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[OS] Special Valentine’s Day: I suck at love (YuriAnnin)

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Special Valentine’s Day: I suck at love (YuriAnnin)

I hated this day so much, the fourteenth February. Hanging out with your lover? It sucked. I planned to skip college for today. I really didn’t want to see all the couple walking around the school, giving cute stuff to each other. I didn’t believe in love. I put myself in front of the TV. But I didn’t stay too long, seeing all the cheesy movies. I rested my head again a pillow and let out an annoyed sigh. A light knock pulled me out from my thoughts. I stood up and went to open the door. Continue reading “[OS] Special Valentine’s Day: I suck at love (YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] Rejection (YuriAnnin)

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Rejection (YuriAnnin)

I was roaming. It had been a few hours. I told her everything. I told her the truth. But she rejected me, saying she couldn’t accept my feelings. I didn’t expect her to accept me, but it hurt. It hurt a lot. Somehow, I felt free. I had enough of strength to be able to tell her. Yet, I was alone now. At the beginning, I was afraid of these feelings growing in my chest. I couldn’t make sense of it. When I realized what these feelings were. It was too late to go back. I was in love with my friend. Continue reading “[OS] Rejection (YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] Special New Year – A Ruined Proposal (YuriAnnin)

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Special New Year – A Ruined Proposal (YuriAnnin)

Tomorrow will be another year. Another year with her, another perfect year with the one I love.

“Yuria, you’re taking too much time.” My girlfriend complained while I was still in the bathroom.

“Sorry love. I just wanted to look good for this evening.” I told her, coming out from the room. Continue reading “[OS] Special New Year – A Ruined Proposal (YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] Special Christmas: An unexpected present (YuriAnnin)

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Special Christmas: An unexpected present (YuriAnnin)

Christmas was soon and I needed to buy a present for my lovely girlfriend. But it was the point, I didn’t know what. I released another sigh, looking at the shop in front of me. I needed to find something which could make her happy. Something which could make her smile. What would Anna have liked for Christmas? I cast a glance on my phone. It was getting late. I left the downtown, coming back home. Continue reading “[OS] Special Christmas: An unexpected present (YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] Painful Love (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)


Anna’s POV

Painful Love (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)

I looked at the window. I quickly noticed her, walking to the school building. Her long hair, her perfect features. I felt something weird in my chest, again. Each time I watched her, I felt it. I hated it. It made me angry. She disappeared from my view. She must have been inside. Continue reading “[OS] Painful Love (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] YuriAnnin forever (YuriAnnin)

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YuriAnnin forever (YuriAnnin)

It will be tomorrow. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t want you to leave. I was afraid. I didn’t know what will happen once you will be gone. Will we still meet each other? I hope. I stayed lying on my couch, looking at the pictures that we took together. Your photobook is on the table next to me. I saw it a million times. Thinking how gorgeous and perfect you are. I remembered when you announced your graduation. I promised myself to not cry but I couldn’t hold the pain of hearing it. Continue reading “[OS] YuriAnnin forever (YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] Drunk Love (YuriAnnin)

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Drunk Love (YuriAnnin)

I stayed sitting on the sofa, looking at the people in front of me. I didn’t know what I was doing here. I didn’t like it, I just wanted to leave. My friend, Rena made me come to the party. I didn’t drink but they became drunk, one by one. I just wanted to leave.  A girl, who had the same age as me, reached me. She looked at me, blank. That girl was so pretty and cute. I easily recognized her. She was the one I loved, Kizaki Yuria. I felt my cheeks turning red. I kept quiet, avoiding to look at her until she spoke. Continue reading “[OS] Drunk Love (YuriAnnin)”

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[OS] Lovely Silence (YuriAnnin) (Anna’s POV)

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Yuria’s POV

Lovely Silence (YuriAnnin) (Anna’s POV)

I was walking, quietly. I followed my mother. She brought me to school today, to my new school. I felt stressed. We went into the sensei office.

“Nice to meet you Iriyama-san.” She told me, with a light tone. “I am Yokoyama Yui, your new homeroom professor. Continue reading “[OS] Lovely Silence (YuriAnnin) (Anna’s POV)”