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[OS] Stupid Game (YuriAnnin)

YuriAnnin (8)

Stupid Game (YuriAnnin)

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I was sitting under a tree. The place was quiet and perfect to read a book at school. People thought I was a beautiful person and a smart girl. But I was just myself. I didn’t really talk with the other students. I was shy and very quiet.

“What are you reading?” A girl with a long black hair asked me.

I quickly recognised her. She was Kizaki Yuria, a famous girl in the school. Everyone knew her. She was good a sport and especially dance. But studying wasn’t her strong point.

“Silent Night.” I answered shyly, feeling my cheeks flushing.

“Why are you here alone?” The raven-haired girl asked, sitting next to me.

I didn’t want to answer, I liked to be alone. I didn’t use to speak with people. But I told her, I couldn’t ignore people like this.

“A quiet place is better to read.” I answered without closing my book.

“I see. Sorry if I disturbed you.” The other girl stood up quickly.

She started leaving, and I suddenly felt bad for her.

“N-No, it’s okay.” I answered a little panicked.

“By the way, my name is Yuria, and you?”

“Anna.” I told her softly, avoiding her gaze.

“See you soon, Anna.” Yuria almost shouted before leaving me.


I didn’t run in Yuria for the past days. This girl just came and suddenly disappear from my life. Today, I was sitting alone, eating my bento. The book put close to me. In front of my table, a few students walked, ignoring me.

“Yuria, come here.” One of the girls yelled in the middle of the cafeteria, calling her friend.

A student came toward me, taking my book. I didn’t care, I just kept eating. I didn’t look at him or utter a single word.

“What that sh-”

“Can I sit?” A familiar voice interrupted the student’s sentence.

I looked at the voice and distinguished Yuria with her usual smile. She quickly cast a glance at to student, shooting him with a cold glare.

“Why?” The word left my mouth.

“Because I want to eat with you.”

“But your friends called you-” I started talking, but Yuria stopped me, sitting.

“You’re my friend, right?” She smiled and looked at me.

It was not a question that sounded more like a fact. It will bring me trouble, but I couldn’t refuse her. Yuria helped me. It had been a long time I didn’t hear someone call me their friend. But I knew it will be for a short time.

“Are you okay, Anchan?” Yuria asked, laughing a bit.

“Anchan?” I replied, stunned by the sudden nickname.

“Yeah, that’s sound good.” She smiled.

I felt the heat reaching my cheeks. This girl was a way too glad for being real. She was always smiling and laughing. I avoided looking at her before mumbling my question.

“Why do you want to be friend with someone like me?”

“Like you? You’re not different, you know?” She started giggling. “And, why not.” She grinned, staring at me.

I tried to show a slight smile, but I wasn’t feeling okay. It felt wrong.


Weeks passed, Yuria was still by my side. I was surprised about this. I thought she will quickly leave me behind, but she didn’t. I was going home when I passed next to Yuria. She was talking with one of her friends. Yuria called me suddenly. I stopped, looking at her. I blushed, I didn’t really like to be noticed, mostly in front of strangers.

“Do you want to come to my place?” She asked, a slight smile on her lips.

“Eh?” I only let out.

“I just wanna spend time with you.”

I nodded shyly. She followed me without really talking to the other girl. I was curious, who was she?

“Yuria, who was this girl?”

“M-my friend, Rena.” Yuria answered nervously.

It sounded weird. It wasn’t her usual tone.

“Rena is very popular, right?”

“Y-Yeah…” She muttered, avoiding my eyes.

Something was wrong with Rena, right? Why did she act so weird about her?

I didn’t ask anything else, I already had been too curious. We worked, talked without paying attention at the time.

“Thanks, Annin, I had fun.” Yuria grinned, pulling me into a goodbye hug.

I wasn’t ready for that. My heart pounded fast while my cheeks became quickly red. I didn’t really hug her back, remaining stunned.

“Y-Yeah.” I mumbled when we pulled away.

“Bye Anchan.”


I walked in the corridor, avoiding people. There were too many students around me, and I bumped into one of them. My books fell on my feet. I started picking them until I felt a hand upon my own. I raised my head to look at the other girl, blushing badly.

“Need some help?” Yuria asked kindly with a smile.

