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[OS] AKBingo! (YuriAnnin)

YuriAnnin (44)

AKBingo! (YuriAnnin)

“I watched AKBingo!.” Anna told her friend who started avoiding to look at her.

“Really?” Yuria mumbled, feeling her cheeks becoming red.

“You looked cute in Zipper’s outfit.” The taller teased Yuria.

“Thank you, Anchan.”

“But Yuria…” Anna sat next to her friend. “Don’t let Muramoto-san do this again….” She told her, referring when he took Yuria’s dress off.

“E-Eh?” She muttered, almost panicked because of her friend’s tone.

“He can’t do that…”

“It’s fine Anna, that was just for fu-” Yuria quickly stopped talking when Anna shot her a dirty look.

“He is a pervert.”

Yuria giggled at Anna and finally turned to look at her.

“Hey! Isn’t funny.” Anna pouted, looking away.

“It is.” Yuria said, standing up to leave.

“Nobody can touch you.” Anna mumbled but Yuria didn’t hear.

The End.


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