[OS] Hidden Love (Peace x An’nin)

Hidden Love (Peace x An’nin)

“Where are you going?” Paru voice echoed in Habu’s room.

“Shop.” Peace smiled, looking at her friend.

The young girl walked around the prison. People were fighting around her but she didn’t care, trying to avoid the possible punch toward her.

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[OS] For Majijo Sake (Yoga x Magic)

For Majijo Sake (Yoga x Magic)

Magic’s POV

“Yoga?!” I let out, seeing the young girl dressed in a purple dress.

“It’s Ikura here.” She answered me in an amusing tone.

“Why are you here?” I asked and we sat on a seat.

“I want to help Majijo.”

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[OS] Resurrect (Yoga x Magic)

Resurrect (Yoga x Magic)

Yoga’s POV

Everything stops. I lost. My body floats on the water which strokes slowly my skin. For me, the time is stopped. For you, the life continues. I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to say goodbye. I’m sorry. Forgive me… Magic…

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