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My thoughts on… 48 Group’s couples

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My thoughts on… 48 Group’s couples

These opinions are totally subjective. Sorry for my mistakes.

Hey! It’s a long time that I didn’t write here.

Today, I’ll talk about ships. There is a lot of different ships, after all, there is a lot of members. I tried to do a kind of list (yes, I had nothing else to do.) but I’m sure I missed a lot of ships. I found +/- 60 of them. I included all graduates members and also the pairings that I could saw in fanfic, people talked about them etc… I know mostly about AKB, so I forgot or missed a lot of ships in the other 48G. I’m not going to talk about everything. First, because it will be too long, and also because there is a few (like a lot) that I’m really not into it.

There are two categories of couples. The real and the fan service. Example: YuriAnnin/TanoTomu. But honestly, I like TanoTomu.

Let’s talk about a few couples. YuriAnnin, YuiParu, SayaMilky, MaYuki, WMatsui, JuriSaku and YuuNaa. It will be long guys. I’ll talk about the girls and then about what I liked to do/see in the fics.


YuriAnnin (16)

YuriAnnin: I talked about them because there are my oshis. They’re close (and perfect.). Everybody knows it, right? I’ll not talk about YuriRena or AnRena. They are cute but… YuriAnnin is the first in my heart so…

Now, about the fics. Yuria and Anna’s characters are pretty useful for creating a story. They’re the opposite. Yuria is a yankee, bad at a study and good at sport. Anna is a kind of princess, good at study and really bad at sport. For me, there is two Yuria, the shy one and the yankee one. Same for Annin, the shy one, and the cold one. (It makes me think that I never write a story with yankee Yuria and cold Annin.) I say this because I can’t really think about two different personalities for the other girls.

Favorite fic: Honestly, I don’t know, there is not a lot of YuriAnnin fics. But I think ‘A princess and a fool’ will be great!


YuiParu (6).jpg

YuiParu: I read a lot of YuiParu’s story. LIKE A LOT. Hm, sorry. So, Yui and Paru were close. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed because we don’t see them on social media. (On the contrary of JuRiichan or YokoEi) Talking about YuiParu, it reminds me their duet song. A beautiful song, tsundere Paru showed us great things at each performance. (Remember poor Yui with her heart.) Yui is one of the popular members, I mean, she has a lot of girls around her, really. Okay, she has the same number of ships that Paru, Rena (I counted 4) and less than Yuria and Sayanee. But all of her ships are kind of popular. Look, YuiRie, YokoEi, YuiParu, and YokoYamamoto. I read fics about all of them. YUI IS A POPULAR GIRL. Sorry, I’ll calm down.

About fic, well. Yui is kind and… kind, Paru is completely salty. I have nothing else to say, they’re also perfect.

Favorite fics: ‘I don’t want to be your friend’, ‘I love yogurt’, ‘Morning light’ (Pretty hard to choose.)


SayaMilky (2)

SayaMilky: I always find SayaMilky so cute. Always. But, they seem to have completely disappeared from each other’s life. It’s sad. I’ll not stop to like SayaMilky anyway. I like a lot the gap between their personalities.

For a fic, I like a lot Milky’s no seriousness about feelings (Like in ‘Look at me!’). This girl is a fisher after all. Sayanee can have a really cool character. She plays guitar, she sings, she can have a yakuza/yankee side easily.

Favorite fic: I had a big crush for ‘A girl took me home’.



MaYuki: MaYuki is part of the really popular ship. I have nothing to say about them. They’re so cute, you know that. But I’m going to miss them so much, really.

About fics, I’ll be honest. I like a lot their old characters. Cyborg Mayu or black hearted Yuki. It was more interesting to write than now. I know, I use MaYuki in Darkness and Hunted. I’ll also write an OS about them. (If I have an idea, but I’ll do my best.) I think this part is really confusing. But they stay cute anyway.

Favorite fics: ‘Eternal Devotion’ and ‘My sister’s girlfriend!’ (Included SaeYuki) But I like a lot of MaYuki’s fics.



WMatsui: I like WMatsui, even if I’m not a big fan as MaYuki (I use this example as isn’t one of my main couples and they are both popular.). I’ll talk a bit about what happens for Rena’s birthday. You surely know what I’m talking about. Rena didn’t answer at Jurina tweet. Honestly, I’m not going to say ‘Rena should have answered’ or ‘Jurina should move on’. I still wondering if WMatsui was fan service or if they’re like each other. I didn’t know AKB when Rena left. So I have really no idea. (Yeah, I’m a young fan.)

But I like WMatsui fics anyway. Jurina and Rena’s age gap is interesting, their personalities are also great. I think there is not a lot of writers about them now, the most kind of move on and write about JuriSaku (isn’t a critic, don’t hate me.). If I find a WMatsui fic, I’ll read it anyway.

Favorite fics: ‘Sweet Silence’ and ‘Do you remember our first kiss?’. Also, ‘Heartbeat Trilogies’


JuriSaku (1).jpg

JuriSaku: I had a big crush on this ship. Looks like Sakura loved Jurina but she still acts shy around her. It’s different from a lot of ships, they are not close. But I don’t care, they are cute, that’s the point.

Jurina and Sakura are really different, I mean, Jurina is more confident and Sakura is very shy. I really like this kind of fic (with them). This couple is quite interesting.

Favorite fic: I have no fav fic, really. I’m impatiently waiting for ‘Absence’ first chap. There is a lot of great author about JuriSaku anyway.


YuuNaa (19).jpg

YuuNaa: I prefer YuuNaa rather than NaaMegu. I don’t have any arguments for this. It’s just my opinion. I think YuuNaa is more… present? I mean, we can see it often on social media, SR. Naachan is one of my favorite members and I find YuuNaa really funny so I needed to talk about them. Naachan shows a lot that she likes Yuiri but she completely acts as a tsundere. Naachan is really popular though.

I never read YuuNaa fic and I never write about them. It could be really interesting. Maybe, I’ll try once, it’s just a random idea.


So, I write a lot of YuriAnnin. Also a bit of MaYuki, SayaMilky, FuuMiru, WMatsui, YuiParu, YuriRena, Poyoyon, NagiShu. There are a few pairings I think I’ll never write again with (Perhaps). Not because I don’t like them, but only because I wanted to try once. I would try to write with YuuNaa and JuriSaku also.

It was really long. Thank you for the ones who read until the end. I didn’t talk about every ship I like, but well, it should be too long. I hope it wasn’t too boring. If you wanna talk about it, don’t be shy, I’ll be glad to talk to you.

Thank you for reading!

(Which one is your favorite? :D)


For curious people, my fav ships:

  1. YuriAnnin
  2. YuiParu
  3. SayaMilky
  4. FuuMiru
  5. MaYuki
  6. JuriSaku
  7. JuRicchan

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