I nodded and put my books in my locker. Yuria’s behaviour changed since the last time we met at her home. She was less laughing, smiling for nothing. She looked more natural.

“Thanks.” I told her with a little smile.

“I love it.” She told me suddenly, locking her gaze on me.

“W-What?” I mumbled, bewildered.

“Your smile.” She answered, grabbing my hand.

I looked down, trying to avoid her gaze. My heart pounded so hard in my chest. I wanted it to stop. I felt Yuria’s finger under my chin, raising it slowly. A sudden shout stopped her.


Yuria ran toward Rena and dragged her away. I stayed here, dumbfounded. What did just happen? The others students started laughing. They were making fun of me. I hated it, I wanted to run away.

“She’s not your friend, she doesn’t care about you.”

“She is playing with your feelings.” Another boy added while I tried my best to not cry.

“I-It’s not true!” I finally yelled, running in the same direction that Yuria and Rena.

My heart broke in pieces in my chest. I saw them, Yuria and Rena. They were kissing.

“You-You’re a jerk Yuria.” I shouted at her for the first time, the tears rolling on my cheeks. “I hate you.” I left the roof.


Kizaki Yuria’s POV


“Hey, Yuria.” My girlfriend spoke my name, taking my attention. “Do you see the girl under the tree?” She asked with a smirk.

I looked at her and nodded slowly.

“I want you to prank her. Become her friend.”

“What? Why?” I answered asked, a little stunned.

“She’s always alone. Just to have a little fun.”

It was mean, but I couldn’t refuse Rena. She could be really sensitive. Anyway,  I wasn’t going to do something horrible, right?


I kissed her gently and left to reach Anna.



I knew it. I was a fucking idiot. I hurt my friend. I hurt Anna so much. Why did I accept? Anna didn’t deserve anything like that. I was ready to follow her when Rena stopped me.

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t let her go.” I answered, looking right into her eyes.

“Why? We don’t care about her.” She snapped without releasing her grip.

She was wrong. I did. I cared about Anna. I cared so much.

“But she-” I started answering, moving my arms.

“If you follow her, it’s over between us.” She told me in a serious tone, finally removing her hand.

“She is more important than… than us.”

I didn’t let Rena answer and ran toward Anna. It was a harsh way to break up with Rena, but I was listening to my heart. I didn’t know if I will regret it later but right now, I couldn’t let Anna go. I quickly saw her in front of me.

“Please, forgive me.” I almost yelled, reaching her.

“You played with me. I trusted you Yuria.” I saw the tears rolling on her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry. But, all my feelings are true. I really love you.” I desperately told her, grabbing her wrists.

“Lies. You never cared about me, you’re such a player.” She mumbled, trying to escape.

I didn’t think twice, and I pushed her against the school wall. I walked closer to her, closing the gap between us. She couldn’t avoid looking at me anymore.

“S-Stop it.”

“I love you, and I will prove it.” I told her in a serious voice.

I leaned toward Anna until I felt her sweet lips. It was a long and deep kiss. I pulled away after some seconds and looked into her eyes. I released her wrists slowly. She remained quiet, staring at me. The tears didn’t stop to flow. I thought she was going to talk, but instead, I felt a huge pain in my cheek.

“I hate you…” She muttered before running away.

I knew she kissed me back. I felt her lips moving against mine. I will not give up. I couldn’t give up.


The days passed, I thought a lot about Anna. I didn’t know what to do until today. Anna was reading her book under the same tree, where I met here. I reached her. She put her book down, looking at me.

“Anna… I love you, I really do.” I told her without avoiding her eyes. “Please forgive me.” I paused for a few seconds. “I was stupid. I know. I didn’t want to play with your feelings. I’m so sorry.”

She remained speechless. I grabbed her hand, making her stand up.

“You hurt me.” She started speaking in a shy tone. “I-I have feelings for you.” She mumbled, shyly. “But everyone is looking at us.” She added, lowering her head down.

I giggled. She couldn’t change after all. This girl, I really loved her.

“I love you.” I told her again, pulling the girl for a kiss.

She kissed me back without taking care of other’s judgments.

“I love you too.” She whispered with a smile when we pulled away.

The End.



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