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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 10 [END]

After almost one year, the girls’ adventures are finally over! I hope you enjoyed Darkness and Hunted. I’m sorry for all the mistakes and confusing parts but I’m trying hard to improve my writing style. Thank you for everyone who read it.

Anyway, have a nice reading!


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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 10 [END]

— A Few Months Later —

Third person’s POV


“Okaeri, Yuihan.” A woman answered in a salty tone.

“What are you doing?” Yui kissed her girlfriend’s cheek.

“I’m thinking.”


“The past…”



— A Few Months Ago –

“Yui!” Haruka shouted when she discovered her injured girlfriend.

The werewolf bit her lips to prevent her crying. The other girl hugged her tightly, the tears flowing on her cheeks.

“I’m sorry…” She buried her head on the Yui’s neck. “It’s because of me…”

“It’s fine, I’m here now.” Yui answered, patting Haruka’s head. “Isn’t your fault, I’m fine, see?”

“Please Yui, forgive me.” She said between her sobs.

“You already are. I love you.” The werewolf answered, hugging the young girl in her arms.


“Thank you Haruka.” Yui said, putting her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Why?” She answered, stunned.

“Because you support me every day for two years!” Yui smiled and kissed her girlfriend before to stand up.

“That’s because I love you.” Haruka mumbled, her cheeks blushed.


— Somewhere else —

“Raaaah! I don’t know!”

“Are you okay Sayaka-chan?” A young woman asked, worried.

“I don’t know what kind of dessert I wanna buy for tomorrow…”

“Chocolate cake, everybody like this.”

“Why not, thanks Milky.” Sayaka took her stuff and walked to the exit.

“Sayaka!” Miyuki called before her girlfriend left her. “Will you buy some pastry cream?”

“I will.” The ikemen chuckled at Miyuki’s behavior.


— Somewhere else —

The two girls were sleeping on the couch. Their heads leaned against each other. Then, a noise sounded disturbed their peaceful sleep.

“Hm?” Fuuko picked the phone up. “AH! Yes! Sorry!” She shouted, making her friend awake.

“What’s wrong Fuuchan?” She asked, half asleep.

“It’s late and we aren’t ready for tomorrow!” She stood up while Miru fell on the couch, losing her support. “Don’t stay here!” Fuuko pulled her girlfriend’s arm.

“Yes, yes.” She finally moved from the sofa.


— Somewhere else —

“It’s over!” A little vampire said, with a warm smile on her face.

“Have we already done? I hope that will be tasty.”

“Well, say ah~” Mayu teased her girlfriend who looked at her, surprised.

“Eh? Ma-” Yuki couldn’t finish her sentence, the other girl put a spoon in her mouth.

“So? How is it?” She asked when she removed it.

“Yummy~” The older answer, making Mayu giggle.


— A Few Months Ago –

“Yuki! You’re awake!” Mayu yelled, next to the vampire. “Are you feeling well?” She quickly asked.

Yuki stared at her, feeling her skin still burning. Yet, she smiled and extended her arm to touch Mayu’s cheek.

“Yu-Yuki?” She mumbled, stunned.

“I love you.” Yuki said, letting out the tears which rolling on her face.

Mayu smiled, removing the vampire’s hand.

“I love you too. But you will be hurt if-”

“Mayu. There is something that we need to finish, right?” Yuki said in a teasing tone while Mayu blushed badly.

Mayu nodded and leaned until their lips met.


“Yukirin…” Mayu called her, after recall the memory.

The tall woman showed an usual smile, putting the plate on the table. Without more warning, she pulled Mayu in her arms, hugging her tightly.

“Never leave me again…” She mumbled against Yuki’s chest.

“I promise.”


— Somewhere else — 

“Calm down Rena-chan!” The puppy girl shouted at her stressed girlfriend.

“But, I don’t find it anymore!” She moved left to right without stopping.

“Eh? It’s on the table, in front of you.” She giggled at Rena’s behavior.

“Ah… Right… Thank you Jurina.”

“Can I help you for something?” She stood up, walking to the werewolf.

“The mansion is ready for tomorrow.” Rena turned around to meet Jurina who stole her lips quickly.


— Somewhere else —

“I won’t move.” Yuria said, holding Anna.

“We need to prepare our stuffs.” She answered, trying to make the vampire release her.

“No. Stay with me.” She stayed lying on her bed.

“You’re lazy.” The Healer answered, kissing her girlfriend’s lips quickly.

“I know.” She wrapped her arms around Anna’s waist.

“We will be late for tomorrow.” Anna insisted but the vampire didn’t care.

“I know.”

“You know a lot things, don’t you…?” Anna mumbled, a little mad against the other girl.

“Yes and I know that I love you.” Yuria said, kissing her cheek before to release the Healer.


— The Next Day — At WMatsui’s mansion —

“Ah! You’re finally here.” The older Matsui said with a warm smile when her friends came inside the place.

“It’s been a while! Are we the last?” Yuria asked, hugging her friend.

“Yes, come on!”

Sitting next to each other, or in front of their friends, they were talking. Even if they grew up, their behaviors hadn’t change. It was as before, teasing, talking and laughing together. Of course, they missed each other for these two years. Finally the girls were free, free to live without being hunted.

The End.





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