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[OS] Special Valentine’s Day: I suck at love (YuriAnnin)

YuriAnnin (27)

Special Valentine’s Day: I suck at love (YuriAnnin)

I hated this day so much, the fourteenth February. Hanging out with your lover? It sucked. I planned to skip college for today. I really didn’t want to see all the couple walking around the school, giving cute stuff to each other. I didn’t believe in love. I put myself in front of the TV. But I didn’t stay too long, seeing all the cheesy movies. I rested my head again a pillow and let out an annoyed sigh. A light knock pulled me out from my thoughts. I stood up and went to open the door.

“Y-Yuria? W-What are you doing here?” I mumbled, stunned to see one of my classmates.

“You weren’t at school this morning, so I got worried.” She admitted, looking away from my eyes. “Well, I have something for you.”

She slowly handed me a single rose, staring at the ground. I was trying hard to avoid Valentine’s Day. I took it, without really knowing what to say.

“Thank you…?”

She raised her head, smiling. She waved to me and stepped back.

“Have a nice day.”

I just looked at her. I knew Yuria for a while. We weren’t close friends, but we used to hang out something. I went back inside, putting the flower on the table. I laid down on the sofa, closing my eyes.

“Hey sleepyhead, I’m home.” Rena yelled, waking me up.

I sat straight and stared at her a bit confused. Rena was my close friend and my roommate. She put her bag down. The rose on the table caught her gaze.

“Who is that from?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“Yuria.” I felt the heat reaching my cheeks.

“Do you know what it means?”

I thought for a few seconds but finally shook my head. Rena chuckled before answering.

“A single rose means she fell for you.”

Wait, what? She was lying, right? She was definitely making fun of me. Yuria didn’t love me, we were just friends.

“You’re an idiot.”

“I’m totally serious Anna.” Rena answered, looking straight into my eyes while I stood up. “If you don’t believe me, go ask her.”

I remained quiet for a few seconds. Rena was right, I could go to see Yuria and ask her why she gave me this rose.

“I’m going.” I spoke in a determined tone and left Rena.

My mind was full of question. What if Rena was right? What if Yuria loved me?  I wasn’t ready for this yet.

“Anna? Are you going to stay here?” I heard a teasing voice talking to me.

I looked at the girl. I was already in front of Yuria’s home.

“I need to talk to you.”

Yuria nodded and let me come to her.

“Why did you give me a rose?” I asked, my eyes locked with hers.

“Why not? We’re friends, I can give you one.”

Her words took me aback. I remained silent. Rena was wrong. I should have been happy, but I felt something different. I didn’t understand.

“That’s all?” My gaze left her.

“Did you expect something else?” She smiled, but it looked sad.

“I thought… It’s nothing.” I stepped back, letting out a sigh.

“You are disappointed, aren’t you?”

My eyes met her again. I opened my mouth to talk but I couldn’t. I couldn’t speak anymore.

“I’m trying to make you see the truth, Anna. You’re not insensitive.” She reached me, taking my hand in hers slowly.

She touched my shoulder, her face a few inches from my face. Her hand moved along my neck until my collarbone. I couldn’t breathe, she was too close. My heart pounded hard in my chest.

“You’re not heartless either.”

I felt her mouth against my neck. I closed my eyes and bit my lips. It felt so good. But what was she doing?

“Don’t play with me.” I finally snapped while she pulled away, facing me again.

“I never said I wasn’t sincere.”

She moved closer, her nose brushed mine quickly. I badly wanted to kiss her, but I couldn’t move. My body was frozen.

“Yuria…” I begged her, I couldn’t put all the words together.

She made me crazy. It wasn’t me. I wasn’t like that. She finally captured my lips in a firm kiss. I kissed her back, closing my eyes to enjoy it. It was too perfect, I didn’t want to let her go. My arms found a way around her waist, holding her close to my body. I broke the kiss to catch some air. Yuria put her head on my shoulder, hugging me.

“I love you, Anna, I really do.”

I wasn’t able to say what I felt. Did I love Yuria? I didn’t know. I didn’t know what love was. I didn’t understand. But I knew I wanted to stand by her side.

“You don’t need to answer.” She pulled away, a smile on her lips.

My eyes left her for a few seconds, feeling a bit guilty.

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have act like I did.”

I was tired of questioning myself. I didn’t think twice and grabbed her cheeks, giving her a chaste kiss.

“Thank you.” I told her, feeling the heat on my face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Anna.”

She rubbed her neck, avoiding my eyes. I smiled before answering.

“H-Happy Valentine’s Day.”

I sucked at love, but I didn’t care. I knew I was going to understand what I felt.

The End.


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