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[Two-shots] Come back to me [Part 2] (NagiShu)

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Come back to me [Part 1] (SayaMilky)

Come back to me [Part 2] (NagiShu)

I was sitting on my seat, putting my stuff in my bag. My friend, next to me wasn’t moving and stared at the desk. She seemed to be lost in her thought.

“Are you okay?” I asked, pushing a bit her shoulder.

She quickly looked at me, her weird look turning into a bright smile.

“Y-Yeah!” She almost yelled, looking at me.

Shu was my best friend since a long time. I was nervous, I didn’t know why. I should have felt comfortable to speak to her.

“Shuu… Do you wanna come at home today?” I said but she looked at me with disbelief. “T-To do our homework!” I quickly added, feeling my cheeks turning pink.

“Why not.” She told me, a slight smile on her lips.

I rarely asked her to come at home. It was really embarrassing, I was clumsy.


– At the house – 

“Tadaima~” I yelled, entering in my place.

“Okaeri.” Mom said, looking at us a bit surprised.

I was alone usually. I hope she will not ask too many questions about Shu.

“It’s Shuu. We will do our homework.” I told them and my phone vibrated.

I took it out, checking the text. I wondered who it could be, as Shu was just next to me.


From: Unknown

To: Nagisa

Would you come back to me?


My smile dropped. Who was it? I didn’t know the phone number. Come back? I never left someone… Maybe- No it couldn’t be… I did as if it was nothing and put my phone in my pocket again. I showed a reassuring smile at Sayaka who seemed a bit worried about my strange face. Then, Shu and I left my bedroom.

“Are you all right Nagisa?” She asked in a soft tone.

“I am!” I said with a bright smile to not make her worry.


I had been one hour since I was at home with Shu. I felt something was wrong. It was him, it was definitively him. I couldn’t stop thinking about the text. Will he come to take me? He will hurt me?

“Nagisa! Listen to me!” My friend shouted, pulling me from my thoughts.

I looked at her, emotionless. I didn’t want to that happen. I tried to show a slight smile but it cracked immediately. I felt the tears on my cheeks, I bit my lips and closed my eyes, trying to stop it. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hey…” She whispered while I put my hands on her waist to embrace her. “What’s wrong?” She asked but I couldn’t answer, continuing to cry.

“I-I won’t see him again…” I managed to say between my sobs.

She didn’t know what I was talking about. Even me, I wasn’t sure.

“What?” I heard Sayaka behind us.

Sayaka’s voice sounded worried. Did she understand?

We pulled away from the warm hug and I showed my phone at Sayaka. She took it. Reading the text, her face changed little by little. She left us, clenching her fists.

We stayed quiet for a few minutes until I calmed myself. I needed to tell Shu.

“It was my father, I guess.” I started speaking without looking at her.

I told her all the story. That he wanted mom to marry him but she ran away with Sayaka. I also explained about mom’s father, he didn’t let mom see her lover. But I didn’t expect this kind of answer.

“But you can’t hate him.” She said, avoiding my eyes. “I mean, without him you will not be there…” She lowered a bit her head.

She couldn’t understand. I should have known it. That made me angry. All the pain which was stuck in my heart suddenly came out.

“How can you say that?! He broke mom’s life and Sayaka’s career!” I shouted at her.

“Don’t you want to be born then?” She asked as a provocation to make me understand.

She made it worse. It was enough. I didn’t care about being here.

“Yeah and I never met someone like you! Go out from here!” I yelled at her.

She looked at me sadly. Did my words hurt her? I didn’t care. She reached the door and spoke before leaving.

“Nagisa, you should be glad to be alive.”

When she left, I laid on my bed, crying loudly. I lost my only and best friend. I hated myself for being alive. Because of him, mom and Sayaka’s life was broken and I was here.

“Nagisa? Why was Shu crying?” Mom asked, sitting next to me on my bed.

“I don’t want to see her anymore.” I snapped, burying my head in the cushion.

She surely noticed my tears as she stroked my hair to calm me.

“Don’t say that. She is your friend.”

“Never! I don’t need anyone!” I shouted again, leaving her.

I passed by the living room. Sayaka and Shu were there, looking at me. I walked toward the door.

“Nagisa!” Shu yelled at me when I was outside. “What’s wrong with you?!” She asked, grabbing my arm tightly.

“I shouldn’t have to be alive!” I finally yelled, telling the real pain in my heart.

I didn’t deserve to be alive. I didn’t want to someone loves me or I fall in love. I didn’t want to ruin other’s life as happened with mom and Sayaka. Nobody deserved something as that. I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt guilty.

“Don’t say that…” I looked at her, for the first time the tears were running on her cheeks. “I need you…”

“Then, you should find other friends.” I answered coldly.

I couldn’t hide it anymore. I didn’t want to Shu be my friend. I liked her but the text reminded me I didn’t deserve her kindness.

“I love you Nagisa.”

I couldn’t be true. She was lying, nobody loved me. I didn’t want to hear that stupid thing. I slapped her hard. A red mark appeared on her cheek. I ran away, leaving her.


