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Stuck – Chapter 3: The truths

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Stuck – Chapter 3: The truths

Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

Everybody was here, ready to go. I took Yui bag with mine and my… treasure on my back. Then, we followed the guy. He explained that he was the hotel’s owner. We weren’t in Japan but he could speak a bit Japanese. Most of the people ran away from the hotel before the storm becomes dangerous. The region was known for the crazy weather that was why he had a bunker under the hotel. It should have been enough for six people. There were water, food and everything that we need for a few months. But of course, we hoped to go out earlier. The owner needed to leave. He was a volunteer firefighter and people needed him to rescue them.

I thought the bunker was small but not really. There were three little rooms with two mattresses inside. There was enough to live. I felt relieved. We will be better there than in the hotel rooms. I remained afraid. The storm was still violent outside. Will we be all right? We couldn’t know.

The man left us. We quickly gave water to Yui. After eating and drinking we decided to choose our room. Yui and Yuria for the first, Haruka and Anna at the end and between them, Miyuki and I. The girls thought it was a good idea to put us together again. Miyuki was really kind but… maybe she would have liked to be with her friends. I stayed quiet, I didn’t want to hurt Miyuki feelings because of my words. We had nothing to do there. So we talked about our lives, our dreams, our childhoods and our hobbies. Yuria stayed mostly quiet. Yui and I knew she never talked about her. Yuria liked to be alone. But she never left us as we were her friends.

“Sayanee, did you take your guitar?” Yui asked me.

My friend felt better as she drank and ate. I nodded. I couldn’t leave my guitar after all. It was all my life. I understood what Yui meant and took it, close to my bag. I came back in the main room. Everyone looked at me. I started playing. I didn’t sing, I couldn’t and I knew my voice didn’t want to come out right now.


Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

I enjoyed Sayaka’s music but my mind was somewhere else. Meet Yui again disturbed me. I felt close to her when she was lying on the bed. I missed the sensation of stroking her hair, of talking to her, of feeling her soft skin under my touches. I liked to take Yui in my arm, smelling her lovely scent. I liked when she wrapped her arms around my waist from behind and then she put her chin on my shoulder. I loved her. She left me. I never really knew why. She told me that she had her reasons. But it wasn’t Yui, Yui wasn’t like that. Yui couldn’t leave me alone. I cast a soft glance at her. She was smiling. I wanted her to sing. Yui’s voice was beautiful. She looked at me, making my cheeks flush. I quickly looked somewhere else to hide it. I needed to be alone, I stood up and left in my room.

“Haruka?” I turned around, Yui was here, closing the door. “Are you all right?”

“I am.” I smiled a bit.

I felt pain in my chest, it hurt me. I wasn’t fine, I needed to know.

“Yui.” I said in a determined tone. “Tell me why you left me.”

“Haruka…” She spoke in a low tone, like stunned because I asked her.

“Please, tell me Yui.”


Yokoyama Yui’s POV

Haruka was perfect, a perfect angel. Her salty behavior was cute. I liked the dimples on her cheeks. Her cute smile made my heart pound each time I saw it. I liked when we cuddled in the bed, feeling her breath against my neck and her arms around my body. I didn’t want to leave her. But I felt as if I had no other choices. Could I tell her? Did I really need to tell everything? She surely deserved to know the truth.

“I… I wanted you to have a great life. We had trouble with our money and I couldn’t give you what you needed.” I finally told her, looking at the floor.

“I was glad with you. Why did you give up Yui?” Her tone sounded unsafe.

“Because I felt stupid! I don’t deserve you Haruka.” I almost yell.

Honestly, I was sorry about leaving her. I still loved Haruka at that time. But I had no money. I left her to work hard. I didn’t come back after. I thought she forgot me, she had her own life and she was happy. That was all I needed, to know Haruka happy.

“I was fine with you!” She shouted, the tears rolling on her cheeks. “I loved you-” She started to tell me but my answer cut her, making her stop talking and staring at me.

“I still love you!”

I bit my lips, holding my tears back. It was quiet between us. The girls surely heard us. I didn’t dare to talk but our gazes were locked. I felt I needed to tell her. It will not change, she hated me and it was over now.

“I thought you left because I wasn’t great enough. Since you left, I work hard.” She spoke slowly without more yelling.

She reached me. I felt a pain on my cheek, she slapped me. I deserved it.

“Leave me.” She snapped, turning around.

