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Stuck – Chapter 4: Kisses?!

Stuck cover

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Stuck – Chapter 4: Kisses?!

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

Did I say it? I didn’t want to, the words just escaped from my mouth. I quickly stood up, trying to stop her to leave. I grabbed her wrist and made her turn around toward me.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean that…” I didn’t avoid her gaze.

She kept quiet, also looking at me. Her cheeks flushed. I didn’t know what I needed to do or say. I felt bad, it was really embarrassing. Wait… I just said that she wasn’t pretty.

“I’m not fine with words…” I mumbled, releasing her wrist.

I was an idiot. She smiled at me and grabbed my hand. I stared at her. My eyes could leave her face. She was perfect, I was lost in her dark orbs. She started leaning to me, I did the same. I could feel her soft breath again my lips.

“Yuria you- I’m sorry!” Yui shouted.

We pushed ourselves away. Anna released my hand and I quickly left the room. I didn’t know what I was doing. Will we really… kiss? I didn’t know Anna for a long time. Even though she was pretty, kind, her laugh sounded cute and her smile was perfect.

“Are you okay? Your face is all red.” Sayaka said, pulling me from my thoughts.

Did I really think that? I couldn’t love her anyway. We didn’t know each other. I didn’t want to be with someone that I barely knew, I couldn’t. It couldn’t be a love at the first sight, right?

“Yuria!” Yui yelled at me.

Sayaka and Miyuki shut their mouths, stopping to talk, and looked at me.

“I-I-Sorry. I shouldn’t-” I felt bad, Yui seemed to be mad at me.

“That’s not the point. Why did you leave?” She said in a calmer tone.

“It’s wrong.” I answered even though my heart felt something else.


Anna went into her room, passing in front of us. She lowered a bit her head without casting a glance to me. I wanted her to look at me. She took care of me. I didn’t want to her avoid me. I had nothing to say to Yui. I left, going into my room.

Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

“What happened?” I asked, looking at Yui.

“They almost kissed.” Yui answered while Miyuki spat the water that she just drank.

I understood Yui’s mind. We were like a family and Yuria was the younger so we did our best to protect her. Maybe too much sometimes. But, she was old enough, she didn’t need us anymore. She didn’t need to feel sorry about what happened. She should be proud of her after all, right?

The days passed quickly. We were still stuck there. We listened to the radio every day to know the news. Haruka and Yui’s relation was still bad and that became the same for Anna and Yuria. They were more uncomfortable with the other’s presence unlike Yui and Haruka who simply hated each other. I was sure Yui still loved her. But she didn’t want to admit it or simply to tell me. Anyway, Miyuki and I didn’t fight. We used to talk a lot together. I really enjoyed my time with her.

It was the night, the thunder was here, next to us. We could easily hear it. Miyuki was sitting on her mattress, she didn’t want me to turn off the light. After a few minutes, I sat next to her. I slowly took her in my arms, trying to reassure my friend.

“I’m here.” I told her.

That changed. Before I would’ve said ‘Everything will be okay’ but not anymore. I wanted to be here for Miyuki. She buried her face in my neck while I stroked her hair gently.

“Miyuki.” I said her name.

I never called her name. I used to say her nickname. She raised her head toward me. I stared at her lips and leaned. I wanted to taste her lips. We kissed. Her lips were like cotton, they were so soft. I put my hand on her cheek to deepen the kiss. It felt good. I didn’t want to let her go.

Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

I didn’t care about the lightning outside. I enjoyed Sayaka’s lips too much. She held my cheek with one of her hands. I intertwined my fingers with her ones. I was sitting on my heels, my free hand on her thigh.

“Sayaka…” I mumbled when we pulled away.

Our foreheads touched. Her eyes were closed. I was panting. The thunder rumbled again. I quickly closed my eyes, afraid. I felt Sayaka’s lips upon mine again. She slightly bit my bottom lips. I let out a low moan, opening my mouth and felt Sayaka’s wet muscle inside. Our tongues played for some times and then, we pulled away, exhausted by the passionate kiss.

“Did the thunder still afraid you?” She said, almost breathless before pulling me in her arms.


Not anymore. I felt so safe in Sayaka’s arms. It was perfect. She kissed my forehead and we lied down next to each other. She was staring at me, stroking my face.

“I love you.” She said, smiling at me.

My heart pounded really fast. I stared at her, feeling the soft touches on my face. I smiled back and spoke.

Yamamoto Sayaka’s POV

“I love you.” She answered with a cute face.

She loved me back. Did she really mean it? Because I did. Of course she meant it, it was Miyuki. Miyuki couldn’t lie.

“Let’s sleep.” I said and she nodded.

I stood up to turn the light off. Once I was in the dark, I stopped myself, a bit lost. I wanted to go with her but, did she want to me to stay?

“Nee Sayaka-chan… You will sleep with me, right?”

I smiled even though she couldn’t see me. I reached the mattress and laid down next to her.

“Of course.” I finally said, wrapping my arms around her body.

“Thank you.” She spoke in a soft tone before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly. I grabbed my clothes to wear it. Then, I reached the main room to see the girls. Anna was here with Yuria. The atmosphere was awkward. They didn’t speak or look at each other.

“Where is Milky?”

A stupid random question came in my mind. I didn’t need to know but that was all I found.

“She slept with Sayaka.” Anna told me, a bit stunned.

Well, it was a weird question as the bunker hadn’t a lot of room. If Miyuki wasn’t here, she must have been in her room. I wanted to answer but Yuria interrupted me.

“And not in the same way that last time.” She said in her usual tone.