I looked at the sky. The stars appeared, illuminating the dark night. What is okay? I didn’t know. I just needed to be alone. Did I mean it? No. Maybe, I was just mad. I couldn’t want to die. Life was… precious? I was just trying to convince myself. Shu’s words were still in my head, ‘I love you’. Was it true?

Suddenly, I felt a grip on my arm, pulling me in a darker place. I stared at the guy, emotionless.

“Nagisa?” He said but I didn’t answer. “I know, that’s you… I missed you so much, my daughter.”

It was him. The guy I hated so much, my father. The one who destroyed mom and Sayaka’s life. I tried to remove his catch, make him release me but it was useless.


I always thought that was my fault if mom hadn’t a great life. I came when she was only nineteen years old. She ran away with Sayaka when I was four years old. If I wasn’t here- If only he didn’t- He was my father and I couldn’t stand him.

One tear flowed on my cheek. I was in a little room, laying down on a mattress. I let out a long sigh. The door was being open slowly. I looked at him with disgust.

“Where is your bright smile?” He asked as if I was a kid.

“Why? Why will you do? I just wanna-”

“I missed you Nagisa, you know? So stop being moody.” He approached his hand to pat my head but I stepped back. “What the hell do you want?!” He suddenly yelled.

I couldn’t talk, the words didn’t find their way in my mouth. A chilling feeling wrapped my heart.

“Don’t look at me with these eyes. I missed you. Miyuki was selfish when she took you.” He started speaking. “I love you, you know? It wasn’t my fault.”

“Stop.” I interrupted him in a shaking tone. “It’s you.”

“Me? I thought she loved me.”

Did she hate me? Why? Why am I here if she didn’t love him?


I waited. My mind full of questions. I needed to go out from here. Should I stay? Wait for… for what? Will mom and Sayaka come to take me even after what I said? Did they hear us? Shu must have also hated me.

“Nagisa? Do you know her?” My father asked, showing a pic on his phone.

“W-Why?” I mumbled.

I knew her. It was… Shu.

“Who is it?”

“She is… my friend.”

What will he do? He couldn’t hurt her, she was my friend.

“We fought last time. I don’t know how she found me…” I added, hoping to stop him from a possible bad action.


His tone was strangely calm. He wasn’t angry with me. I didn’t understand what he wanted. I was stuck in the house. He gave me food, clothes… I could move everywhere in the house.

He came back a few minutes later, Shu next to him. I was afraid but she smiled.

“Hey Nagisa. I wanted to talk to you because of your little fight.” She was definitely lying.

Shu wasn’t a lost cause… at least, not all the time.

“Let’s talk in my room.”

My father grabbed my arm, making me stop.

“Don’t tell her anything.”

Shu did as if nothing happens and we reached my bedroom.

“I’m so sorry. Please Shu, don’t hate me. I begged you.” I sobbed but I managed to say these words.

“I can’t hate you Nagisa.” She answered, kindly.

She pulled me into a hug before patting my head.

“I will find a solution.” She whispered in my ears, making my cheeks flushed.

“I was mean to you. I didn’t mean it. I love you Shu.”

I froze in her arms. Did I really say it? I didn’t want to. She will think I love her. Wait. Was it true?

She didn’t move her hand anymore.

“I’ll go.” She said aloud, pulling away.

I stared at her. I didn’t know what to think.

“I’ll save you. I promise.” She murmured, smiling.

Then, she left. I tried to clear my mind, closing my eyes.

“Nagisa!” I quickly looked at the woman in front of me. “My girl!” She hugged me tightly.

“S-Sayaka?” I mumbled, hugging her back.

I wanted to ask her how she came here but she quickly pulled me outside. I saw my mom with a relieved face. I smiled and took her in my arms.

“How do you…?” I recognized my father’s voice not far from us.

I released my mom and looked at him, distinguishing a figure coming next to me.

“I can give you a great life. We can make up for lost time, right?” He said, trying to convince me.

I looked at my left. Shu was here. I didn’t think and ran in her arms. She seemed a bit surprised but she hugged me back.

“Take care of her. We have something to do here.” Sayaka told Shu.

I followed Shu to my real home. We didn’t talk, both stayed quiet. I wanted to tell her I was sorry, to hug her again.

“Nagisa.” She called me when we were in the front of the house.

I turned around and stared at her. I tried to talk but the words were stuck in my mind. She gently grabbed my hand before looking into my eyes again.

“I’m glad you’re fine.”

It sounded wrong. There was something which bothering her. What was it? That made me worried. I came closer and hugged her again. We didn’t stay too long in each other’s arms. I pulled away, letting my arms around her body. Did I want it? I didn’t want to hurt Shu’s feelings. What should I do? I leaned to kiss her but I stopped myself a few inches from her lips.

“Are you… sure?” She asked in a concerned tone.

I closed the gap, putting my lips against Shu’s ones. I kissed her. I felt fine. I enjoyed the warm feelings which wrapped around my heart. I loved her. She answered at my kiss, putting her arms around my neck.

“I am.” I told her when we pulled away. “I love you.” I said, a slight smile was drawing on my mouth.

The End.



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