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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 9


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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 9


Third person’s POV

They were definitively ready.

An impressive tower overlooked the town. A few cars moved along these gloomy streets. At the tower’s height, ‘Watanabe’s Corp’ was writing in luminous letters. Each windows were clean and perfect. None were different. People seemed work inside, at least, in the floor. Once the automatic door passed, we could distinguish an iron door. A red sign was putting on. ‘Personnel only’. If you pushed this door, you could hear cries and screams who were coming from down stairs. Opening the first door, a young woman was sitting in a corner, crying silently. Her skin was red, burned by the warm sun. In another room, a depressed wolf was waiting. Nobody dared to approach this young werewolf, ready to protect herself. A few rooms were empty. Yet, one last spooky place was taken. Here, a raven-haired girl, cross-legged on a dirty floor, crying silently and trying to stay calm.

A noisy sound disturbed the building.

“I’m sorry. I can’t let you go in.” The first guard said peacefully.

“Don’t tempt me!” Fuuko said with a playful smile.

In a matter of seconds, the young girl jumped on the man and bit his neck. The guard fell on the floor while the other looked at the girl stunned. She slowly turned around toward him, blood flowing along her lips. The second guard tried to scream but Yuria bit him by behind.

“I won’t become a serial killer.” The vampire pouted cutely.

“You will not, don’t worry. Come on!” Miru answered and the girls went inside the building.

‘Right, there is the cellar’s stairs.’ Miyuki said at her friends who was far from her.

Indeed, the three other girls were waiting at home, helping their friends with a map and Miyuki’s memories.

The building seemed weirdly empty.

“What are you doing?!” The restless werewolf yelled at her friend.

“I’m trying to open this stupid door. Don’t disturb me.” Anna answered calmly.

“Oh that’s true! Your girlfriend isn’t captive, you don’t need to hurry up!” Jurina continued, sarcastically.

‘Please Jurina, stop it, is not the right time.’ Sayaka said, in unusual a cold tone.

“Go inside.” Anna bowed, after opened the door, making fun of the stressed girl.

Jurina grumbled and walked in front, followed by the other girls.

“SHUT UP!” A man’s voice yelled not far from them.

They rushed down stair, pushing the man on their way who banged against violently the door.

“Yui!” Yuria shouted at the girl on the dusty ground.

The vampire reached the werewolf and hugged her tightly while she was silently crying.

‘Tell me… that she is fine.’ Haruka whispered, hoping it was enough to be heard.

“She is.” Anna answered at the salty girl.

Anna, Yui and Yuria stayed in the room while the others left to look for Rena and Yuki.

Mayu was walking around before to meet another door. She took a deep breath and pushed it carefully. She discovered a tall figure, hanged on a stone wall. Her skin was full of bruise, and red like burnt.

“Yu-Yuki?” Mayu gasped in front of the vampire.

The vampire turned around, slowly and emotionless. Mayu didn’t dare to move, shocked by what she discovers.

“Don’t touch her Mayu. I will health her.” Miru said while she walked toward the injured vampire who stepped back.

The Healer’s hand came closer cautiously. Yuki shuddered, and closed her eyes slowly. A soft gleam left Miru to Yuki. The older felt dizzy little by little before to finally fall into Miru’s arms.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Jurina yelled against the Healer.

“I’m saving our friend. We haven’t find Rena yet. Mayu, you stay here with Fuuko. Jurina and I will find Rena.” Miru said, leaving Yuki in Mayu’s arms.

“You! What are you doing there?!” A guard shouted at the three girls who was walking in the darkness.

In a flash, Miru threw the man with her mind and he hit violently a near wall. Completely stunned, the guard stayed down and Miru passed in front of him to reach her captive friend. The young werewolf pushed one of the door quickly, casting a glance in the place. Her look stopped on the tall figure in front of her, covered by bruises and marks.

“Re-Rena?” Jurina managed to call her lover’s name.

The older Matsui smiled sadly, pulling the stunned girl in a warm embrace.

“Go girls, we don’t have too much time.” Miru said while they reached their friends who was waiting them.

“What happened with Yuki?” Rena asked, seeing the faint girl in Mayu’s arms.

“I made her sleep, she couldn’t take the pain longer. Where we need to go now?” Miru said to the humans.

‘Take the stairs in front of you…’

“Fine. So, Yuki is faint, Yui is… well, a bit stunned.” Anna said, looking the poor werewolf before to continue. “And Rena is completely injured.”

“But I’m fine, that doesn’t hurt.” Rena defended herself, trying to don’t worried her friends.

“What are you-” A guard yelled behind them.

Yuria quickly turned around before to grab his collar and press him against the cold wall. The vampire smirked, switching her posture to break the guard’s arm who fainted under the pain.

“What?” Yuria snapped at her friends who looked the vampire dumbfounded.

“Nothing, let’s go.” Anna answered and all the girls followed her.

Walking carefully, they reached the high place. The last room in the building. The head’s office.

“What will we do inside?” The older Matsui asked, feeling her heart pound hard in her chest.

“Solve our problem.” Miru said, her voice full of confidence.

The door was opened. The girls looked the figure, confused. A grin on his face, he started speaking.

“I was waiting you. Go inside.”

“We aren’t here to talk with you.” Anna said while they entered in the place.

He sat on his desk, taking a cigar.

“Where is my daughter?”

Taking the earpiece from her ear, Anna gave it at the greedy man.


He waited for an answer but nothing come.

‘It’s because of you.’

“Yamamoto! Let me speak with my daughter!” The man shouted, hitting the desk with his punch.

‘I hate you… You ruined our life and the one of my friends.’

“Miyuki… No, it’s for help people. They are dangerous, you know?” He tried to convince the human. “I’m your father, you drop me!”

‘But you will hurt my friends and… I can forgive you about Sayaka-chan.’ He stayed quiet for a few seconds, the girls stared at him. ‘Miru…’ Miyuki called her friend.

“That’s true, you’re one of them too.” Watanabe said, looking the Healer.

‘Please… do it.’ She finished her sentence.

“As you wish.” The Healer mumbled before to jump on her boss and broke his neck.

“Let’s go.” Anna said, almost emotionless.

The building burnt while the girls were escaping from it. Finally, they were free, no one to chase them.

They aren’t hunted.

To Be Continued…

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