I quickly wiped my tears away and went into my bedroom, avoiding to look at the girl in the main room.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

We didn’t talk, completely bewildered because of what happened between the girls. My shoulder still hurt me. Not really my shoulder but the top of my back. I put my hand on my shoulder blade. It was hot and surely red but I couldn’t see anyway. I released a shaking sigh, feeling the pain because of my own touches. I felt Anna’s look on me. I knew she was worried for me. I stood up and reached my room. Yui didn’t look at me. I lied down on the mattress, my face buried in my cushion.

“You should call Anna.” Yui spoke in a low tone.

She knew me after all. I groaned and closed my eyes, trying to relax. I surely heard my friend who left but I wasn’t sure, my mind was blurred.

“Yuria?” Someone called me a few minutes later.

“What do you want?” I snapped back without moving.

Anna chuckled at me. I felt that she sat next to me. Yui surely told her about the pain.

“Remove your top.”

I just did it. I didn’t want her to help me but I couldn’t tell her. I felt her cold hand on my back. It felt great. She massaged my shoulder, slowly. The pain seemed to be soothed. When she was done, I took my top and turned around to see her.

“Thank you.” I mumbled, seeing her cute cheeks becoming red.

She smiled back. My heart beat hard in my chest. That made me uncomfortable and I looked somewhere else.

“You’re welcome.” She left.

I lied down again, looking at the ceiling. I feel a hole in my heart. I was alone. My ex left me. I didn’t remember when. She hurt me so much. She loved someone else. I couldn’t hate her. It was better for both to break up. I needed to have someone with me. I was bullied at school before finding a few friends. I couldn’t stay by myself. I wanted to be stronger. I did my best to be stronger. But anyway, I wanted to be loved by someone.  I could be easily hurt by other, it was why my friends were careful about my relationship. They didn’t want me to be hurt. My characters hid my weakness.


Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

Everyone left so I went into my room. I sat on the mattress, lying against the wall. I wondered if Sayaka could sing. She was a good guitar player. I wanted to hear her play again.

The door was opened slowly. I distinguished a head with an amused smile that was looking at me. I smiled back and Sayaka reached me.

“It was really great.” I told her, speaking in a light tone as if I didn’t want someone to hear us. “Nee Sayaka-chan…” I said while she was still looking at me. “Can you sing?”

She didn’t answer and took her guitar again. Her voice sounded perfect to my ears. She sang something that I never heard before. It was a love song about a forbidden love. I liked it, the lyrics, the meaning, and her voice.

“It was beautiful.” I said, almost stunned.

She intensely stared at me. I thought it was unconscious, I hoped at least. It made me feel uncomfortable.


“Sorry.” She said, looking somewhere else.

I giggled at her. A strand of hair fell on her face. I leaned and removed it with my hand. I kept close, looking into her eyes. I didn’t know what I was doing. It wasn’t fine, it was wrong.

“I’ll see how Paru is.” I said and quickly stood up to run away.


Iriyama Anna’s POV

Yui was sitting, her look lost somewhere else. I reached her. We were in the main room. I saw Miyuki who was coming toward us. She seemed a bit confused. She sat next to me.

“Are you okay?” Nobody answered. “Yui, Milky, I’m talking to you.”

Yui groaned. I looked at Miyuki, she stayed quiet.


The times passed, day by day… Yui and Haruka still ignored each other. I wanted to go out. I had nothing to do, almost nobody to speak. Haruka was most of the time in our room and Miyuki talked a lot with Sayaka. That was good, she found a new friend. Yui talked to me sometimes. She was really kind, as a big sister. I felt better when she was around. Yuria stayed a lot with us too but she didn’t really talk. I wondered if her shoulder still hurt her. I decided to ask her. She was in her room. I opened the door, looking at her. She was reading.

“You’re reading a book?” I asked a bit stunned.

She jumped with surprise and turned around to look at me.

“Y-Yeah.” She told me.

I didn’t think she was that type of girl. It didn’t really suit her, making a gap with her usual behavior. I sat next to her. Her shoulder touched mine. I thought she would turn the page but she didn’t. I waited. Then, I turned my head. She was staring at me with a cute expression. It was the first time that we were so close.

“You’re… pretty.” She muttered, still staring at me.

I didn’t answer, completely dumbfounded. My cheeks turned red, I didn’t know what to say.

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : Kisses?!


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