Paru win. Her teammates were her friends, they couldn’t die.


Peace was emotionless in front of the fight until the end.

An’nin was doing her best but it wasn’t enough. She lost. Peace felt like crying. She needed to stay straight, to don’t show her emotion. A silent tear rolled on An’nin cheek. She hoped the others didn’t see it. Yet, Peace noticed that tear. That hurt her. They couldn’t see each other anymore.


In the cell, An’nin looked at the Mongoose’s mark. In Paru and Peace’s room, Peace looked at her reflection in the mirror. She moved her hand slowly to squeeze Habu’s mark.

They weren’t from the same team, they couldn’t be together after all.


Habu will release the other team. Peace knew it, she couldn’t come with them even though she deadly wanted to.

When the girls came toward them, An’nin stared at each girl. She couldn’t find the one that she loved.

They wanted to go out from the hell.


Peace was with Paru and Nanashi, close to the bridge. All will be over soon. The guards walked toward them. From the plants, someone went out.

“Nobunaga.” Paru spoke in her salty tone.

The girl looked at Paru for some seconds before leaving her for Peace.

“It’s been a while, Peace. You got into Habu, at last.”

Peace showed a slight smile.

“I’ll take care of this side.”

“We will, right?” An’nin said, walking toward them from the other side.

She cast a quick glance at Peace, she heard everything. Peace wanted to talk to her badly but she didn’t move and only stared at her.


All was over. They went out, together. Taking a rest after the fight, An’nin spoke to Nobunaga.

“Tell me, what happened with Peace.”

Nobunaga knew about the relationship between the two women. She quickly noticed it but decided to keep quiet.

“She is the daughter of the director.” Nobunaga said without looking at An’nin.

The leader bit her lips, mad. Peace lied to her. She stood up, reaching the girl who was with her friends. Peace guessed that An’nin discovered everything about her. She looked in her eyes. An’nin raised her arm quickly. Peace’s teammates stared at the scene without moving, thinking about why An’nin wanted to punch Peace. But she didn’t, An’nin didn’t punch her.

“I’m sorry.” Peace could say before An’nin slapped her hard.

“We should leave them.” Paru told the others.

They were alone now.

“All was a lie!” An’nin shouted for the first time, everybody could hear her.

She felt betrayed, the tears were slowly flowing on her face.

“It wasn’t.”

Peace wiped An’nin tears, stroking her cheek gently.

“Why then?” An’nin voice was calmer but still hurt.

“I love you.”

An’nin’s breath stopped. Peace finally could tell her. She felt free.

“I wanted to tell you that the last time.”

Peace removed her hands slowly, looking down. As usual, An’nin raised her chin. This time, her face was sweet, a light smile appeared on her lips.

“I love you, Yuria.” An’nin leaned closer while Peace’s heart became crazy when she heard her name which was coming from her lover’s mouth.

Their lips met slowly. Peace enjoyed it so much, An’nin’s lips tasted like cotton. An’nin extended her hand slowly, stroking Peace’s cheek kindly. Peace wrapped her arms around the leader’s waist. They parted away, looking in each other eye.

“Anna… Thank you…” Peace whispered softly, being pulled in a warm hug.

The End.  


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