Anna and I blushed quickly, uncomfortable with what just said Yuria. I wondered for some times if it was true. Okay, I didn’t need to know. And it surely wasn’t true.

“Good morning there.” Miyuki greeted us with a wave.

A few seconds later, Sayaka met us too. I looked at Yuria who just showed a mocking smile. Everybody was here, except Yui. I didn’t want to see her anyway.

The hours passed again. It was an annoying and long day, as the other. I was alone in my room, waiting for the time to pass. I heard a knock at my door.

“We need to talk.” Yui said, coming in.

“No.” I answered in a salty tone.

She closed the door and lay down on. She didn’t want me to go out. I had nothing to say. She told me the truth. I didn’t love her anymore… I thought…

“Move.” I snapped but she didn’t care. “Yui. Move.” I said again.

I started feeling bad. That stressed me out to not be able to leave a place. She blocked the way. I didn’t feel the freedom to move where I wanted to. I wasn’t really fine to be in the bunker but it was worse now.  My breath speeded up. Yui’s expression became calmer but quickly worried. She uncrossed her arms and spoke to me.

“Haruka? Are you all right?”

Something surely came in her head, she quickly moved from the door.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t remember…” She told me and she opened the door.

“It’s okay… You can close it.”

She stared at me, bewildered because of my words. But she did it. I reached her and put myself into her arms. She hugged me back. I missed Yui’s arms so much. I wanted to stay here. I needed to stop lying.

“I love you.” I said, the tears rolling on my cheeks. “But Yui…” I removed my head from her top and looked at her. “I don’t know if…”

Yui smiled at me, wiping my tears away. I didn’t see her so close since a while. I stared at each detail on her face. She was still perfect to me. I was lost, looking at her dark orbs. I wondered if her lips tasted as before.

“I always loved you Haruka. I’m sorry for all these stupid mistakes. I’m so sorry to make you suffer.” She answered in a soft tone, the tone that I liked to most, the tone who reassured me.

I leaned, our lips a few inches apart. I couldn’t go further. I opened my eyes, seeing Yui’s teary-eyes. Will she leave me again? Did she mean what she said? I didn’t know. I knew my action hurt her but I needed to take more time.

“I’m sorry.” I pulled myself away and avoided her eyes.

“Tell me when you’re ready Haruka. I’ll wait for you.” She said before leaving me.

Will she? I wanted her to wait.



Watanabe Miyuki’s POV

I wondered how many days we passed in the bunker. I didn’t know. I didn’t want to know. The days continued to pass. It wasn’t too many months, because we weren’t running out of food and water.

I was alone with Anna. She seemed a bit sad. I remembered what happened between her and Yuria. Maybe it was because of that. Did they fall in love? I wondered. It wasn’t her style. But she seemed really in a sad mood.

“Annin, tell me what’s wrong.” I spoke in a reassuring tone.

“It’s nothing.” She mumbled without looking at me.

I knew she was lying. Anna’s tone didn’t sound as usual. She was hugging her knees, pouting a bit.

“Annin…” I pinched her cheek gently.

She finally looked at me, emotionless. I patted her head while she avoided my eyes. It hurt me to see her like in this state.

“Is it because of Yuria?” I asked and I quickly noticed that she froze.

I understood. I was right. She was sad because of her. Did she miss her? They stopped talking. I guessed it hurt her. I felt as she loved her. Yuria was important for her. That was why she was worried about her shoulder since the beginning. Did they know each other before? I didn’t remember it was the case.

“Just, tell her.” I spoke before she let out a hopeless sigh.

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I quickly forgot Miyuki’s advice for the next days. We heard on the radio that the storm became calmer. We hoped to go out soon. I noticed Yuria, not far from me.

“Is Yuria’s shoulder okay?” I asked Yui.

I was still worried. I felt bad. She didn’t use to be with Yui anymore. Did she hate me? I guessed she did. But, she didn’t push me away, right?

“Ask her.” She answered in a teasing tone.

I stared at Yuria, still wondering if she was fine. I didn’t really know why I was so worried about her. I was always worried about her.  I felt guilty about what happened with her. It wasn’t a good thing… I just hoped she will forgive me.

“Annin?” Yui cut my thoughts, making me looked at her.

“I’ll ask her…” I muttered and turned around to Yuria.

She wasn’t here anymore, I didn’t see her move from her place. She was surely in her room. I decided to check.

“Shit.” Someone let out when I passed in front of the room.

I cast a quick glance into Yuria’s bedroom. She was alone, one hand on her shoulder. I guessed she was still hurt. I decided to go in. I carefully closed the door behind me. Yuria looked at me, stunned. She wasn’t lying against the wall, so I went behind her and told her to remove her top, as usual. She did it without talking. Then, I started massaging her painful shoulder blade.

“Is hurt as before?” I asked, trying to make the atmosphere less heavy.

“Not all the time.” She answered in an almost soft tone. “I’m sorry for this.” She added.

“It’s fine. You’re hurt, I’m helping you.” I giggled at her.

“But if I was less idiot…”

She wasn’t. She couldn’t say that. I stopped moving my hand on her back and that made her shut her mouth.

“Look, without you, nobody could find us. It’s thanks to you that we’re alive.”

She didn’t answer and looked at me. She seemed stunned. I knew I was right. Yuria wasn’t an idiot. After a few seconds of silence, I noticed that our faces were really close.

“Yuria?” I said her name in a quiet tone.

“Hm?” She only answered, still staring at me.

“Can I kiss you now?”

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter : Time to leave


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