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My thoughts on… 48 Group’s couples

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My thoughts on… 48 Group’s couples

These opinions are totally subjective. Sorry for my mistakes.

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[Two-shots] Because I love you (YuriRena/YuriAnnin)

YuriAnRena (2)

Because I love you (YuriRena – YuriAnnin)

I pushed the door slowly, hearing the bell ringing above my head. This sound was usual for me, I often came here. Continue reading “[Two-shots] Because I love you (YuriRena/YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] Painful Love (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)


Anna’s POV

Painful Love (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)

I looked at the window. I quickly noticed her, walking to the school building. Her long hair, her perfect features. I felt something weird in my chest, again. Each time I watched her, I felt it. I hated it. It made me angry. She disappeared from my view. She must have been inside. Continue reading “[OS] Painful Love (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)”

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Stuck – Chapter 6: The end…? [END]

Stuck cover

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Stuck – Chapter 6: The end…? [END]

Yokoyama Yui’s POV

One month passed. Sayaka and Miyuki came to Tokyo one week ago. I really wanted to see Haruka. It was today. I left Kyoto today. I was really in a hurry. My stuff was ready. I took the first train which brought me to Aichi. Yuria didn’t leave her hometown. I didn’t see her since last time. She stayed in her house with her family. I guessed she was broken because of what happened with Anna. Haruka told me everything. I couldn’t blame my friend for her action. Continue reading “Stuck – Chapter 6: The end…? [END]”